Dog Symbolism and Meaning: Do They Really Pose GoodLuck?

Dog Symbolism and Meaning

Dogs indeed hold so much meaning to humanity in all aspects of life. Humans, over several years, have established this priceless bond with dogs where both of the species exchange a deep spiritual relationship with each other.

Be it any species of dogs, humans have welcomed them all into their own personal spaces to find comfort in their otherwise busy life, to find a friend who unconditionally pours love and makes a place in our hearts that are forever irreplaceable.

But are dogs limited to just that or do they create a symbolic impact on our lives too? Well, yes they do, and that is exactly what this article is going to take you through.

I’ll explain dog symbolism and meaning in detail. I’ll cover all the good and bad aspects of this animal in our life.

Understanding Dog Symbolism and Meaning 

In a general context, a dog is a symbol of loyalty, protection, and unconditional love. In western culture, the dog symbolizes devotion, faith, and companionship. While in eastern culture dogs are a symbol of courage, good fortune, and honor.


Dogs tend to adapt to any situation they are made to fall in, which makes them an icon for this valuable trait for survival. This trait is definitely what frames and decides the survival chances of an animal and dogs definitely excel at it.


We, humans, tend to lose hard when it’s dogs whom we compete in the field of creating bonds. The connection, loyalty, efforts, and affection that these animals are capable of pouring on the ones they love is unbeatable.


Dogs are protectors, they protect their masters and even other animals dutifully and responsibly. And to be a protector, what you primarily need to be is an epitome of courage and bravery, definitely what dogs exhibit.


These animals are emotional and take emotional situations too deeply into their souls, more like sensitive humans.

Patience and purpose 

Dogs don’t give up too easily and always stick to their purpose for as long as their life persists. Such perseverance is exemplary and definitely a symbolism we should learn. 

Joy and playfulness 

These animals are a real reflection of playfulness and joyous traits. They don’t take life too seriously and know how to make the best out of what you still have to hold on to.

Dog Symbolism In Different Civilizations 

What Does Dog Symbolize In Native American Culture?

Native American tribes widely use Dog symbolisms in their culture. All these tribes had their own species of dogs that they considered to be their pathfinders, companions while hunting, and the protective soul that ensured their safety at all costs.

Hence, being served and protected by dogs in all their major endeavors, eventually, these tribes started symbolizing dogs for their sense of protection, unconditional and boundless love, and the foremost impeccable quality of loyalty and faith.

Hence, they are also considered the Spirit in disguise taking responsibility for his fellow men.

Hence, such beliefs revolving around dogs are also reflected in their mythologies and folktales.

These stories mainly talk about the intolerance of their culture towards people who tend to mistreat these noble beings and reward the ones who treat them as they deserve.

They were also used as symbols for warrior societies for their fierce spirit of guardianship and self-sacrificing mindset for the sake of their masters. They also regarded high-ranked and respected soldiers as Dog Soldiers.

The only negative features sighted for dogs are its gullibility, nature to be prone to distraction, and tattletale traits.

What Does Dog Symbolize In Eastern Culture?

China looks at Dogs and their symbolism through a somewhat diverse view, where they are either considered prey or an honor.

They mostly consider dogs as auspicious and believe that dogs carry fortune with themselves. They are epitomes of loyalty and are commonly used as symbolic of such in their folktales. They are also highly respected for their courage and wisdom.

Japanese tend to look up to dogs as signs of devotion, honor, and diligence. White dogs are symbolic of good luck for them.

Koreans have dogs as their national animal, regarded with honor for their purity, spontaneous nature, and loyalty.

What Does Dog Symbolize In Christianity?

The Bible however perceives a dog as a wild and unruly creature, generally referred to as a negative omen.

However, they still find spirituality in dogs for their belief in the healing powers of being licked by a dog in a wounded area.

The Medieval era of perceiving dogs, as followed through ancient arts, had been by the side of Saint Dominic as a Dominican dog, a trustworthy and obedient companion.

What Does Dog Symbolize In Celtic Culture?

Dogs in their culture, as usual, are considered symbolic of courage and honor with healing capabilities like that of sacred beings.

They are believed to be the best companions and assistants when it comes to activities like hunting and battles. They were also considered lucky for such ventures.

Being a sign of honor, dogs were also treated as a gift of honor for prestigious men and women of the kingdom. “Hound” was a title to demonstrate bravery and devotion.

Are You Dreaming Dogs? Here’s The Meaning

  • When you dream about a dog, it generally means that your sense of protection is at its peak. You are also expected to feel more generous towards the ones in need shortly after such a dream. It might also be an indication to follow in the footsteps of your instincts.
  • When you dream of a dog biting you, you have pretentious people around you who are harmful to you. It can also mean that you have been receiving clear red flags from these people and it’s time you start taking notice.
  • When you are chased and bit by a dog, you probably are being betrayed by someone you trust. It’s also a portrayal of your inner conflict where you know but you are in denial of their deceptive intentions.
  • When you dream of a German Shepherd, it brings more openness to your mind and ideas come to you with high potential. However, it might mean that you are under someone’s profound and manipulative influence and hence you should put yourself under a check.
  • Rottweiler dreams are a courage and confidence boost for you to keep going.
  • When you dream of a dead dog, it is a bad omen that you might indulge in some ugly conflicts with people who matter to you.
  • Dreaming of puppies is a reflection of your parental side of concern and care that you tend to show towards people around you and the ones you love.

Dog Totems and Omens Explained

  • Black dogs are considered a bad omen in several cultures around the world for the dark color of their skin, representing death and evil.
  • When you spot a black dog on the streets, it might mean that the guardian of the Underworld is crossing your path.
  • When a dog appears out of nowhere, it resembles how some danger in your life will appear soon.
  • A white dog is always a positive omen with high spiritual regard with pure feelings and magical abilities to help your life take a good turn.
  • A stray dog following you is always a good omen and brings good luck into your life.

Is Dog Your Spirit Animal? 

If dogs are your Spirit Animal, then they are a clear presentation of your spirituality. It will make you realize how the journey of life and the willingness to cherish it is often more important than actually reaching where you desire to.

You must make sure first that you have gained enough knowledge and skills to reach your destination rather than daydreaming, and always follow your instincts. You are believed to be born to value efforts more than results and words.


Hence, Dogs have a huge impact on our lives if we are genuinely willing to gain that knowledge from a fellow animal which definitely exhibits some even more genuine emotions than humans will ever do without having to frame them into structured sugar-coated sentences.

Their actions are what speak for them and they show us in the face what is more important in life. These animals truly are assets for humans who pet them or get to phase a part of their lives serving them.

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