Fish Symbolism And Meaning: What Does It Mean When You See A Fish?

Fish Symbolism And Meaning

Many of us have seen a fish aquarium in various stores, offices, schools, and homes. Such things are used either for decoration or by the people who love fishes and wants to pet them.

But there are many situations and life instances where a fish aquarium is installed by a person to get prosperity. Yes, there are many beliefs related to such things.

Maybe many of us even have installed a fish aquarium as a good luck sign. But have you ever wondered where such beliefs came from? 

Yes, the symbolism of fishes is very much prevalent in many countries and the beliefs get attached to them. In Japan, you will see many kids who pet golden fish at their homes.

That’s just because of the interest they have in petting them. Therefore, the symbolism and relevance of fish vary from culture to culture.

With this article, we have covered the fish symbolism and meaning prevalent in various tribes or cultures. We have also covered what is the meaning of seeing a fish dream. 

Understanding Fish Symbolism And Meaning

In a general context, a fish is a symbol of fertility, rebirth, intelligence, and awareness. In western culture, a fish symbolizes prosperity, fortune, and wisdom. While in eastern culture, a fish is a symbol of wealth, good luck, devotion, and determination.

The symbolism of fish is highly associated with the water as it is the only habitat of this animal. Water symbolizes purification, healing, emotions, and unconsciousness.

Therefore, water has a strong connection with the birth and life idea. This implies that this animal symbolizes eternity, femininity, creativity, and transformation.

It is also considered as a metaphor for intelligence & thought processes and deeper awareness. It is also believed that this animal is deeply connected to the sacred feminine. 

As we mentioned above, many people also believe that fishes bring prosperity and good luck to them. But the beliefs related to fish differ from culture to culture.

However, the beliefs are different as per the species as well. Here, are some of the beliefs related to this:

  • It is believed that a Salmon fish represents wisdom, bravery, instinct, and emotions. However, a black salmon is believed to represent mystery and psychic gifts. But a pink salmon is a symbol of romance and fertility. 
  • When it comes to the symbolism of a Koi fish then it is believed that symbolizes luck, victory, and wealth. 
  • It is believed that catfish represent prosperity and fertility. But sometimes these fish species are also associated with psychic awareness, sensitivity, and clairvoyance. 
  • A Swordfish represents bravery, change, quickness, and flexibility. 
  • When it comes to Angelfish, the beliefs vary as per the color and pattern. A blackspot angelfish represents the connection between feminine and masculine. While a Gold angelfish is a symbol of leadership and fire. But it is believed that Black Lace angelfish represents inner workings and mystery. 
  • The symbolism of a carp fish is associated with ambition, individuality, and change. 

Fish Symbolism In Different Cultures

What Does Fish Symbolize In Native American Culture?

In the Native American culture, there are many beliefs related to animals, birds, and insects. They believe that every living organism symbolizes things to a person.

Fishes are no different from them. However, for various tribes, fishes are an essential part of their source of food.

These animals are also used as clan animals in this culture. The symbolism of fish in this culture include:

  • The symbolism of fish as per the Native American culture is of fertility. It is highly associated with the symbolism of water that is believed to be the symbol of fortune and prosperity. 
  • Many tribes of this culture believe that fish is associated with the in-depth knowledge of natural mysteries and wisdom. 

What Does Fish Symbolize In Eastern Culture? 

In Asian or Eastern cultures, the symbolism of fish is important and associated with fortune and wealth. In Chinese mythology, fishes are an important motif.

In this culture, a koi fish is gifted to a newly wedding couple. It is believed that this fish symbolizes happy marriage, devotion, and fertility.

In Asian cultures, a koi fish is believed to represent tenacity, wealth, abundance, and courage. 

In Japanese culture, this koi fish represents a samurai warrior. While, as per the beliefs of the Eastern Indian mythology, it is believed that fish represents transformation and creation.

It is said that Lord Vishnu turns himself into a fish to save the world from the floods. In Buddhism, a golden fish is associated with happiness, fertility, and abundance. 

