How Much Does An Eclectus Parrot Cost? Complete Guide In Detail

Eclectus Parrot Cost

Eclectus bird is a stunning bright-colored bird that is a very popular pet option, not only for its aesthetic potential but also because they are pretty calm and docile in nature, and thus makes pretty good pets, even for beginners. 

Male Eclectus parrots are almost fully bright and vibrant green, while female Eclectus parrots sport a magnificent stunning red. 

As they are such well-loved pets, maybe you would have been considering getting one yourself or you’re just curious about all the expenses that go into maintaining such a brilliant bird. 

Well today, we are going to go into all the financial details that go into buying and taking care of an Eclectus parrot! Let’s get into it!

Eclectus Parrot Cost: Overview

Birds nameInitial Birds Cost (Adoption)Initial Birds Cost(Breeder)Monthly CostYearly cost 
Eclectus Parrots$125 – $400$1,000 – $3,000$150 – $180$1,800 – $2,000

You Can Get Eclectus Parrot For FREE:

Though it is highly unlikely that you either find this bird lazing about near you or that you will find someone willing to give it to you for free, it still means that you need a lot of commitment to the responsibility you are undertaking. 

Just because you got the bird for free does not mean there won’t be additional costs that are essential to keep your pet parrot healthy and happy.

Eclectus Parrot Initial Cost Adoption  

The Eclectus parrot is not a bird you often perch behind bars in local shelters but it is also not an impossibility. 

If you find yourself lucky enough to find one, then that might cost you about $125 – $400 depending upon the shelter you are adopting from.

Eclectus Parrot Initial Cost Of Breeder

The most expensive option, of course, is to purchase your Eclectus parrot from a breeder who will most definitely cost you a much heftier price than if you were adopting one. 

The exact price of the breeder might differ but it generally sits in the higher range of $1,000 to $3,000

Another important thing to consider when buying from the breeder is the parrot’s history of care. 

Don’t feel shy about asking questions regarding the history of the parrot’s care under the breeder to make sure that the parrot has been well cared for.

Remember, you are paying quite the price for your flying buddy, so make sure to ask and learn about it before you make the big decision!

Setting Up And Initial Supplies Of Eclectus Parrot

So now you have your bird, you’ve got to think about all the things it has to come home to so it knows that it’s taken care of. 

This could include a myriad of supplies from bird or cages or aviaries (which are large enclosures to keep birds in) to a playground/gym for stimulation and so on. 

You obviously do not have to buy everything listed but there are some essentials you cannot overlook. 

The setup costs will thus vary from person to person depending on what they opt to purchase but generally, these costs sit in the range of $270 – $550.

Some Essential Supplies For Your Bird Are:

  • Birdcage/ aviary which will be about $100 – $200.
  • Food and water bowls, about $10 – $20
  • Nail trimmers and other grooming supplies – $20 – $30
  • Playground and needed stimulatory toys, about $40 – $60, depending on your purchase.

What Is The Monthly Expenditure For Taking Care Of An Eclectus Parrot?

After you have acquired your parrot, and done the initial setup, the needs are not stopped. 

There are ongoing costs like diet, medical visits, and so on that must be implemented into your monthly routine and budgeting when you are taking care of an Eclectus parrot.


Starts with the most essential of them all, the bird’s diet. Luckily, Eclectic parrots don’t have a vast and varied appetite and so their diet is not a factor that will weigh on your pockets. 

A healthy share of about half a cup of pellets is more than enough to keep your parrot going on a day-to-day basis. 

Apart from this, you have some treats like fruits, nuts, and berries to give your birds, so just add that to your grocery. 

As for the pellets, they can be brought in bulk which is again a great money-saver! Account for about $25 per month on your parrot’s food.

Healthcare And Vet Visit

Yes, vet visits are not a monthly thing for birds and they only need about one visit per year. 

But an Eclectus parrot is not just any pet, and will thus be having a much higher number on the bill than a household cat or dog. 

Keeping this in mind when making your monthly budgets, and allocating some money every month will make this cost not as heavy on you. Keep aside about $25 per month and you should be good.

Environment Conditions

The number one thing to always ensure when talking about taking care of the bird’s environment is hygiene. 

Make sure to regularly clean the cage using disinfectant at least once a week. Other obvious factors to think about are if there is proper food and water available always, and also plenty of toys. A meager $10 per month should be enough for this factor.


Speaking of toys, mental stimulation is also a crucial aspect to consider when taking care of your Eclectus parrot. 

Like many others in the parrot family, they are highly intelligent and thus need to be kept entertained and its brain exercised. 

When they are bored, they can get pretty upset and display self-plucking and other destructive behavior. 

Buying toys with a different mechanism to keep its brain challenged is the best way to keep your bird entertained and happy and this will cost about $10 – $40 a month

Are Eclectus Parrots Good Pets? Can They Talk?

Absolutely! Eclectus parrots are not one of the most popular parrot breeds in captivity for no reason. 

Charming and intelligent, people adore their fun-loving personalities. The only gripe people have is how attention-demanding they are, so that is definitely one thing to consider and see if it can fit into your lifestyle. 

They are talkative but not grating and are loyal pets once a strong bond is formed. 

Even if they don’t have as excessive a vocabulary as others in the family, they love chattering on and on and it is a complete delight to behold.

Which Is Better, Male or Female Eclectus?

Though Eclectus parrots are themselves more docile and tame than many birds, the females tend to be feistier between the two. 

They are more aggressive and quick to react while the male Eclectus tends to stay relatively calm and gentle. 

This does not make the female a bad pet though, because like aforementioned, they are still much gentler than many other truly scary birds. 

So if you do not mind a little bit of attitude, then you can deal with the female Eclectus just fine.

Are Eclectus Parrots Rare?

The population of Eclectus parrots, as was most recently recorded, is between 7,300 and 51,000. 

The numbers are pretty stable so far and their main threat at this point is the pet trade. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), they are categorized as “Least Concern”.


So that was an in-depth dive into Eclectus parrots and the cost of taking care of them. We hope this guide gives you an idea of what direction to go when choosing birds and helps you out in planning out your budget if you’ve already booked a flying buddy.

Thank you for reading!

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