Sick Of Crows? Get Rid Of Crows Fast (Proven Method)

Crows are the most common birds that we can encounter in our daily lives. It is especially true for the people who live in Asian countries or North America. 

But sometimes our yard gets full of crows which creates major problems for us. If you are also facing such a situation, then we both share common problems. 

Yes, there was a time when I used to see several crows in my backyard daily. It became very common for me.

I had to clean the yard daily but due to various other reasons, the flock of crows used to visit my backyard daily. 

But after a few days, I used some methods to get rid of the crows. I tried various methods and all showed good results. 

However, many people like me are still struggling to keep this bird away from their backyard. And In this article, I have listed all the tips that can prove to be the best solution to this problem. Let’s get started. 

Proven Ways To Get Rid of Crows Fast

Method 1: Use an Ultrasonic Bird Repeller 

One of the ways to remove the crows easily is to use an ultrasonic bird repeller to get rid of the crows easily. 

This device can detect unwanted birds that are up to 82 feet away. Such a device can also cover up to 6000 square feet and up to 7000 square feet when it is used with high intensity. 

In this device, there are different adjustable modes, that include detection mode, and always on and off mode. 

Crows stay away from such devices as it produces sounds and lights that are ultrasonic and can be very loud to crows. 

Method 2: Use Bird Spikes To Get Rid Of Crows

Another method that can be proved effective is to make use of the bird spikes. These spikes come in branches and they can get easily installed. 

It acts as a permanent bird landing and crow deterrent. Such bird spikes will eradicate the areas where crows can land. 

Crows will not get a place to sit and this will ultimately prevent them from staying in your yard. 

The areas where you can install such bird spikes can be the top of the walls. Such spikes will help to keep them away from the yard.

Method 3: High Sounds and Noises 

It is a fact that a crow gets nervous by seeing a fake dead crow or any other distress signals from other crows. 

Therefore, this method can be used to keep this bird away from your yard. Play any distress calls from other crows and it will keep this bird away from the yard. 

You can also use different noisemakers or fireworks sounds to keep them away. However, your neighbors have to face such sounds as well. 

Therefore, let them know that you are playing such sounds to keep the crows away from the yard. 

You can make a schedule to play such sounds. However, if you are thinking that from where you can get such sounds, then YouTube is the best platform for the same. Find several different sounds that can be used to drive them away. 

You can also use predators and sounds of killer birds. Making use of a Bluetooth speaker can be one choice or the same. 

Method 4: Make Use Of Motion-Sensor Sprinklers

Another method to keep the crows away from the field is to make use of a motion-activated sensor that can keep pests, insects, animals, and birds away from the yard. 

With this sprinkler, the water gets sprinkled directly towards the moving thing that it has detected.

The water spray is harmless but it can be irritating for the intruder. Many motion-sensor sprinklers can detect the day and night time. 

It can cover a range of 3840 square feet and can spray at a distance of 70 feet. Therefore, choose a sprinkler that is effective for your yard. 

Method 5: Make Sure To Cover The Garbage

Crows get highly attracted to the garbage. Therefore, it is very necessary to keep your yard clean or to cover the garbage. 

You can use garbage cans with tight lids and place them in a secure area. Leaving a garbage open will invite the crows for the food and they will get a chance to ruin your yard. 

Therefore, make sure that you are not providing them any chance to come near your yard. 

Method 6: Make use of Bird Netting

Bird Netting can be another effective solution to keep the crows away from the yard. The use of bird netting near your garden will create a threat to these birds and they will easily sense danger. 

They will feel the fear of getting stuck into this net and ending up dead. Therefore, you can use bird netting if you wish to keep the crows away. Make use of four-inch netting or even smaller. 

However, a larger netting is not recommended as crows can get talon out of it and they will definitely lose the fear. 

Smaller nets will make the crow think that they will not be able to get their talons free from this netting. You can use it by laying it on the ground or hanging it from the roof. 

Method 7: Removal of Nesting Areas

In this tip, a person needs to get rid of all the dead branches of the nearby trees. It is so because crows flock in groups and try to find a suitable place for roosting. 

With the removal of the dead branches, crows will find another place for roosting. With such removal, you can also get rid of the potential nesting locations for other birds. 

But you have installed a bird feeder for other birds, then assess the situation closely that whether you need to get rid of branches or not. 

Method 8: Remove Food and Water sources

This tip is applicable if you have any food and water sources in your yard. Removal of food and water sources will prevent the crows to stay away from your yard. 

You have to ensure that no edible things are there in the yard that can attract the crows.

There should not be any bird feeders or birdbaths around. It includes the garbage cans as well. Therefore, keep all the trash lids close tightly. 

Method 9: Keeping the Yard clean

This tip is important to keep the crows away and it will benefit the owner’s health as well. Nobody wants to live in a messy and dirty place. 

But sometimes we forget to keep the yard clean. This should not happen if you want to keep the crows away from your yard. Crows love dirty places and providing them with a clean space is a good way to keep them away. 

Therefore, if you have any garbage or small or large food bits, then remove them.

With this removal, they will move to other places in search of food. If you have a bird feeder, then keep it under the cover to avoid crows trying their luck. 

Method 10: Choose a Bird Feeder that Excludes Large Birds

If you want to choose a bird feeder and want to feed small birds, then this tip is for you. In this case, choose a bird feeder that serves only small birds and excludes large birds. 

You need to clean the feeder every time the small bird is done feeding. This will keep the crows away from their food and your yard. 


A flock of crows can create various problems. It is true for many people and was true for me as well.

In this article, I have mentioned all the tips that can help you to keep the crows away from the yard. Therefore, follow these tips to see instant results. 

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