Eagle Symbolism and Meaning: Are You The Prey If Seeing This Bird?

Eagle Symbolism and Meaning

Eagles are symbolic indeed. There are some extremely symbolic traits possessed by this bird that musters appreciation and consideration from diverse cultures, beliefs, and mythologies.

It has certain highly impactful messages for humankind that can be an inspiration, a driving force, or an epiphany and turning point of your life.

The lessons it teaches us to bring us closer to our souls and our own higher selves being answerable to the Universe for our actions.

So In this article, we’ll explain eagle symbolism and meaning in detail. We’ll cover everything references in different cultures, seeing eagles in dreams, spirit animals, etc.

Understanding Eagle Symbolism And Meaning 

In a general context, an eagle represents longevity, pride, power, patience, and royalty. In western culture, eagles are a symbol of bravery, honor, and sacredness. While in eastern culture, the eagle represents divine power and protection.

Loyalty and true devotion

Eagles are a species of loyal creatures. They are monogamous and are extremely devoted to their female counterparts.

They take active participation in raising the eaglets with their partner and believe in creating strong bonds with their family.

They are epitomes of loyalty for how they keep belonging and returning to the same nest for years without being distracted by another female partner or habitat.

Hence, eagles represent how returning to where you had been served and staying loyal to one fetches you the respect that diversity can’t. Devotion has its own beauty.

Freedom and self-reliance

Eagles fly high up in the sky, soaring as high as 10,000 feet above land, and dive at a speed of 100 miles per hour, fearlessly with confidence, strength, and accuracy. What is it if not symbolism of celebration of freedom? 

Eagles strive for an existence that sees no limitations and setbacks. And they enjoy this freedom without having to detach from their family or lose track of their nests.

This trait of eagles displays how we can stay committed to our roots and still fly sky high and enjoy independence and self-reliance.

You can have strings attached but also the courage to practice relying on oneself and not lose track of life and time at all.

Honor of truth 

Eagles symbolize the strength of truth and the immense honor associated with it. They tell you that even though honor and truth may feel heavy on your shoulders and oblige you to bear the burden even if it hurts, it’s all worth it because that is where the essence of existence lies.

Because the truth is the only one that can offer you freedom and loyalty, as lies only are capable of handcuffing you into a delusional world that is unsuitable for you. You must hold yourself in a mirror and be answerable to yourself.


What is that immense power that lets an eagle built of meat and flesh fly so high up in the sky fighting all the odds?

People tend to believe that it’s the divinity in the bird descended from God that bestows it with the immense power to deal with all the challenges it is confronted with.

Victory and hope

Eagles look so majestic when they fly, don’t they? They carry so much honor and take so much pride in themselves then they spread their gigantic wings in the air.

Their flights are so smooth and swift that it looks like art. And this is why such delicate yet powerful movements of the eagle are associated with victory and the messenger of hope from the Heavens to symbolize triumph.

Psychic awareness and vivid vision

We all are aware of how sharp eagle’s eyes are, as they are often used as a comparison for someone with sharp eyesight. An eagle’s vision is eight times clearer and further than humans.

Hence, even if they are several feet up in the sky, they can still see the ground. Such clear vision and sight are what make them symbolic of psychic sight and awareness, with a vision for life, aims, and lifestyle.

Eagles Symbolism And Meaning In Different Civilizations 

Native Americans Symbolism About Eagles 

Native Americans are widely known for their high spiritual sensitivity, vivid on their thought patterns, theories, profound beliefs, and symbolisms dating back to ancient times.

And while they passed down several popular signs in their ancient culture, the eagle sign was one of them.

They believe and use that sign to represent sacredness as they believe that Eagles fly the highest because they are the closest creatures to God himself. 

Eagle is symbolic of sharp wisdom, immense strength, and boundless courage and is preached as the ultimate guide to a lifestyle of power and divinity.

They also use eagle feathers as a symbol of truth and hold them while praying and oaths to display utmost sincerity.

