Dolphin Symbolism And Meaning: Good Luck If You Found Them?

Dolphin Symbolism And Meaning

Seeing a dolphin gives us a lot of excitement and positive vibes. However, encountering this animal in daily life is not possible.

We can encounter this animal only if we visit any water animal park or any other water body. Dolphin is a water animal that is known for its friendly nature with humans.

This animal feed on fish and squid. When it comes to their mating, the male dolphin mate with multiple females every year. But when it comes to the female dolphin, they only mate every two or three years. 

But do you know that this animal symbolizes various things for a person? Symbolism means the beliefs that are believed to be true for the animals, birds, or any other thing.

It stands true for the dolphins as well. With this article, we have explained dolphin symbolism and meaning among various cultures in detail. 

Understanding Dolphin Symbolism And Meaning

In a general context, a dolphin is a symbol of reincarnation, wisdom, friendship, and renewal. In western culture, a dolphin symbolizes guardian, rebirth, and friendliness. While in eastern culture, dolphins symbolize positivity, admiration, and good fortune. 

The symbolism of dolphins revolves around peaceful animals and personalities. This animal is highly associated with both water and air elements and living in both realms.

This quality of dolphin symbolizes the intellectual and emotional traits. This animal represents the symbol of protection.

It can be easily interpreted from the story where the dolphin saved a drowning sailor or other humans. The common perceptions related to the dolphin symbolism include:

  • It is believed that this animal is a sign of good luck and any dolphin accompanying the ship is considered a good omen. 
  • This mammal is considered as a guide for the people who have left this realm and moved to the spirit world. 
  • It symbolizes reincarnation, renewal, courage, strength, and rebirth.

Dolphin Symbolism In Different Civilizations

What Does Dolphin Symbolize In Native American Culture?

The symbolism of dolphins as per the beliefs of Native Americans holds a strong relevance. In this culture, it is believed that dolphins are the savior of people who drags them back to the shore when they are about to get eaten by a shark or drown.

It is said that these animals were humans once and they transformed into dolphins to become the guardian of the tribe. Due to this belief, these animals are forbidden to eat in these religions. 

What Does Dolphin Symbolize In Eastern Culture? 

The symbolism of dolphin in the Eastern parts of the world also have great relevance. In the Chinese tradition, it is believed that the sign of a dolphin represents the message from the angels.

It is also believed that encountering a Chinese white dolphin represents that the path the person has chosen is correct. In this tradition, this mammal is considered as a sign of good luck, fortune, and positive aspects. 

It is believed that this animal is the savior of the people who travel the oceans on ships. In Chinese folklore, there is a tale where a girl who is taken by her stepfather to sell her in the market transforms into a dolphin after some struggles.

After which the girl is known as the Yangtze goddess and considered as a symbol of peace and prosperity. 

What Does Dolphin Symbolize In Christianity?

The symbolism of a dolphin in the Christianity religion is very much similar to the sheep symbolism but it is more relevant for the people who live near the sea.

In this religion, this animal is often pictured as an emblem of Christ’s crucifixion and it appears on a cross or a trident. During Ancient times, it is believed that this mammal is the king of fish. 

In Bible, dolphins are depicted as robust and pure creatures who cannot be manipulated and had a deep love for humankind.

It is said that dolphins accompany the sailors and fishermen on their journey and warn them of any storm approaching them.

The believers of Christianity highly associated this animal with Christ and are considered as a carrier of holy light. 

What Does Dolphin Symbolize In Celtic Culture?

In the Celtic culture, the dolphins symbolize intelligence, friendship, and good luck. This mammal is also considered the symbol of divinity and protectors of waters.

It is believed that these guardians protect nature and people from evil. Therefore, they symbolize reincarnation, better life, and rebirth. 

It is believed that this mammal has a good balance between air and water elements and they can teach the balance between body, spirit, and mind to a person.

In this culture, the people took every appearance and sound of this mammal as a warning, sign, or message for traveling, or staying at home. 

Are You Dreaming Dolphins? Here’s The Meaning

Dreaming of dolphins can be common if you encounter them on daily basis. But any person who is not encountering this animal may see it in dreams.

We usually don’t understand the symbolism of seeing that dolphin dream. But it is true that dreaming a dolphin suddenly may symbolize various things and can be a sign for the dreamer.

In general, the dreams of dolphin is considered intellectual and spiritual guidance. 

This animal provides an inspirational vision that encourages the dreamer to use their mental capabilities at the maximum level. The symbolism of dolphin dreams includes:

  • Dreaming of a dolphin is a sign that the dreamer will experience luck and he might encounter an important person.
  • Dreaming of a dolphin underwater symbolizes that the dreamer will make new friends and will have a good social life. 
  • If a person dreams of a dead or dying dolphin, then it may symbolize that the dreamer may lose a dear person that he loves. 
  • If a person sees a dream where they are riding or playing with a dolphin, then it is a sign of positive social encounters.
  • However, some people believe that dreaming of dolphins is a bad sign and it may symbolize a tough time approaching in the life of the dreamer. 

Dolphin Totems & Omens Explained

The dolphin as the totem animal of a person represents various things or qualities of the person. People with dolphin totem animals tend to have a lot of love for their closed or loved ones, and it doesn’t have any boundaries.

Such people are empathetic and care for the weaker people. Dolphin totem also suggests that a person is selfless and they can sacrifice themselves for others. 

If a person has a dolphin totem pole, it is believed that the person is natural and has limiting worries. They feel good in their own skin and are always there for the people who need their assistance.

They have great companions that don’t have impulsive reactions. This totem provides us with a comprehensive view of humankind’s philosophies. 

When it comes to the omens related to encountering a dolphin, then there are some positive and negative aspects related to it.

However, usually, encountering this animal is a good omen for the sailors as it shows that land is near.

This animal can also predict the weather. Dolphins playing during good weather or near the shore means that a storm is approaching. 

If dolphins are playing in tumultuous water, then it symbolizes good weather. If a dolphin is heading towards the north, then it means good weather, while heading towards the south represents that bad weather is approaching. Some of the omens include:

  • Killing a dolphin symbolizes terrible luck.
  • Encountering a pink dolphin has superstitions attached to it. There is a superstition that these mammals transform into humans at night and tries to steal children from the streets. 
  • Eating a river dolphin is considered a bad omen and it symbolizes terrible luck for a person. 
  • It is also believed that if a person makes eye contact with a dolphin, then it may lead to nightmares that will haunt them throughout their life. 

Is Dolphin Your Spirit Animal?

The dolphin as a spirit animal of a person provides better communication to his life. This spirit animal helps a person to gain confidence and reconnect to nature to an intimate level.

It allows them to hear the messages and align them as per the flow. Dolphin spirit animal can make its presence felt to those people who need to find their inner child again. 

The symbolism of a dolphin spirit animal is a balance between mind and soul because this animal has extraordinary intelligence and intuitive aptitude.

This spirit animal can guide or teach a person to have balance. This spirit guide can help the person to have a better and free life. 


The symbolism of dolphins is meant to be different for various cultures and tribes. The beliefs of every tribe are different.

But in every culture, it is believed that dolphins are the savior of the sailors and can predict the weather. With this article, we have covered the beliefs and meaning of dolphins and their dreams.

Therefore, if you encounter a dolphin in the future, analyze the situation and understand the signs provided by this mammal.

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