Dragon Symbolism and Meaning: What Does This Mythical Being Represent?

Dragon Symbolism and Meaning

When we talk about dragons, the idea we have of these creatures is not what we have ourselves witnessed, instead, what we have been taught that they look like.

Hence, we draw the ideas from nothing but our Mythologies and manuscripts and obviously along with the symbolism associated with them.

Their symbolisms are indeed ancient and undoubtedly powerful with a wide range of characteristics and traits that they have been believed to have exhibited once. 

So In this article, I’ll explain dragon symbolism and meaning in detail. I’ll cover all the good and bad aspects of this mythological creature.

Understanding Dragon Symbolism and Meaning 

In a general context, a dragon is a symbol of power, strength, reincarnation, mystery, and good fortune. In western culture, a dragon is considered a divine being with mysterious power. While in eastern culture a dragon is a symbol of majesty, power, and emperorship


We all have read of dragon’s fire breathing and spell casting in fierce wars in favor of their master. They have always been that last resort of a mystical weapon that emperors used as an ace to win a war.

Their appearance too had been of a magical impact, resembling a huge serpent with wings and power to fly high in the sky between the clouds.

All these significant appearances of dragons in ancient tales clearly reflect the magical capabilities of these creatures.

Power and Protection 

These stories also have portrayed situations wherein helpless powerful kings summoned dragons for shelter when they were vulnerable and needed protection.

Such events gave rise to this belief that dragons are Protective Spirits who, when summoned in danger, shield you against all the odds and stand by you to ensure your victory.

Wisdom and guidance 

Dragons are believed to be not only some powerful and mystical creatures but are also believed to possess immense wisdom and knowledge that brings them brilliance, dignity, and authority.

Hence, dragons also symbolize wisdom and the capability hence earned to guide lost souls to the right path of the desired victory.

We will find the proof of this belief in several ancient tales where dragons had been the guiding force for their ruler.


Even though dragons look quite beast-like, dangerous, powerful, mystical, and evil, this is definitely not what these creatures symbolize.

Contrastingly, these creatures have always been symbolic of good omen and optimistic traits like harmony, balance, growth, wealth, and fortune.

It is believed that the demonic side of dragons is only displayed when any vicious person tries to take advantage of any innocent, only in order to establish justice.

These creatures are always supportive of what is ethically right and only the unruly ones fall prey to their wrath.

The elements of nature

Dragons are considered to be the master of the four elements of nature with their own variants who rule the certain elements, namely Fire Dragon, for introspection, leadership, and creativity, Air Dragon to widen the perspective of your vision and believe your instincts.

Water Dragons or Rain Dragons bless you with healing powers and establish an emotional balance, and lastly Earth dragon to find stability and confidence.

Dragons Symbolism In Different Civilizations 

What Does Dragon Represent In Native American Culture?

Not all, but some tribes in Native America have glimpses of dragons in their ancient folktales by the name of Thunder Lizard. The natives look up to these giant creatures as the creator of the world and life, as messengers of God.

They also believe that Dragons are some divine forms of serpents and not just some formidable creatures with fire breathing abilities, unlike most prevalent beliefs.

What Does Dragon Represent In Celtic Culture?

Celtic perceives red dragons as Spirit souls associated with the bravery of their leaders and is a symbol of power and authority that their leaders exhibit.

They also have been found as a popular symbolism used during wars as an emblem that represents power, victory, glory, and royalty.

The red dragon that we get to see on Wales’ flag is associated with the motto that “the red dragon leads us” i.e. a symbolism of leadership.

Their culture also believes in the indomitable wisdom of Dragons and the good omen and fortune these divine creatures carry with themselves.

Such a good omen is also believed to have a great impact on the good health of people of their land and ensure a good harvest of abundance.

However, some parts of Europe tend to emphasize the negative traits of Dragons and possess beliefs regarding the animal and its evil reptilian monstrous intentions.

The ancient literature of these tribes has traces of evil Dragons fighting against the protagonists as a hindrance on their way to achieving the desired goals.

