Do Birds Fart? Everything Explained In Detail

Do Birds Fart

Spotting the poops of birds is easy as it seems to be everywhere. But sometimes we even think that do birds fart like humans?

The answer to this question will be they do not fart. They have the anatomical and physical ability to be able to do but they don’t need it.

There is no evidence where birds pass wind from their anus similar to that of other mammals. And In this article, I’ve mentioned all such details about the bird’s Fart. 

Why can’t Birds Fart?

The digestive system of the birds is much quicker than that of humans or other mammals. Birds have shorter intestinal tracts as compared to those mammals of similar size.

Some bird species even poop frequently. There is not enough time for the food to get digested to ferment and produce gas.

However, there is also another reason that does not produce the gas. Birds do not have the bacteria in their guts that are responsible for the production of gas. 

Do Birds Fart Through Mouth?

Various ornithologists are unsure about the fact of whether birds can burp or they release unwanted gas.

But the scientists believe that there is no reason for the birds to burp because they don’t have bacteria that produce gas. 

Do Birds Fart When they Poop?

It is unknown whether birds fart while pooping or not. Pooping is a very frequent occurrence depending upon the size and species.

Some bird species poop every 15 minutes. Among the birds, their wee and poop get excreted together from the urinary and digestive tract. It passes through the cloaca which is then out of the vent. 

Do parrots fart?

Some species of parrot can mimic the sounds they hear and even imitate human voices. This means that they also produce farting sounds.

Parrots can change the shape and depth of their syrinx and even produces different sounds. Among these species, the African grey parrot is considered a good talker and they are the best-mimicking birds on the planet.

They interact with their human owners and even a parrot named Alex was famous for his ability to talk.

This parrot had a vocabulary of more than 100 English words and was able to identify the differences in shapes and color. 

Do chickens fart?

Yes, chickens are capable of farting similar to that of humans or other mammals. They fart and burp on occasions.

When it comes to chickens, the rule of birds passing the gas is not applicable. However, it is not evident that the chickens make noise while farting.

But many chicken owners confirmed that the chickens produce a pretty awful smell when they pass gas.

As compared to other bird species, chickens require a long time to digest and process the food.

Therefore, one should avoid offering certain types of food such as vegetables, and beans that can cause excessive gas. 

Does the Bassian Thrush fart?

The Bassian Thrush is the bird that is rumored to fart repeatedly to locate the earthworms and other bugs.

It is believed that these birds startle their prey into moving and farting directly at them. In 1983, a birding enthusiast was reported to hear a noise when the Bassian Thrush was searching for worms.

As per the book Extreme Birds: The World’s Most Extraordinary and Bizzare Bird, it is believed that these birds do fart. 

In a paper published by J.S.L Edington in September 1983, the Bassian Thrush fart speeding was mentioned.

As per this paper, it is mentioned that a noise similar to a jet of air and louder than the bird’s footfalls was produced immediately after it stopped.

It was followed by more hopping. Coincidently with this noise, there was a distinct downward movement of the vent region which is similar to that of deflections. The legs and claws of the birds were motionless at this time. 

Before moving to a new position, the bird shivered five or six times. However, the shivering depends on the intensity of foraging.

One shiver would take place every one-third of a second if the bird is doing aggressive foraging.

But it will take one second if the foraging is slower. Even there was another study carried out for five years that also confirmed these observations. 

Sparrow’s fart Saying Comes From?

There are saying Sparrow’s fart which means early morning. It refers to the time of the dawn chorus as opposed to flatulent birds. However, the definition of the sparrow’s fart was taken from 


Generally, the bird species do not fart as they don’t have bacteria in their guts that can produce gas.

Even their process of digesting the food is small which makes them poop more frequently. This leads to no gas production.

Even some bird species poop every 15 minutes. Therefore, overall bird species do not fart and there is no evidence for the same. 

At last, I hope this article may have helped you in some ways. Thank You For Reading!

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