Feather Symbolism And Meaning: All Types Of Feathers Explained

Feather Symbolism And Meaning

There are many instances in our life when we found a bird feather outside. However, many times we feel that these features came by coincidence and we don’t give attention to them. But it is not true.

A feather of each bird can symbolize various aspects of life. From positive aspects to negative aspects, there are many beliefs related to spotting a feather.

We just need to understand the symbolism of that feather. 

Symbolism means what the thing is representing. For instance, everyone today symbolizes love with a red rose. It is believed to be true all around the world.

This belief of symbolism is true for the feathers as well. With this article, we have explained the feather symbolism and meaning.

It includes the common beliefs, specific beliefs, and symbolism related to seeing feathers in dreams. Every detail of feather symbolism is covered in this article. 

Understanding Feather Symbolism And Meaning

In a general context, a feather is a symbol of power, hope, wisdom, trust, and honor. In western culture, a feather symbolizes blessing, healing, and prosperity. While in eastern culture a feather is regarded as an auspicious symbol.

The symbolism of the feather is a vast concept that can be easily understood in two parts. First, based on feather color. Second, which bird feather you have found out.

When we use the symbolism concept for finding out the meaning and signs provided by god through feathers, the color of a feather can be the essential part. The symbolism as per feather color includes:

Feather ColorsFeather Symbolism & Meaning 
White FeatherPeace, healing, a new beginning, purity, protection, and masculine energy
Black FeatherProtection, need for deeper inner reflection, need for renewal, sign to trust dreams, unexpected transformation in the journey which you are going to start. 
White & Black FeatherNeed to harmonize masculine and feminine energy within yourself and pay equal attention to subconscious & unconscious realms
Grey FeatherA reminder not to attach to one concrete course of action
Grey & White FeatherThe balance between transitions, and being open to change
Brown FeatherStability, healing, and security
Blue FeatherSign to use your power to create harmony, healing, and balance. 
Red FeatherTime to take action, confidence 
Yellow FeatherNeed to use willpower, connection with Air Deities
Orange FeatherShift your thinking and communication
Pink FeatherCommunication for love and affection
Purple FeatherBroaden your mind & transcending obstacles,

However, many people believe that the symbolism of the feather depends on the bird. The symbolism of feathers can also be done based on birds. 

Bird FeatherSymbolism & Meaning 
Peacock FeatherProtection, Strengths, Beauty, vision, and to trust your intuition
Blue Jay FeatherNeed to express yourself, and an unexpected turning point in the near future
Hawk FeatherVision, Intuition, and connection with ancestral energies. 
Eagle FeatherFreedom, connection with God, and courage
Owl FeatherWisdom, Intellectual power, feminine energy, and nocturnal power
Turkey FeatherAbundance, gratitude, and harvest
Dove FeatherPeriod of mourning, and need to recognize the power of the loved ones.
Cardinal FeatherSharpen your connection with Divine

However, there are many beliefs related to feathers that are specific to a particular tribe or religion. 

Feather Symbolism And Meaning In Different Symbolism

What Does Feathers Symbolizes In Native American Culture?

In the Native American tribes, the use of feathers is different. Therefore, every feather symbolizes different things for different tribes.

Here, the feathers are used for protection, healing, blessing awakening, or cleansing. Even the feathers were used in lullabies, social dancing, corn grinding, and love song.

In the Cherokees tribe, feathers are awarded when an achievement is made. 

The people of this tribe uses this feather when they overcame certain fear or limitations. It is believed that a blessed feather is the best gift for them.

In some tribes, the quill of feathers is used for balance. If a person is experiencing mental anguish, ceremonies are done to store that balance using a feather. 

What Does Feathers Symbolizes In Christianity?

In the Christianity religion, the symbolism of feathers differs as per bird. In this religion, the feathers of the Ostrich bird are considered to be unique.

These feathers are light and fluffy and it has an importance in Church’s liturgy. It is said that the flabella fans were waived over the consecrated body and blood of Jesus Christ. These fans were made of ostrich and peacock feathers. 

The species of dove found in Damascus whose all feathers are yellow as gold. It is said that this symbolizes the condition of prosperity and peace. It is said that a person attains peace when they become truly invested in Christ. 

What Does Feathers Symbolizes In Celtic Civilization?

As per the beliefs of the Celtic religion, a feather symbolizes truth, dryness, speed, height, heavens, and spaciousness.

It is a custom in European countries to add a feather to the cap when a person achieves something. The symbolism of feathers in Celtic beliefs include:

  • Feathered cloaks which are worn by priests symbolize the journey to the otherworld.
  • The white feather of the white raven symbolizes spiritual cleansing and blessing. 
  • A white feather symbolizes clouds, seafoam, and cowardice. 
  • The black feather symbolizes sleep, mourning, and evil. 
  • Ostrich feather symbolizes distinction. 
  • A feathered helmet symbolizes a win or triumph. 

Are You Seeing Feathers In Your Dream? Here’s The Meaning

Dreaming of feathers in dreams can be a sign of god and can be a message for the person. There are many beliefs related to dreaming feathers.

The use of feathers in medicine is good and it means that a person can overcome the situation and rise high. It is believed that the feathers can filter the nightmares.

Even the feathers are used to entertain the baby and to provide them the value of fresh air. The symbolism of feather in dreams include:

  • Dreaming of two feathers symbolizes light and air. 
  • If you dream of three feathers, then it is a sign of faith, charity, and hope. 
  • Dreaming of owl feathers symbolizes wisdom.
  • It is believed that if you dream of an eagle feather, then it symbolizes courage. 
  • Dreaming of the falling feather of a bird symbolizes the inherent desire to escape. 
  • It is also believed that a feather in a dream symbolizes the ability to move freely in life. 

The feather totem symbolizes that a person needs to trust intuition. It is believed that if you spot a feather, then it is a sign that angels are watching you.

Feather totem also represents that you may want assurance that your angels are around you and angels are sending signs through feathers. The symbolism of the feather totem includes:

  • Spotting a feather means that angels are giving reminders that they are protecting you. 
  • It serves as the medium that a person should be grateful for all the good things in his life. 
  • Spotting a feather in unusual places represents that the spirit of a loved one is watching you. 
  • Feather totem is a good omen and it means that you are doing the right thing. 
  • This totem also means that good things are coming to the person. 

When it comes to omens related to bird feathers, there are many beliefs to the same. However, the color of the feather serves as an important aspect in symbolizing this thing. Some of the omens related to feathers include:

  • If a person encounters a bundle of feathers, then it symbolizes that your all burdens will be light. 
  • If you spot an eagle feather, then it is a good omen. It symbolizes that you will attain all the aspirations. 
  • It is believed that if you spot a chicken feather, it is a bad omen. It may mean small annoyances. 
  • Spotting a black feather is a bad omen and it represents the mourning of a loved one. 
  • If you see an ostrich feather, then it is a good omen. It represents that you will be victorious. 


The knowledge of symbolism can be an interesting thing for anyone. The symbolism of a thing can help a person to have better decisions. There are many beliefs related to various animals, things, or birds.

With this article, we have covered the symbolism of bird feathers. There are many times we spot a feather and fail to understand the meaning behind it. 

With the help of this article, we have mentioned the symbolism of feathers that are believed by many tribes or religions. The symbolism of feathers is mostly positive and it has great importance in some people’s lives.

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