Sick Of Bats? Get Rid Of Bats Fast With Proven Methods

Get Rid Of Bats

A few months back all of a sudden our neighbors started spotting a lot of bats in our locality late at night. 

I didn’t quite pay heed until I literally saw one of those upside-down hanging scary creatures outside my study room window.

But it didn’t just end here, as this incident was followed by some more bats appearing on our window panes every second day even after they are being driven away every time. 

This went on for almost a month of them appearing in almost all corners of our house when it eventually turned into a living nightmare.

What was even more concerning was how these bats can also carry some diseases that make it health threatening for my family too. 

It is when I finally decided to take a few measures. Want to know what these magical ways are to get rid of bats quickly? Sure!

In this article, I will cover all the best methods that I adopted in order to get rid of these nocturnal creatures that you too can use if bats are bothering your peaceful family times too!

7 Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Bats Fast

Method 1: Seal The Cracks and Shut The Gateways

Cracks and crevices are the most ideal hang-out destinations for bats during the daytime. 

Hence, if you feel like these creatures live in your house but somehow magically never show up in the daylight but only at night, try to find out the crevices and cracks around your place, chase the creatures away if found in those places and fill them up.

This ensures that bats will never again choose your house like they didn’t choose mine.

You can use a simple metal mesh that is too hard to chew through along with a pest control favored option of Pur Black Foam.

Use this element carefully and make sure you don’t end up inhaling the gas. Wait for a while for this element to solidify.

Method 2: A Bat Repeller Is All You Need

You might be running out of time to accommodate even a few minutes to all the fuss and drill, so what do you do? 

Well, my detailed research in this area to help myself has made me invent this simple and easy procedure too! And what is that?

A bat repellent spray is an option for you. These are synthesized out of chemical or natural ingredients, as you will prefer according to your health preferences, that are scientifically proven to drive bats away.

You can use these repellants in every possible place that these bats are likely to nest in or use as a passage in and out of your house, which you must observe quite strategically with full coverage.

You can also however simply hang them as they are biodegradable and human inhalation-friendly substances, harming only the ones whom it is supposed to and hence stop the further infestation of bats.

Method 3: How Does A Decoy Bat House Sound?

This is for the empath in you, if it really takes a part away from your heart to chase away a creature from your house. So what can you do? 

You can build bats in their own houses.

Not only does it ensure that finding a house of their own will abstain bats from invading your space and hence help you have peace, but also provide them with shelter.

Such houses can be made out of Bat House Kits that come with easy-to-follow instruction sets that make it way easier for you to set this decoy up. 

The only task here is to do a bit of research on the types of bat your house is invaded with to determine the size required for your bat house.

There are also a few requirements like six hours of daily sunlight and a predator-free environment to make it the ideal place to attract bats out of your sweet home.

Method 4: Bright Lights, Your Weapon 

Bats and bright lights are indeed two opposite poles that ironically do not attract each other. 

Bats are mostly active during the night, hence referred to as nocturnals, because of less competition on their prey and less threat of predators hunting them down. 

Hence, after all, such hard work, when it’s finally the time for the bats to rest, bright light can cause a major hindrance instantly driving them away from your place.

Method 5: Use Some Sound That Leaves An Impact 

We all are well aware of how bats locate their prey through the innovative process of echolocation, wherein they give off ultrasound vibrations into the air to detect sources that echo back these vibrations and if these substances have the potential to become their prey.  

The most interesting part is, that now you too can make use of this smart mechanism to your advantage. You can hence use sound emitting devices, the vibrations of which will be received by the bats.

These sounds are regular but irritating to human ears but can scare off bats with a heavy impact.

You hence should prefer Ultrasonic sounds over any other as these are the exact genres of sounds used by the bats.

Method 6: Adjust Your Room Temperature to Make It Unfit 

Bats tend to prefer a temperature range of 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit. So anything that goes below or beyond this limit rules out from their shelter eligibility books. 

You can either use a centralized air cooler or a centralized air heater to trick the bats into these temperature fluctuations and make them assume that this place is unfit for their survival.

Method 7: Lastly, Call a Professional Pest Control 

And if the situation has gone way beyond your reach, this indeed is your last resort.

You should call a nearby pest removal service in your area to get the job done through professional hands and render you the absolute results that you need.

They have all the instruments, manpower, equipment, and expertise to uproot the system of bat infestations from your house in a way that these creatures never again tend to approach your place.

The process will involve a detailed assessment and an interview of the victims of infestation to curate the ideal tailor-made solution for your specific issue.

This also is definitely an expensive process, but undoubtedly is worth all of it.

However, avoid allowing pest control to use bat poison as it is not only harmful to the residents but also is thoughtfully segregated due to the fact that this poison can be a portion of food for other insects, hence inviting more insects into your house.


  • Is killing a bat Illegal?

Yes, as it should be. These creatures are protected under the Endangered Species Act for extreme levels of hunting that were practiced with these animals.

The main reason to protect these creatures however is to make sure that they continue to contribute to its pest control influence on this Ecosystem and pollinating features.

However, you are not punished for killing a bat if it was a threat to human life.

  • Can I get rid of bats on my own?

Yes, you definitely can. Pest Controls are only the last resort to solve this issue. But, there are plenty of ways to protect yourself from these creatures, some of which are mentioned above in detail.

It’s always better to try the DIY methods before you decide on spending a few bucks on the problem.

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