Elephant Symbolism And Meaning: What Do These Giants Symbolize?

Elephant Symbolism And Meaning

Riding or seeing an elephant is one of the activities for which each of us stays very excited. This giant animal seems to be scary because of its size.

But the actual nature of this animal is gentle and sweet. This animal is one of the largest land mammals on earth. However, we cannot see an elephant roaming around your houses.

To see this animal we have to visit places. Usually, everybody becomes happy when they see an elephant. 

But do you know that these animals also have symbolism? Symbolism means beliefs or representation related to anything. Symbolism is also true in the case of birds and animals.

For instance, it is believed that seeing a crow can bring bad luck. This is what symbolism is all about. Symbolism is also true in the case of Elephants. 

Yes, Elephant indeed symbolizes some positive aspects of life. This animal has major & strong representation in some religions and cultures.

In some countries, elephants are worshipped as gods. With this article, we have mentioned the symbolism that is prevalent in religions, tribes, and the meaning of seeing elephants in dreams as well. 

Understaning The Elephant Symbolism And Meaning

In a general context, an elephant represents power, majesty, good luck, wisdom, loyalty, and strength. In western culture, the elephant is a symbol of spirituality, power, and loyalty. While in eastern culture elephants are symbolic of god and represent good luck.

The elephant is an animal that has relevance from the past. From using it as a transport medium to fighting with them in the war, elephants have been a useful animal for humans.

But, there is some symbolism associated with this animal. In many parts of the world, the elephant is worshipped as a God.

In India, the elephant god is worshipped before starting any new thing. It is believed that with their worshipping, things will work well. 

Apart from this, when it comes to elephant symbolism, many things are associated with this large mammal. This includes:

  • Elephants symbolize strength and loyalty.
  • This animal is considered to have the power of libido.
  • In India, the elephant symbolizes a medium for prosperity, wealth, and health
  • But this animal also symbolizes lethargy and dullness. However, it is believed in some parts of Europe. 

However, these are some common beliefs. But, some beliefs are specific to some tribes and religions. 

Elephant Symbolism In Different Civilization

What Does Elephant Symbolize In Native American Culture?

It is true that in North America, elephants do not exist. But, there are other large animals similar to elephants. There are called mammoths.

However, these animals become extinct. But some Native elders usually found out some bones or tusk of this animal.

They used these bones or tusk for curing reproductive or sexual problems. The symbolism related to elephants in Native American belief includes:

  • It is believed that if mammoths raise their trunks, then it is considered a blessing. 
  • They symbolize sexual energy, fertility, virility, and strength. 
  • It was also believed that if you find a trunk of mammoths, then it is good luck. 

Apart from this symbolism, the trunks, bones, and tusk of mammoths were highly used in medicine for curing various diseases. 

What Does Elephant Symbolize In Eastern Culture?

The symbolism and relevance of elephants in Asia are very strong. In India, many temples are devoted to the elephant god. The beliefs for the elephant god in India are very strong.

Even in Japanese and Chinese mythology, the relevance of elephants holds a good place. The symbolism of elephants in Eastern parts includes:

  • In India, elephants symbolize positivity, luck, strength, and power. 
  • In Japanese mythology, it is believed that the spiritual elephant figures protect their forest and brings rain. 
  • As per Chinese mythology, the elephant symbolizes strength, prudence, and wisdom. 

What Does Elephant Symbolize In Christianity?

The symbolism of elephants in the Christian art and Bible is related to prayer strength. Some stories signify the elephants.

There is one story where three blind men were asked to touch the elephant and describe that touch.

On asking about their experience, one man told that it was like a snake, while the second man told that it is flat like a fan and the third man told that it was like a thick rope. 

All these experiences were different because every person touched a different part of this animal. With this story, experts concluded that the elephant signifies the vastness of God. This animal is so vast to be described accurately by one faith or religion. 

What Does Elephant Symbolize In African Culture?

African elephants are much popular in the world and even mammoths were part of Africa. Both of these animals symbolize various things which include:

  • Symbolism as per Africans includes wisdom, strength, royalty, and sovereignty. 
  • African shamans symbolize elephants as triumph and victory
  • Elephants also symbolize loyalty, trust, and family bonding. 

Are You Seeing An Elephant In Your Dreams? Here’s What It Means

There are many times when we see elephants in the dream. But we fail to understand the symbolism behind that dream. Every dream can symbolize some situations.

In Eastern cultures, dreaming elephants also symbolize good luck and obstacle removal from a path. Here are the things that are symbolized if you see an elephant in your dream:

  • Dreaming elephants symbolizes strength, wisdom, and good luck. 
  • It also symbolizes introverted nature and represents memory. 
  • If you dream of an elephant with a trunk up, then it symbolizes that something positive is going to happen. 
  • If you dream of a dead elephant, it symbolizes the death of a person.
  • Dreaming baby elephant symbolizes the playful side of the person
  • Elephant with a saddle means a positive thing is going to happen
  • Dreaming of an elephant without a saddle means bad luck. 

Elephant Totem & Omens Explained

The symbolism of elephant totem animals includes luck, wisdom, good omens, and prosperity. Elephants as totem animals ask you to protect, defend and honor the part that is connected to the Divine.

This totem animal can help you to have wisdom, kindness, and loyalty. All these qualities of elephants can be achieved by a person if they meditate on this totem animal.

To do the same, you can put Lord Ganesha’s ideal or feng shui elephant figurines in your room. 

This will definitely help the person to gain an elephant’s quality. However, when it comes to omens related to elephants, here are some highlights:

  • Seeing an elephant today is rare. If you encounter an elephant that is not steady on its legs, then it is a bad omen. It means that bad luck or death is coming shortly. 
  • If you encounter an elephant with a trunk up, then it symbolizes victory.
  • Elephants vomiting or urinating blood is a bad omen. It is believed that the king will die soon.  
  • In India, it was believed that if a king sees an elephant neighing, then it is a good omen and means victory. 

Is Elephant Your Spirit Animal?

Many people have elephants as a spirit animal. If an elephant spirit animal shows up, then it means that the concerned person has the elephant traits in themselves.

These traits include wisdom, loyalty, family bonds, and strength. It also symbolizes that the person with an elephant as a spirit animal is sensitive, and nurtures compassion. 

Elephants as spirit animals can help a person to learn to live in harmony and have close bonds. A person can call this spirit animal when they want to heal the trauma.

This spirit animal can display various emotions including sorrow and joy. In case you have an elephant as a spirit animal and you are feeling angry about past issues, then it may represent that the elephant is asking you to be more vulnerable. 


The knowledge of symbolism is less among various people. But it is important to know such symbolism because it can help a person to react as per it.

This can lead to better decision-making and happy life. There are various symbolism or everything can represent new things. But, with this article, we have covered elephant symbolism. 

Elephant symbolism is very much related to strength, power, and emotions. There are various parts of the world where the elephant is worshipped.

This shows that the elephant is an animal that has great relevance. However, encountering this animal is not possible in daily life.

You can encounter them only at zoos or national parks today. But it is necessary to know the symbolism that this animal represents.  

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