Christianity Symbolism About Eagles

Christian beliefs and the Bible itself talk about Eagle and its significance quite noticeably. The strength of the Lord has been multiple times associated with and found taking the shape of an eagle, especially in the old testament.

This belief is mainly associated with the heights up to which eagles can fly and the extent of strength that expression depicts.

Celtic Symbolism of Eagles

Celtic Mythologies are quite particular regarding their symbolisms. Rather than myths, this culture believes in symbolizing a creature solely for the characteristics depicted by it, as in personification and applicability to humankind as in lessons.

Hence, eagles are believed as a symbol of power and authority in their culture, associated with royal qualities like leadership, security, strength, and focus due to their accurate predatory skills.

Their culture also identifies the intelligence of eagles while hunting and symbolizes the bird for the same.

They use eagle emblems to portray thinking highly, above this materialistically confined world.

They are used as guidance to sharpen mental abilities and preparation to fight challenges and solve crucial and delicate problems with ease, confidence, and comfort.

Eagle emblems also signify the theory of smart work instead of hard work to create milestones in a lifetime. It cites the logic behind the elevation of efficiency when we use our brains to their fullest potential.

Lastly, eagle emblems ask you to be fearless and bold and hold an optimistic approach to life to achieve victory or turn defeat into victory.

Are You Seeing Eagles In Your Dreams: Here’s The Meaning

  • When you see an eagle move freely and confidently in your dream, it may mean that your personality is relatable to that of a fierce eagle. If you haven’t already discovered the fierceness and boldness in you, it’s a sign that you test yourself and see how strong you are by your mindset and emotions.
  • When you see that you have trapped an eagle in your dream, it may mean that apart from your own individuality and opinions, you must also consider the opinions of the people around you to determine sensibly and harmoniously what’s right and what’s wrong. It basically asks you to broaden your mind, be considerate and open to opinions and learn from others rather than practicing self-centered behavior and suffering through superiority complex and dominance.
  • Feeding an eagle however might symbolize that you are on the right track and must continue to sharpen your skills and abilities to prepare and present yourself as the utmost deserving one for your dream position in life.
  • When you dream of turning into an eagle, you probably are about to establish or renew and get back your high sense of spirituality and become the best version of yourself.
  • When you see an eagle in your dream caged or locked in your property, it might mean that your best self is caged in your mind too and needs to be freed to reinduce creativity and productivity in your life.

Totems and Omens Regarding Eagles

  • It is believed that if you are going through a bad time and spot an eagle in the meanwhile, it represents that new beginnings are about to take place in your life and you must prepare yourself for freshness and rejuvenation.
  • If you are on the wrong track of fraud and dishonesty, witnessing an eagle is a sign that your conscience is pricking to your actions and your intuitions don’t support your decisions. Hence, you shouldn’t fall prey to the vicious traps around you because unfaithful paths don’t take you anywhere in life.
  • If you are about to lead a team or are skeptical of your leadership capabilities, seeing an eagle might be your signal to go ahead and believe in your strength and capabilities to lead.
  • Additionally, if you lack vision, witnessing an eagle means you will soon find your way through life.

Is Eagle Your Spirit Animal? 

If an eagle is your spirit animal, you belong to the family of a powerful messenger of God and your spirit animal will guide you through your odds to your ultimate goal.

You are born to reach greater heights than the ordinary can and have distinctive qualities to deserve respect from your fellow people.

You are born to win and will always walk on the path of truth and devotion with honesty and optimism. If you still are in doubt of who you are, you must try to discover your potential and work on it to grow and build yourself.


Hence, Eagles are indeed a creation that humanity has a lot to learn from and implement in their lives.

It is symbolic of certain traits that are considered the most ideal and genuine ones that act as an element with huge contribution to the endeavors in one’s life.

Eagle’s qualities reflect success and victory and guarantee you respect and love from your fellow people in the process.

It asks you to introspect and listen to your conscience to take that great leap into the air that puts you closer to your vision with every passing day!

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