In the dynamic world of EA Sports FC 24, where the virtual pitch is a battleground for football aficionados, the pursuit of FC 24 FUT coins is as vital as scoring goals. Coins fuel your journey to assemble the ultimate dream team, and knowing the best strategies to accumulate them can be the key to success. In this article, NBA2King will delve into a highly effective method to amass coins in EA Sports FC 24.

The Chemistry Style Advantage

Before diving into the intricacies of coin-making, it’s crucial to understand the importance of Chemistry Styles. These styles can significantly influence a player’s performance by enhancing specific attributes. The Shuttle Chemistry Style, renowned for improving various attributes, stands as one of the most sought-after styles in the game. Additionally, the Hunter Chemistry Style is coveted for its ability to bolster a player’s pace and shooting attributes, making it a go-to choice for strikers and forward players.

The Basic Approach

Let’s begin with a simple yet effective coin-making technique using Chemistry Styles. Start by heading to the Transfer Market, but before that, navigate to the Consumables tab and focus on Player Chemistry Styles. These are the gems that can transform players and their market values.

  1. Identify Chemistry Styles in Demand: The Shuttle and Hunter Chemistry Styles are perennial favorites. Check their current market prices; you’ll find that they are often quite valuable.
  2. Target Players: Now, let’s say you’ve picked the Shuttle Chemistry Style. Find players who don’t have this style applied yet but could benefit from it. For example, consider a defender with a low market value without the Shuttle Chemistry Style.
  3. Apply Chemistry Style: Purchase the Chemistry Style and apply it to the selected player. This instantly enhances their attributes, potentially boosting their market value.
  4. Profit Calculation: Check the player’s market price again after applying the Chemistry Style. You’ll often notice a significant increase in their value, making them more appealing to potential buyers.
  5. Selling the Player: List the improved player on the Transfer Market at a price slightly below the going rate. This ensures a quick sale while still making a profit.

By following this straightforward method, you can accumulate coins steadily. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. To maximize your coin-making potential, let’s delve into the more advanced approach.

The Advanced Sniping Technique

The basic approach works well for beginners, but as you gain experience, you’ll want to fine-tune your strategies. Here’s where the advanced sniping technique comes into play:

  1. Market Filtering: Start by filtering the Transfer Market to display Gold Rare players with either the Shuttle or Hunter Chemistry Style. These are the players that typically yield the most profit.
  2. Set Price Filters: Instead of searching for players with a maximum price of 2,000 coins, set your maximum price filter lower, say around 750 coins. This will help you find hidden gems that others might overlook.
  3. The 59th Minute: This technique revolves around a crucial concept known as “The 59th Minute.” You’re looking for player cards that are listed with one minute remaining in their auction.
  4. Market Refresh: Instead of manually scrolling through listings, you’ll refresh the market continuously by pressing the appropriate button (Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox) and then going back. This will update the available player cards.
  5. Zero or One Card After the Hour: Pay close attention to the number of cards remaining after the one-hour mark. Your market refreshes only if there is zero or one card past this point.
  6. Snipe Smartly: As new player cards appear, swiftly analyze their prices. Over time, you’ll become adept at spotting potential deals. Look for players listed significantly below their market value.
  7. Purchase and Resell: When you spot an undervalued player with a valuable Chemistry Style, purchase them. Check the current market value of the player with the Chemistry Style applied, and list your find slightly lower for a quick sale.

This advanced sniping technique requires practice and patience. Initially, you may not always recognize the best deals, but with experience, you’ll refine your ability to identify undervalued players.

Final Thoughts

In EA Sports FC 24, mastering the art of coin-making can be as thrilling as scoring a last-minute winner. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player, understanding the potential of Chemistry Styles and utilizing the advanced sniping technique can give you a significant advantage in accumulating coins. As you fine-tune your skills, you’ll not only assemble a formidable team but also experience the satisfaction of smart trading in the world of virtual football. Remember, persistence and knowledge are your greatest allies on this journey to coin-making success in EA Sports FC 24.

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