Tired Of Geese? Get Rid Of Geese Fast (Proven Methods)

Get Rid Of Geese

It might be worth a sight to see a bunch of these graceful geese roaming around and having their own sweet time.

I say it with experience when I say, that you really don’t want to see them in your garden/backyard.

A few months back when I spotted a flock of geese on my property, I too was quite fooled by its beauty and didn’t at all think twice of the potential threats accompanying it.

Enticed by its beauty, I thought to myself that I shouldn’t just simply drive them away because they are wildfowls until I did want to get rid of them at all costs. 

And what exactly made me wish so?

The transformation of my otherwise silent garden into a noisy shelter of geese, they’re hazardous to health droppings posing a mighty threat for my family, and whatnot!

Hence, I finally decided to conduct the needful research and find ways how to get rid of these delusional wildfowls.

And from the same derived these following extremely effective methods and enlisted them for you all to consider if you too are suffering from a geese infestation on your property.

Tried And Tested Methods To Get Rid Of Geese

A Geese Repellent Lighthouse/Laser Will Work Wonders 

As interesting as it sounds, these devices are considered highly effective to get rid of geese, that too quite quickly. 

Somewhat similar to strobe light devices with the only difference of a unique build to especially deter geese, these devices are quite popular for the purpose. 

They are also extremely easy to install directly into the ground but equipped with stakes strong enough to prevent the critters attempt to pull them out of the ground. 

They mostly are solar powered which eliminates any concern regarding recharge and smoothly displays functionality.

These devices basically keep flashing extremely bright flashes of light at high frequencies consistently, ensuring that the geese do not get enough sleep.

The lights here are projected through sources with geese deterrent properties.

Without having the provision of enough sleep on your property, the geese will be better off gone. It will merely take a couple of days for this trick to work wonders.

A Geese Predator Decoy Is Always A Great Choice

Every animal has a predator they are frightened of, and these geese predator decoys are basically highly functional in putting this weakness of the creatures to our own advantage. 

Also, if you are vehemently against the idea of having to cause physical harm to animals in order to get rid of them, this might be the perfect method for you, coming in handy, cheap, and easy.

Hence, all you are supposed to do is purchase a functional decoy of any of the predators of the geese family and let the creatures flee away from your property for the sake of their lives.

It either can be a fake alligator head or a fake dog or coyote.

The one thing that you need to be sure of is that these decoys look realistic enough and also perform certain movements, either automatically or through customization, for the geese to actually believe them to be real and hence be actually frightened. 

You can choose solar-powered decoys to avoid the fuss of having to recharge the device.

As soon as the birds will notice a hint of threat and danger in your property, they will prefer to leave your place alone.

A Motion-Activated Sprinkler Always Works

Setting apart how these devices are actually helpful in getting rid of literally all possible creatures, it’s interesting how in the case of geese, it’s literally about using what these birds are attracted to, against their own interest.

Yes, geese do love spending time in shallow water bodies like ponds and lakes, but that somehow doesn’t make them quite immune to the mechanism of motion-activated sprinklers.

Because still, they won’t prefer a gush of water splashed on their bodies with a loud hissing sound.

It basically functions through an attached sensor that detects movements, and in response to such detection, it sprinkles a gush of water in the direction the movement is detected accompanied by a loud hissing sound. 

They are also quite easy to install and come with clear instructions.

You are however advised to go for a smart sensor and customizable settings, to save some bucks on your water bills and have a control mechanism under your authority and preferences according to the conditions.

Taller Grass Is A Trick 

This is definitely a fun fact that a lot of you aren’t quite aware of, but yes, growing grass taller than 6 inches can actually be a natural geese deterrent.

Geese are generally quite cowardly creatures that are always threatened by the chances of being attacked.

Hence, their tendency to avoid long grass fields originates from the same fear of hidden predators under the long grasses waiting to pounce on them at the right time.

However, the effectiveness of this trick might not be as impactful as some others in the list, but you can still prefer this organic method when the infestation is low and manageable through the process of channelization of interest.

The grass variations you can use are cattails, rushes, sedges, and warm-season grasses. 

They can be as tall as up to 2 feet and you can also plant them around your nearby water bodies to repel them away from what they are the most attracted to.

Goose Distress Calls Are Scientifically Logical 

The method of using goose distress calls is indeed scientifically authentic and proven because it’s quite obvious that on hearing the calls of their predators, the geese will be most likely to run for their lives. 

However, you can actually avail such “goose predator calls” only if you choose a specialized device for it. In case you don’t, an Ultrasonic Goose Deterrent can have an effective impact too.

Also, you must remember that these devices can be functional and sight impacts only if you are consistent with them.

They will not really show results unless you keep the device on all the time and continuously put the birds under the uneasy noise.

These machines are also easy to install and operate and have multiple functionalities.

Leave Them With No Food 

One reason why it might be quite difficult to get rid of geese is their immense variety in edibles and that they can find literally anything in your garden to feed on.

Hence, the first principle step that you can take to avoid letting these geese have their feast at your place is to stop letting your dustbins lie around. 

Instead, prefer garbage bags that make sure that nothing edible for geese is lying around within their reach.

However, geese even tend to eat grass. So in such a case, you can treat your grass with geese repellents that pose any smell unpleasant to them.

Keep Them Away From Water

Lastly, you can install wired boundaries around all the water bodies in your garden, to use their attraction towards the water to your own advantage. 

Doing so can absolutely eliminate the reason as to why the geese would stay on your property as they have nothing to seek entertainment and refreshment from.

You can also install tall plants around the water bodies for the same purpose because geese tend to deter away from tall plants as well.

Hence, most of the effective geese deterrent methods are mentioned above in detail, for you to implement in case these geese have taken control over your garden too!

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