How To Get Rid Of Chirping Birds At Night Outside My Window?

Get Rid Of Chirping Birds At Night

If you’ve ever been awoken at night by a racket that sounds like it could be all the birds in the world chirping at once, trust us, we’ve all been there. 

I’m sure you wondered who all were responsible for it, and also why birds chirp at night. Believe it or not, disturbing your sleep is not its main motive! 

So today we will dive into the who and why of night chirping and also how to get rid of the culprit!

Let’s dive in!

Who Is The Culprit That Chirps At Night Outside Your Window?

Typically, Northern Mockingbirds are the culprits responsible for the racket being caused at night. They are infamous for their nocturnal singing. 

Not well-loved, but definitely infamous. Young ones of this species sing all night long much to the dismay of people who need to be up and at the office early the next morning!

Their singsong voice seems to get louder even as the night wears on, though, of course, that could be due to the lack of background noise dampening its song. 

With a series of chirrups and tweedles, it’s a surprise the mockingbirds can sing as long as they do, and as loud.

Why Do They Do It? And Why At Night?

The majority of mockingbirds who engage in the nightly singsong do so in search of mates. 

It is generally believed that those who sing all night long are younger ones of the family, who are still unattached and are searching for a mate. 

It could also be older males who have lost their mate, looking for a new one. 

Much to the frustration of not only the bird themselves but also to those trying to get some shut-eye, the relentless call never ends if a mate does not get attracted.

But why at night though, don’t they have a better chance of finding a mate when they are actually awake? 

Aren’t they also alerting their presence to potential predators such as night-prowling cats? 

Also, with the amount of energy they exert into using their entire body to push out their song as loud as possible, doesn’t that exhaust their body? 

All very valid questions!

Apart from the main reason that is for finding mates, another primary reason male mockingbirds especially chirp at night is a way for them to broadcast their territories.

Birds travel wide and far in search of the most favorable area to inhabit and set up base in. Good shelter, plenty of resources, and safe nesting sites are their main goals when setting this up. 

Once set up, it is crucial for them to protect this territory and their families. Their singing is actually a signal to other birds that that territory belongs to them.

How To Get Rid Of Chirping Birds At Night?

Though they’re trying their best already to attract a partner, one possible if an impractical solution is if you helped them in this endeavor as an effort to end his suffering as well as yours.

A more practical approach would be to purchase bird netting and cover your tree with it. They are usually sold in gardening and plant stores, just ask for nets used to keep birds away from fruits. 

Using it all over your tree will make sure they won’t be able to perch on it to get comfortable for their performance, though you will have to check on it occasionally to make sure no birds have got caught in the net.

There are also owl dolls sold specifically for this purpose. They are pretty realistic and might even fool you, with their photorealistic appearance. 

Just perch this on the branch the mockingbirds populate the most, and you’ve got yourself nature’s own scarecrow!

You could, of course, try and learn to enjoy the melody though we’re sure you considered that and don’t need an article telling you that!

What Bird Screams At Night?

The ones responsible for screaming at night would be the barn owls. Unlike the usual hoot-hoot of regular owls, barn owls make a completely different as well as unexpecting noise. They scream! 

That’s right they scream a long, harsh scream that lasts about two seconds. This sound is most often made by males as they sail through the air and scream out repeatedly.

What Does It Mean When Birds Are Chirping By Your Window?

Unless you are a superstitious or spiritual person, a bird perching on your windowsill and chirping has no significant meaning.

Your window ledge is simply a place for it to perch and the reflection of the great blue sky on your window provides a great landscape for the bird as well!

Spiritual people, on the other hand, give the birds’ chirping much more credit in terms of the messages it brings. 

Some believe it is a sign of better times coming while others believe it is a sign of impending doom and death. 

Whatever the case might be, it is usually considered a sign of some form of transition coming into your life. 

You need not fret though, a bird chirping at your window is as natural as you singing in the shower and needs to have no extra meaning attached to it if you don’t want it to!

What Does It Mean When A Bird Won’t Stop Chirping?

As frustrating and annoying as the noise might be for you, it is doubly so for the poor bird who is searching in vain and desperation for a mate. 

It could either be this failure in trying to find a partner that has the birds chirping non-stop or it could also be that they are marking their boundaries and trying to scare away potential intruders!

In Conclusion

The idea that the relentless chirping of birds at night is out of joy or happiness is a purely romantic idea. It is often quite the opposite – misery and desperation that is the reason. 

We hope this article helps you in understanding the reason behind this habit and also how to get rid of it. We also hope you learned something new!

Thank you for reading!

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