Oxygen concentrators are vital medical devices that provide supplemental oxygen to those who need it. While the concentrator itself is the most crucial component, various accessories can improve the quality of life for the user. Here are some of the most essential accessories for your oxygen concentrator.

Batteries and Power Options

An electrical outlet powers most stationary oxygen concentrators. However, backup power options are crucial in case of a power outage or if you need to use your device away from an outlet.

Portable Batteries

Portable lithium-ion batteries can provide several hours of battery life for your concentrator on the go. They are rechargeable and lightweight. Having one or two extra batteries that are fully charged can provide peace of mind if you use your device away from electricity.

DC Power Adapters

DC power adapters allow you to plug your oxygen concentrator into the DC outlet in a car or RV. This lets you use your device on road trips or camping when AC power is unavailable. Adapters provide hours of runtime.

Backup Generators

A gas-powered backup generator can power your oxygen concentrator in multi-day power outages. Generators supply electricity so that you can plug your concentrator directly into them. This ensures you have constant access to oxygen when the power goes out.

Carts and Bag Accessories

If your oxygen concentrator is portable, accessories like carts and bags make it easier to transport.

Concentrator Carts

Carts allow you to wheel your portable concentrator around like luggage. This takes the strain off carrying a 5-10 pound device. Most attach securely to your specific model. Some have baskets to hold accessories.

Carrying Bags

Carrying bags are worn like a backpack or handbag for easy transport of your concentrator. They distribute weight and have padded straps for comfort. Bags protect your device from damage while travelling. Some have extra pockets to store items like batteries and cannulas.

Shoulder Straps

Shoulder straps adapt any portable concentrator to be worn over your shoulder. This frees your hands from using a cane or walker for added stability. Straps provide an affordable carrying option.

Humidifier Bottles

Humidifier bottles attach to the oxygen tubing to add moisture to the dry oxygen coming from your concentrator. Dry oxygen can irritate airways, so adding humidity makes breathing treatment more comfortable.

Oxygen Tubing

It’s wise to have backup oxygen tubing on hand. Tubing wears out over time and needs replacement. Having extras ensures you can swap out cracked or faulty tubes that disrupt oxygen flow. It also allows sanitising used tubing by rotating new tubing into your setup. Standard tubing is 22 feet long for mobility.

Cannulas and Masks

Cannulas and masks deliver oxygen from the concentrator directly into your nose/mouth. Having extras ensures you can replace them as needed for sanitary reasons. Choose from nasal cannulas, face masks, or tracheostomy connectors based on your oxygen needs and comfort.

Conserver Devices

Oxygen-conserving devices attach to your tubing system to detect your breathing pattern. They release oxygen only during inhalation to conserve concentrator oxygen. This allows portable systems to extend battery runtime. Conservers provide independence.

Cleaning Kits

Regular cleaning keeps your oxygen equipment sanitary and well-maintained for optimal function. Cleaning kits include disinfectant, tubing brushes, cleaning cloths, and gloves. Follow your concentrator manual for cleaning techniques and frequency.

Carrying Cases

Carrying cases protect delicate accessories like batteries, cannulas, and tubing when travelling with your oxygen system. Hard-shell circumstances prevent crushing or damage to items. Some feature customisable foam interiors to keep accessories organised.

Humidifier Water Bottles

Attaching a humidifier water bottle adds moisture to the dry oxygen delivery. This makes breathing easier for comfort. Bottles are designed for specific concentrator models and filter mineral deposits for cleaner oxygen humidity. Distilled water is recommended to prevent bacteria buildup.

Rollators and Portable Oxygen Holders

If using a rolling walker for stability, look for rollator models with built-in oxygen tank holders. These allow for securely transporting portable oxygen while retaining the use of both hands on the walker handles. Oxygen concentrator accessories like shoulder straps or wheeled carts can also help transport portable oxygen with a rollator.

Oxygen concentrators give vital access to supplemental oxygen. Having the right accessories enhances convenience, portability, and ease of use – making oxygen therapy more straightforward. Consult your doctor or equipment provider for personalised accessory recommendations based on your lifestyle and oxygen requirements. With the right accessories, you can comfortably experience improved mobility and quality of life.

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