What Does Fish Symbolize In Christianity?

In the Christianity religion, a fish is believed to have a symbolism with Jesus Christ. In this religion, the fish sign is a very old sign known as ichthys. This sign is the indication of the fish or Jesus fish.

This sign is believed to mark the Christian gathering places and tombs. Therefore, the symbolism of a fish in this religion includes abundance, faith, and charity.

As per the biblical meaning of this animal, it is said that a man finds himself in an abyss of sin and needs redemption. As a result, a catholic fish is a symbol of the Christian religion. 

What Does Fish Symbolize In Celtic Culture?

As per the beliefs of Celtic mythology, the salmon fish symbolizes wisdom. The presence of this fish in this mythology in the entire Celtic mythology is associated with the power to foresee the future and esoteric knowledge.

It is believed that the salmon fish gained wisdom by eating hazelnut. Therefore, this fish is highly associated with knowledge. 

Are You Dreaming Fish? Here’s The Meaning

Dreaming of fish is common but sometimes we fail to understand the meaning behind that dream. Every dream has its own meaning and it is true for the fish dreams as well.

However, the dreams of fish vary as per the situation of the dream. Dreaming of a fish is considered a positive sign unless you dream of a dead fish.

The fish dreams are highly connected with the emotions of the person. The symbolism of fish in dreams include:

  • Dreaming of a dead fish means that the dreamer will experience unpleasant situations in the future. 
  • If a person dreams of catching a fish, then it means a real-life win for the dreamer. It may include situations like a better job or marriage. But this dream can also mean that the dreamer will acquire knowledge. 
  • Fishing in dreams represents success and luck.
  • Dreaming of eating a fish means that the dreamer will experience an emotional situation and a positive life. 
  • If a person dreams of a fish jumping out of the water, then it means that the dreamer will experience unexpected events. 

Fish Totems & Omens Explained

The fish totem animal helps a person to connect to the mysterious water element. Dreaming of a fish totem swimming represents that this animal is indicating the dreamer to connect to his spiritual side.

Fish totem will guide a person when they are experiencing a hard time. If the fish totem animal is a large fish species, then it is believed that it symbolizes the idea of evolving and growing. 

It is believed that the fish totem animal represents intuitive and adaptable people and it stimulates wealth. This totem animal will surely provide a person some of its energies to fight the hard times. 

When it comes to the omens related to the fishes, they are highly positive but they also have beliefs that say that encountering a fish can be a bad omen.

However, the omens related to fish are represented in the manner of dreaming them. It is said that dreaming of a fish swimming in clean water is a good omen but if it is swimming in dirty water, then it is a bad omen.

Dreaming of a dead fish is considered a bad omen and it is believed that it symbolizes failure and loss. Even dreaming of a goldfish is a good omen and it symbolizes abundance and prosperity. 

Is Fish Your Spirit Animal?

When a fish spirit animal enters a person’s life then it is considered as a message of hope and it is believed that it empowers them to make the right decisions.

Every person who is guided with the fish spirit is believed to have authority and tremendous psychic powers.

It is also believed that this spirit animal urges a person to make use of their abilities. The fish spirit animal also represents:

  • It is believed that this animal is associated with emotional healing. 
  • Fish spirit animals will help a person to find balance. 
  • Dreaming of a fish means that this spirit animal wants the person to lead towards balance and harmony in life. 
  • It is believed that if a person is feeling unhappy and uneasy, then a salmon spirit animal will appear.
  • The Salmon spirit will guide a person towards wisdom, spirituality, and intuition. 


Fishes not only serve as food for many people, but they also have beliefs associated with them. From positive to negative beliefs, fishes have different representations in different cultures.

With this article, we have covered all the beliefs that are associated with this animal and how they can be interpreted. Overall, a fish has a positive symbolism that includes prosperity and wealth.

But a dead fish can be a bad omen for any person. Therefore, when you encounter a fish after this, analyze the situation and make better decisions. 

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