Eagles In The UK: Complete List With Where To Find Them 

Eagles In The UK

Eagles are one of those birds that are known for their preying behavior. These are the most iconic birds that are on the planet.

These birds became extinct in the 20th century in the UK. It was the result of the illegal killing and the habitat change. But in the UK, the number of eagles rises one more time.

Sightings of these birds are easy in the UK but what species of eagles are presented in this country?

So In this article, I’ve covered all the details about the types of Eagles In the UK. 

What Eagles can be found in the UK? 

In the UK, two species of the eagle can be found including the Golden eagle and the White-tailed eagle. These birds are large and typically have a wingspan exceeding 2 meters.

The White-Tailed eagle is the fourth largest eagle in the world. Sightings of eagles are becoming increasingly common in Scotland, north Wales, Northern Ireland, North of England, and South of England.

Here is some more information about the Golden eagle and White-tailed eagle. 

Golden Eagle

Golden eagles have widely distributed species of eagles that maintain huge territories of some 50 to 60 square miles. They are apex predators with sharp and large talons.

These birds are of length between 75 cm to 88 cm while their wingspan is between 204 cm to 220 cm. The weight of the golden eagle is 2.8 kg to 6.6 kg.

The vision of these birds is 4 to 5 times more powerful than the human eye. These eagles can swoop on their speed at a speed of between 120 to 150 mph.

When it comes to their mating behavior, these birds are considered monogamous. They often mate for many years, if not for their whole life. 

White-Tailed Eagle

The White-Tailed eagles are of length between 70 cm to 90 cm while their wingspan is between 200 cm to 240 cm. The weight of the golden eagle is 3.5 kg to 5.5 kg.

These birds can be identified by their striking white tail plumage. They are excellent hunters who can prey on both fish and mammals.

As these birds prey on fish, they are also known as sea eagles. White-tailed eagles are monogamous and they tend to mate for life. 

Where can you find Eagles in the UK?

In the UK, the eagles are primarily distributed in the Scottish Highlands and across the Scottish Islands.

This is particularly in the Inner and Outer Hebrides. They are even becoming common in Northern Ireland. 

Where can you find Golden eagles in the UK?

Golden eagles can be found in the Scottish Highlands where they are residing for many years. These birds can be found all year round in the western and central Scottish Highlands.

But these birds are rare in England. However, the reintroduction programs are conducted successfully in Northern Ireland and now the plan is to reintroduce these eagles in Snowdonia in Wales. 

Where in the UK, you can you find White-Tailed eagles? 

The White-Tailed eagles in the UK are widely distributed despite fewer breeding pairs. These eagles have been successfully reintroduced in the Isle of Wight and will be reintroduced in Norfolk.

These birds are a common sight across much of England. White-tailed Eagles are distributed across the west coast of Scotland and the Scottish Islands.

White-tailed Eagles are sighted across the north coast and Country Antrim in Northern Ireland. 

What Eagles are native to the UK?

Both the Golden and White-Tailed eagles are native to the UK but these were persecuted throughout the 19th century which lead to the extinction of White-Tailed eagles and brought Golden eagles to the edge of extinction.

In 1918, the last UK-bred White-Tailed eagle was shot in Shetland. Golden eagles survived in small numbers in Scotland but they have been heavily protected even since. 

What do Eagles eat in the UK?

Both Golden and White-Tailed eagles are carnivorous. But their preying behavior and diet can be different.

The main diet of the Golden eagle is birds and mammals that are both alive and as carrion. While white-tailed eagles hunt the seal animals well.

These birds are known to catch otters. Eagles have excellent vision and fast swooping speed which makes these birds capable of catching fast-moving mammals such as rabbits and even small deer. 

When were eagles reintroduced in the UK?

In 1975, white-tailed were first reintroduced on the Isle of Rum, Scotland. However, these were again reintroduced in Wester Ross in the Scottish Highlands between 1993 and 1998.

6 juvenile breeding pairs of White-tailed eagles were released on the Isle of Wight in 2019. There are further plans to release White-Tailed eagles in Norfolk. 

Are bald eagles found in the UK? 

Often people confuse the White-Tailed eagle with the Bald eagles, but these birds do not reside in the UK. These birds are not sighted in the UK. 

Eagles in England

The sight of the White-Tailed eagles is becoming common across the Isle of Wight and the southern English coast.

While golden eagles have been rarely spotted over the Lake District. The sightings of these birds are possible in England but rare in the north side of England. 

Eagles in Wales

Golden eagles are sighted over North Wales and there are plans to reintroduce these birds to Snowdonia. However, in Wales, there are currently no White-Tailed eagles. 

Eagles in Scotland

The largest share of the UK’s White-Tailed and Golden Eagles stays in Scotland. The golden eagles are regularly sighted in the central and western Scottish Highlands.

While the White-Tailed eagles are commonly seen on the west coast of Scotland. Both of these eagles inhabit the Scottish islands. 

Eagles in Northern Ireland

Some White-Tailed eagles are found on the north coast of Northern Ireland. Golden eagles regularly visit Northern Ireland’s coastlines.

There are plans to increase the number of both White-Tailed and Golden Eagles in Northern Ireland. 


Eagles are the preying birds that can be found in the UK. In the UK, both White-Tailed eagles and Golden eagles are often sighted.

However, these birds are not found together at one location. All the details about these birds are covered in this article. 

At last, I hope this article was informative enough for you. Thank You For Reading!

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