Sick Of Bully Grackles? Get Rid of Grackles Fast Proven Methods 

Get Rid of Grackles Fast

Grackles are considered bird bullies and they are often seen around bird feeders. Due to this, bird lovers like me often get disturbed. 

In my yard, many bird feeders were kept for the songbirds. But I used to often see grackles in place of songbirds. I tried to scare them off but fails to get rid of them. 

But with the use of some measures and methods, I got rid of the grackles. If you are also facing this problem, then use these methods to get rid of grackles fast. 

11 Proven Method To Get Rid of Grackles Fast

Method 1: Install the grackles proof bird feeders

The primary reason to see a good number of grackles at your place is the presence of a food source at your place. 

If you have bird feeders at your place, then there are high chances that grackles bully the rest of the birds and may steal the food. 

If you want to keep these birds away from the feeder, then you have installed a bird feeder that is grackles-proof. 

Several designs can work effectively in this situation. One of the designs which are good to keep the grackles away from the bird feeder is the weight-activated feeder.

These feeders can determine when a too heavy animal is trying to get to the seed. After determining such weight, the feeding ports make it impossible for any black grackle to feed. 

Method 2: Installing a bird deterrent flying kite

Another way to keep the grackle away from your yard is to install the bird deterrent flying kite. 

This kite is good at scaring off this bird away from your yard. Tie this kite at the side of your house or one of the trees near your yard.

This kite will tell the grackles that there is a hawk near the yard who is waiting to eat them. 

In most of the kites, you will find telescopic poles with an adjustable length. 

When choosing a kite for your yard, you need to choose a product that has durable materials and can offer good reflective visual effects.

It is so because, at the time of strong winds, the kite may get affected by the same. 

Method 3: Installation of bird spikes 

The best way to keep any bird away from your yard is to protect all the areas where they can roost. You have to keep the roosting areas away from these birds. 

You can consider the installation of bird spikes. This way birds cannot roost in a narrow area as it weighs more. You can install these spikes in all areas which are more prone to their roosting. 

It may include a porch, windows, or garage door. Most of the bird spikes are made of stainless steel and they may last for a long period.

Therefore, with the installation of these spikes, you can easily handle the problem of a grackle. 

Method 4: Make sure to remove the easily accessible food source

It is the first thing that you should remember if you want to keep the grackles away from your yard. It is so because food is the primary and biggest source of attraction for any bird to visit your place. 

You have to remove all the potential food that can be a source of attraction for these birds. From other birds’ eggs to black-oil sunflower seeds, they can eat most of the things offered. 

They can also eat fish and fruits which makes it necessary to remove all the food sources from your yard. 

You have to clean your yard regularly to keep the grackles away from the yard. Keep your trashes secure and cover them with a tight lid. 

It is so because these birds can easily open a plastic bag if they want to. They can also eat pet food. Therefore, keep all the food sources away from this bird. 

Method 5: Make use of distress calls

You can also make use of an electronic repellent. This repellent emits two types of sound. Either it emits predator sounds or a standard grackle distress call. 

You can also use the combination of both these sounds and it will offer the best results to keep the grackles away. 

A bird will not come to roost at a place where it will feel threatened. However, the drawback of it is that it scares off the other birds as well. 

Therefore, you should use grackle distress calls rather than predator calls. This device can be very effective in keeping this away from the yard. 

Method 6: Installation of motion-activated sprinkler

You can also use a motion-activated sprinkler in your yard which will help you to keep the grackles away. 

Birds can get scared off by unnatural circumstances. However, many birds aren’t scared of the water but it can affect the ground birds. 

A motion-activated sprinkler can be effective to keep grackles, pigeons, and other ground birds away from the yard. This method also helps you to water your grass easily without putting in too much effort. 

As the name suggests, this sprinkler has a motion sensor that can detect the movement of the bird within its coverage area.

When it detects the motion of a bird, it automatically starts sprinkling water which will scare off the bird.

However, if your property is large enough then it is recommended to install various devices to cover the whole area. 

Method 7: Installation of the scarecrow

The use of scarecrows in the yard is one of the oldest methods to keep birds away. The same can be used to keep grackles away from the yard. 

You can use the decoys of owls and hawks as they are the common predators of grackles. This will make the grackles scare off that place. 

Some decoys even emit predator calls and rotate. This makes the grackles feel that they are real and not fake.

This will be more effective in scaring the grackles away. You can install this decoy at the place where you notice grackles on daily basis. 

Method 8: Installing an Ultrasonic bird Repellent

This is another method to keep the grackles away and to scare them off the yard. Some ultrasonic bird repellent devices can combine the specific frequency that is audible to the grackles. 

You need to customize the device properly as per the need for the bigger bides like grackles.

When this device is customized properly, it doesn’t affect the smaller birds. Some devices are easy to use and rely on solar panels for energy. Therefore, you can choose the best product to cater to the same. 

Method 9: Make use of reflection

Reflection can also work effectively to scare the birds away from the yard. You can use bird tape or a different type of reflection-based bird deterrent to keep grackles away. 

Some reflective designs resemble antennas that use wind and sunlight to scare off the grackles from the roosting or nesting areas on your property.

You can also use reflective scare rods which you can install conveniently in your garden. 

You can also use bird tape but it is usually less effective in this case. Grackles like to hang out on the grounds rather than on the trees. 

Therefore, you can use bird repellent tape that can scare the grackles away with the help of both reflection and metallic sound which will be generated when they step on it. 

Method 10: Make sure to remove Roosting Areas

The removal of roosting areas is possible for a limited number of homeowners only. You have to remove all the areas where grackles can roost.

Be it trees or shrubs in the garden, remove all of them to make the yard less attractive for these birds. Generally, grackles do not hang out in open spaces and they prefer dense trees.

Therefore, remove such areas if possible. If in case these birds are roosting on your roof, then try to install bird spikes on that area to make it uncomfortable for them to roost. 

Method 11: Make use of Grackle Repellent Gel

You can also use grackle repellent gel which is uniquely made for the grackles. Make sure to use this gel on the roosting areas in your trees, on ledges, roofs, peaks, or sills. 

Apply the gel using a putty knife or caulking gun. This product is weather-resistant and lasts for a minimum of two weeks.

However, you need to ensure that the place at which you are applying the gel is dust and debris-free to get the best results. 


Grackles are some of the bully birds that can create a lot of problems for the owner and the little songbirds.

It becomes important to keep grackles away from your yard. To solve such issues, all the above-mentioned tips are effective. You can use these tips to get instant results. 

Thank You For Reading!

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