Dove Symbolism And Meaning: Are These Birds Really Peacemaker?


Dove bird, globally, represents purity. These birds have been used as a messenger for a long period of time. This bird guides us to witness the purity of the world and the people around us.

People turn towards the dove spirit during a time of emotional instability. They believe the dove connects them to the higher spirits and relieves them of their restlessness.

This bird is said to adjoin the human soul with the divine power and bring love, hope, devotion into their belief. 

So In this article, I’ll explain dove symbolism and meaning in detail. I’ll cover all the good and bad messages and signs behind this bird.

Dove Symbolism and Meaning Explained

In a general context, a dove represents peace, purity, devotion, beauty, gentleness, and faith. In eastern culture, a dove is a symbol of sacredness and divine power. While in eastern culture this bird represents healing, a new beginning, love, and spirituality.

The dove symbolizes the following:

  • Purity; over various cultures, for a long time, doves have always been represented to be sacred and to connect humans to the higher spirit, or, god. 
  • A dove is said to bring peace. 
  • They are an array of hope, to look towards the upcoming good. 
  • Gentleness; these birds induce the feeling of being gentle to nature and the people around them. 
  • Love 
  • Navigation; doves have been believed to be used as carriers of messages in ancient times. This was because it was thought that they always find their way home. 

Traditionally, doves are a symbol of peace. They are generally meek and tame unlike predator birds like eagles and hawks.

They pose no threat or chaos to their environment. These characteristics of doves are also the reason why they symbolize gentleness.

Through their behavior, they vibrate modesty and kindness. These birds are harbingers of hope. They help humans to keep faith in themselves and in the process of nature and to keep seeking the good. 

Doves usually are monogamous and have one mate throughout their lifespan. This characteristic of the dove is the reason why they stand for love.

Even as partners, they are said to be very affectionate to their mate which includes showing various forms of affection. Dove couples are also known to be very caring of their chicks (children).

This adds to another dove symbolism of motherhood or maternity. Female doves have the unique capability of producing their own milk.

This process includes starving for a certain period of time, which creates purer milk formation for the offspring.

Doves do not purposely starve; they stop searching for food for a temporary time to protect their newborns. 

In ancient times, doves and pigeons were tamed by humans. They extensively used these birds as a way of communication.

This leads to another dove feature which is, they are excellent in navigation. Poetically it can be said, they always find their way home.

Various times, dove references have also been used in literature and art. Dove’s meaning also varies with color.

A red dove means redemption, while a speckled dove means variety and diversity. And a white dove defines purity.

Dove Meaning in Different Civilizations

Native American Dove Meaning And Symbolism

Native Americans believed doves to be God’s messenger and believed them to be a symbol of forgiveness.

They also consider dove to be the Goddess of Love. The fact that doves have a single mate and that they are very caring of their offspring, therefore, according to many Native American traditions and cultures, doves are also used in fertility magic. 

Some of the Native tribes view these birds as symbols of peace and gentleness.

The Blackfoot tribes’ warriors made necklaces of dove feathers which they wore during war times. They considered doves to be protectors who helped the warriors return home safely from war.  

Dove Celtic Symbolism

The Celts considered that doves have healing features. This is because Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love, has doves as her companion.

For this reason, they also used doves for sacrificial purposes. They also watched the flight patterns and behavior of these birds to look forward to any change. They symbolized these birds as holy ghosts. 

Dove Christianity Symbolism

According to the Bible, a dove is a portrayal of peace and purity. It also resembles forgiveness from God or the higher spirit. Dove is also an emblem of purity, hence was used in many stories in the bible for sacrifice and to achieve purification. 

Dove in Dreams and its Meaning 

Dreams could have various interpretations. Birds mostly resemble spirituality or an urge to reconnect with worldly spirits.

In general, a dove dream usually sends a positive omen. There are quite a few varieties to a dove dream. 

  • Seeing a white dove in a dream could mean peace, love, femininity, hope, or a holy spirit. 
  • Seeing a pair of doves could represent the desire for companionship and love. 
  • A mourning dove could indicate something bad is about to happen. It is believed that this usually happens when someone close to the person likes family, friends, or loved ones is about to die. 

Dove Totem and Omens Explained

Dove Totems

The dove totem displays protection. Usually, it means that our guardian angels are protecting us. It is also used for bringing together relationships and forming a bond of love.

These totems are helpful to find guidance in life and discover the right path that we belong to. When doves appear to us they show signs of our innocence.

The totem reconnects us with our spirituality and bestows us with peace, love, and hope. They remind us to keep faith in ourselves and accept the joy that nature is giving us.

It tells us that we are the sole basis of our peace and we need to keep a positive, healthy spirit within and allow good things our way. It also assures us that the spirits of the Universe guide us and will always look after us. 

Dove Omens

All dove encounters mean peace. Seeing a dove could mean that they are asking us to be content with what we have in life and to find peace and harmony among ourselves.

It could also mean that we seek to love and we need to bond with our loved ones and tighten the strings of our relationships.

A dove omen signifies positivity, an influx of happiness, and hope for better things to happen. 

Having Dove As A Spirit Animal

If somebody is born with a dove spirit animal, it would mean that they are blessed with a positive omen. It also indicates that we have a deep spiritual connection to the world.

People with doves as their spirit animal are usually kind, positive, and vibrate peace and love everywhere they go. They are also good at navigating the right path for themselves in their lives.


In conclusion, doves are a divine creation of nature. They are tame and have peacefully coexisted with humans for a very long time. They have served humans in various ways.

They have carried messages to the loved ones of people who were far off. They were also used to find food by tribes in ancient times. They have always brought peace and love into people’s lives.

They are  God’s messenger and deliver hope to mankind. It can be said that the dove’s presence in our lives could lead us to divinity and purity and help us navigate ourselves to the right path.

They help us see the messages of the higher spirit. They make us kinder, they heal us off of the negativity of the world and make us a better person. 

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