Falcon Symbolism And Meaning: Everything You Need To Know

Falcon Symbolism And Meaning

Falcon is indeed not a friendly creature but has a great impact on the cultures around the world.

This animal itself is a sign of a great opportunity coming your way, and hence, most of its symbolisms incline to the positive side of the story, however, there always are a few exceptions.

Most of such indications by Falcons are of huge importance and one should actually notice them. But how would you know what to notice in a Falcon to take the necessary actions?

So In this article, I’ll explain falcon symbolism and meaning in detail. I’ll cover all the symbolism that this bird/animal has around the world.

Understanding Falcon Symbolism and Meaning 

In a general context, falcons are a symbol of victory, freedom, ambition, and superiority. In western culture, a falcon symbolizes power, strength, and dominance. While in eastern culture, a falcon is a symbol of bravery, nobility, and good luck.

  • Falcons are often associated with the Sun and its vitality, strength, and power on planet Earth and the creatures living on it.
  • However, these same falcons can be symbolic of death, evil, and everything that is negative and highlights the negative aspect of its symbolism.
  • It is also a sign of Spiritual Upliftment in several cultures for its sacred associations with deities with deep symbolism and interpretations, as a symbol of victory, indication or strength of war, or a messenger of God.
  • They are also believed to not only be symbolic of but they themselves possess supernatural powers descended from the Sun and the God, known as a prophetic bird, capable of causing spiritual transformation.
  • Its major symbols are agility, determination, ascension, grace, focus, aspiration, mental health, mental ability, prophecy, purpose, independence, swiftness, healing, and movement.

Falcons Symbolism In Different Civilizations 

What Does Falcon Symbolize In Native American Culture?

Native Americans portray falcons as an emblem of immense power, indomitable strength, and unbeatable courage.

The Cheyenne tribes associate falcons with a sense of protection and shelter for the tribe from potential threats from around them. They also have fables in their culture that define the same.

Tribes like Chippewa and Hopi consider this animal as a clan animal often symbolized as a brave and courageous warrior.

What Does Falcon Symbolize In Eastern Culture?

The Asians tend to perceive falcons quite highly in their culture, mainly symbolic of bravery, nobility, and power.

In the Feng Shui culture, the creature carrying this symbolism is utilized towards the interest of cultivating success through efforts and moving ahead with curated plans.

A falcon sitting on a pile of coins is an aiding force for you, that will solve huge conflicts that you might have to confront and will also protect the people of your family, especially the children from people with wrong motives.

Japanese tend to perceive falcons for their good omen of wealth and good health.

The terminology of “hawk” is hence induced to portray calmness and a fearless approach towards life with a sense of relaxation. It also means generosity and concentration on more significant things in life.

What Does Falcon Symbolize In Christianity?

The Bible perceives falcons as evil energy with an unclean, as it is a hunting bird and should not be consumed.

They are also regarded in the religion for their superior eyesight as symbolism and is an indication of the laws of Earth.

Christianity also believes that Falcons can stir personal transformation wherein you deny your old personality traits for a positive conversion.

This is because of its association with intuition, awakening, wisdom, freedom, and spiritual enlightenment, also unfit for domestication as they seek freedom.

What Does Falcon Symbolize In Celtic Culture?

Celtic associates Falcons with a person having a visual benefit over others, with a great sense of intuitions and strong insights. It is symbolic of high potential expectations from good aspects of life. 

They are also associated with idealism, curiosity, philosophy, exploration, and other significant character traits.

It also considers this animal as an alarm of approaching danger and one must prepare themselves for the same, because of its nature of being a messenger of God.

What Does Falcon Symbolize In African Culture?

This creature is often used as the country’s emblem in Egypt from their critical deities, Horus, the God of justice.

They also perceive this creature as a divine creature with leadership qualities who protect the skies and the kingdom.

Their sharp vision is believed to be a Guardian trait and its night sight is a boon by the Moon, also signifying healing and fertility.

Are You Dreaming About Falcons? Here’s The Meaning

  • Falcon in your dreams can mostly symbolize the requirement to perceive things differently in your life than you usually do to solve problems and mysteries that have got you engaged for too long.
  • A baby Falcon in your dream means that you should pay close attention to your work and purpose of life and think highly of it rather than as an escape.
  • A Falcon in a cage means you have been caging your soul for too long. It’s time to get easy on yourself and have mercy on your soul.
  • A dead Falcon in your dream is a sign of defeated competitors and that you have the power to overcome all challenges. It directs that the hour right now is ideal for you to heal.
  • If a Falcon flies over your head in your dreams, you must be cautious of your enemies and be aware because they might be planning to hurt you.
  • Catching a hawk is a good fortune omen and signifies delightful events in your life.
  • A black Falcon is a bad omen and you must change your life to ensure success as your path is quite wrong.

Falcon Totems and Omens Explained

  • A Falcon asks you to beware of opportunities around you and stay awake to them as they might arrive at you any day and you must take the utmost advantage out of it.
  • It also signifies that your vision towards life and its living will change into a different aspect and you will soon have a different personality.
  • A falcon feather is a deal of great fortune and people tend to preserve it for auspicious purposes.
  • Falcons in your property symbolize that your enemies are keeping a watch over you and you must take notice of it.
  • Falcons flying at the direction of wind is a bad omen and signifies inevitable harsh times in your life.

Is Falcon Your Spirit Animal? 

If you have Falcons as your Spirit Animal, you are defended by the Spirit and you practice solitude and are quite content with your position in life.

You are curious and sharp-minded and have a solution for all the problems, which is a great positive aspect of your spirituality.

You have a healthy mind and are conscious enough to know when to take action, with enough flexibility to trial and learn.

You hear a lot from your higher spiritual self and you have strings connected with the Universe that always keeps you ahead.


Hence, Falcons are iconic animals with iconic features that make them stand out from other creatures for their unique and knowledgeable traits.

Even though some cultures tend to cast light on how these creatures are somewhat evil, evil is the truth of existence and we all have it somewhere in us, it’s just about how we decide to put ourselves up.

Thus, anyone who wants to learn goodwill takes away valuable lessons from the Falcon whereas ones with wrong intentions will highlight the negative features more.

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