Dragonfly Symbolism & Meaning: Are You Really Lucky If You Found Them?

Dragonfly Symbolism & Meaning

Resisting from insects is very common for people. But not every insect is resistible. Some insects are so beautiful that we cannot resist and adore their beauty.

One of those insects is Dragonfly. Dragonfly is an insect that belongs to the Anisoptera family.  These insects are predatory in every stage, be it aquatic nymphs stage or as adults.

There are almost 3000 species of dragonflies that are known or discovered. These insects are very common and we can see these flies flying outside our house. 

They are usually visible after rain. But do you know that these flies also possess symbolism? Symbolism basically means the representation of a thing.

In real life, many beliefs state that most things possess symbolism. For instance, a yellow flower symbolizes friendship.

This is what symbolism is all about. Many beliefs stand true for the dragonfly symbolism as well. 

Most of the people are unknown to such beliefs. With this article, we have covered the dragonfly symbolism and its meaning.

From the common perceptions to dreams symbolism, everything is covered with this article. 

Understaning The Dragonfly Symbolism And Meaning

In a general context, a dragonfly represents transformation, wisdom, self-realization, and adaptability. In western culture, a dragonfly symbolizes rebirth, evolution, and forgiveness. While in eastern culture dragonflies are a symbol of happiness, courage, and change.

The symbolism related to dragonflies indeed has different beliefs in different tribes and religions. But, some common perceptions are believed to be true.

The symbolism of these flies is also associated with the fact that these insects are found near to water. The dragonfly symbolism includes:

  • Dragonfly represents transformation and change. It usually asks the concerned person to move from the darker side to a bright side and to have joy in life.
  • Another symbolism of the dragonfly includes that this insect is asking you to dive deep into the emotions. It may symbolize that you should express your true feelings and speak out the love and truth.

Therefore, with these points, it is clear that the common symbolism of dragonfly is adaptability, creativity and it inspires the person to think so that you can achieve your full potential.

But, there are some common beliefs only. Here are some beliefs that prevail among tribes and religions. 

Dragonfly Symbolism And Meaning In Different Civilizations

What Does Dragonfly Symbolizes In Native American Culture?

The symbolism of dragonflies among Native Americans has good relevance. Dragonflies are very common in the artwork of Native Americans.

Many pots are made by Mimbres tribes and it has dragonfly representation on it. Even in the sand paintings by Navajo, you will see dragonfly representation.

Some stories are prevailing among Native Americans that are related to dragonflies. 

Dragonflies were also called Devil’s Darning Needles. It was told to the young children that if they will speak a lie, the Devil’s Darning needle will come to them and sew their mouth.

This is how this insect holds relevance among Native Americans. Now when it comes to the symbolism of the dragonfly, here are some beliefs:

  • It is believed that the dragonfly represents renewal, rebirth, and spring.
  • Seeing a dragonfly also represents a good rainfall coming to the place. 
  • It also symbolizes change, illusion, and swiftness as per Native Americans. 

What Does Dragonfly Symbolizes In Christianity?

The symbolism and representation of the dragonfly are very much related to Christianity. In Christianity, the symbolism is done in a very beautiful manner.

When it comes to the transformation of the dragonfly, then initially this insect is born underwater. It lives in dark before rising for the light.

When it comes to light, you will see that this insect is transparent and colorless. 

But when the sunlight hits its body, it becomes colorful and beautiful. In Christianity, this transformation symbolizes an important thing.

It symbolizes that the believers of Christianity transform into beautiful and colorful people when Lord Jesus showers light on them.

Therefore, as per the beliefs of Christianity, Dragonfly represents change, strength, courage, and prosperity. 

What Does Dragonfly Symbolizes In Celtic Culture?

In Celtic, there are almost 23 different names for the dragonfly. Various poems are written on this beautiful creature.

In Celtic, the dragonfly is considered a magical being that changes color when light shows on its wings. The eyes of the dragonfly symbolize the human mind that seeks beyond its limitations. The symbolism of the dragonfly includes:

  • If a dragonfly crosses the path, it symbolizes that a person has to live life to the fullest.
  • In Celtic, it is believed that if a person dreams of a dragonfly, then it symbolism transformation. It means that the dreamer should work on transformation. 

Are You Seeing Dragonfly In Your Dreams? Here’s The Meaning

Seeing a dragonfly in dreams can also represent different things or situations in a person’s life.

Many people dream of a dragonfly but they fail to understand the message that is conveyed through the appearance of a dragonfly. Various things can be symbolized by dreaming dragonfly:

  • Dreaming a dragonfly symbolizes the appreciation for the need for freedom. But it may also represent that this freedom will be short-lived.  
  • The dragonfly symbolizes immortality and regeneration. Although dragonfly has a short life. This representation is highly believed to be true when it is seen in dreams. 
  • It is also believed that these insects can understand our true potential. It can stripe out the illusion that may say that you are not capable of doing something. If you are seeing dragonflies in dreams, then it may represent this thing as well. 

Dragonfly Totems & Omens Explained

Dragonfly also represents totem animals. The dragonfly totem animal symbolizes that a deep transformation is coming their way.

In addition, to which, the person emerges forever changed. Further symbolism of dragonfly totem animal include:

  • The dragonfly symbolizes transformation. It means that the transformation is tough but dragonfly is with the person whether it brings you ups or downs. 
  • Dragonfly as a totem animal also represents that a person needs to look deep into the persona for introspection. 

Now, when it comes to omens related to dragonflies, then it has a positive meaning. But sometimes, seeing a dragonfly can be a bad omen as well. 

  • If you are on a fishing trip and you encounter a dragonfly, then it is considered a good omen. It is so because it is believed that the presence of dragonflies is pointing numerous fish at that water place. 
  • Many people believe that the dragonfly is a positive symbol. It majorly includes the people who believe in magic, and angels. 
  • However, in the US, it is believed that dragonfly symbolizes fear. It is so because they are expected to sew the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. 
  • As per ancient folklore, it is believed that if you cut the head of a dragonfly or hawk, then it indirectly invites death to the concerned person. 

Dragonfly As A Spirit Animal | Spiritual Meaning

Many people have dragonflies as their spirit animal. The symbolism of the dragonfly spirit animal is light and change. Here, the major part of symbolism is related to the lifecycle of a dragonfly.

This includes how they grow underwater and turn into beautiful insects when lights shower on them. The symbolism of dragonfly spirit animal:

  • If a dragonfly enters your life as a spirit animal, then it may mean that they are asking you not to take life too seriously. 
  • Here, the symbolism of the dragonfly spirit animal is lightness, adaptability, and joy. 
  • This spirit animal may also ask you to connect with nature’s spirits and fairies. 

Therefore, the spiritual meaning of dragonfly is to be ready for change. It means that the person is right on track and should continue on that way. 


A dragonfly is an insect that is beautiful and possesses good symbolism. The knowledge of symbolism is important so that a person can react as per the sign of God.

With this article, we have covered the dragonfly symbolism that is prevalent among tribes, cultures, or religions. 

The symbolism of the dragonfly is very much related to the change or transformation. Any person encountering or dreaming dragonfly should understand that a transformation is going to happen in his life and he should be prepared for the same. 

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