What Does Dragon Represent In Eastern Culture?

China has a lot of references associated with Dragons as its one of the crucial and most frequently used symbolism in their culture with significant meaning to it that is rooted back in ancient times.

They mostly are associated with the Spirit of water who is generally benevolent but floods during hostility.

They also believe that the sky is a kingdom that is divided into nine parts and is ruled by nine dragons.

Countries like Japan and Vietnam also look up to dragons for their powerful and royal symbolism of authority.

What Does Dragon Represent In African Culture?

Egyptians believe that Dragons were the ones who ruled their water bodies, who when satisfied with the worship offered invited the clouds for rain so that the subjects would enjoy a good harvest.

However, when furious, their wrath made people suffer in form of a flood or catastrophe.

What Does Dragon Represent In Christianity?

The Bible however has somewhat a negative omen associated with Dragons, who are believed to be the opponents of the Universal Spirit, the rulers of hell.

They are believed to be evil to such an extent that they devour the creations of God with no mercy, and also possess the intention to defeat everything that is good. They are considered selfish and power mongers.

Are You Dreaming About Dragons? Here’s The Meaning 

  • When you simply see a dragon in your dream, it means that it’s time for your epiphany for self-realization and for you to realize your utmost potential to act accordingly.
  • It also is a sign that you need to overcome your fear of having to move out of your comfort zone to realize and utilize the opportunities around you rather than letting them slip by because you can’t muster up the courage yet.
  • When you see a dragon fire breathing, devouring, or being in its destructive form, it is a negative omen and can represent your dark and destructive approach and tendencies towards your life that you are quite frightened of.
  • Dragons are believed to devour their own babies, so a dragon dream might just be an indication of your problematic relationship with your child or your mother and that you must sort it out before it worsens.
  • A dragon in its royal territory or among treasures in your dream means that it’s an indication of growth in your material wealth, but however, might lead to a personal loss in your life at later stages.
  • A victorious Dragon might mean that some achievements are about to come into your life that you have been working for and manifesting for quite along.
  • When you dream of killing a dragon, it means that you have defeated your enemies and now you can have your peace to yourself with no foreign interventions.
  • Dragons are also symbolic of fire and hence passion, which is relatable with sex drive in your love interests.

Dragon Totems and Omens Explained

  • Dragons Totems and Omens are mostly equivalent to their dreams and symbolisms as these creatures have not yet been witnessed in real life by humans to induce general beliefs regarding them. Such Totems and Omens of generic nature may include 
  • The symbolism of gaining power and authority and rising to a prestigious position in your life.
  • It’s a good omen and acts as harbingers of wealth and prosperity into the lives of faithful believers.
  • These creatures are related with mythical energy and are believed to be the Gods of all water bodies till today, determining the direction and volume in which water flows through a piece of land.
  • They are also the guardians of valuable treasure and its symbolism is used by many cultures to date to protect their wealth.

Is Dragon Your Spirit Animal? 

When you have a dragon as your Spirit Animal, you must look forward to a life-changing spiritual transformation.

Such transformation might include stages when you will be vulnerable, sensitive, and even miserable at times, but you must hold on to your strength and power to endure whatever comes along at all costs to gain that magical spiritual stability.

Driven by passion, your soul is always ignited and ready to dive into what your soul loves and craves for, irrespective of how people look at your interests.

You are also supposed to have your hands on an abundance of wealth at your desired extent at some point in your life, and if you are capable of guarding it with your own Dragon Spirit, you will also be able to retain it and grow it, as luck will favor you.


Hence, Dragons, as we can clearly see, are some immensely impactful symbolisms that are seen through diverse yet significant perspectives from different aspects by the Civilizations around the world.

Most Civilizations genuinely talk about this creature in either good or bad ways and hence it clearly carries rich ancient culture with itself.

Irrespective of all the differences, one thing that we tend to find common in all these beliefs is the power and strength that these animals hold, and if not anything else, this is definitely one thing you must take away from them!

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