Crow Symbolism And Meaning: Are These Birds Really Evil Or Bring Good Fortune?

Crow Symbolism & Meaning

Crows are one of the most commonly found birds around the planet. There is no “continent” left unturned by this species of birds and hence it’s meaning and symbolism too has a great variety and diversity and significantly marks its presence in all the cultures, traditions, and mythologies around the world.

It is also an extremely powerful and impactful bird with a strong significance in the realms of life for humankind. So, this article will enlighten you regarding the crow symbolism and meaning.

Understanding The Symbolism & Meaning Behind Seeing Crows

In a general context, a crow represents cleverness, adaptability, teamwork, and psychic abilities. In western culture, crows are a symbol of intelligence, dark power, and good fortune. While in eastern culture crows are represented as the divine being that carries the soul of a dead person.

Crows are clever birds and significantly preach the importance of intelligence for fruitful survival 

Brains over beauty, isn’t it?

Crows are not one of the exotically beautiful creations of mother nature that leave people in awe, but definitely are a remarkable creation of God that nonetheless still leaves humankind in awe.

The intelligence of crows has been the most essential reason as to why it’s a bird that receives so much attention from people belonging to different aspects of society, remember Aesop’s fable of “The Crow and the pitcher?”.

The sharp brain of this bird exhibited through its ability to create tools, communicate, and remarkable memory, is often compared to the ones of elephants, primates, and cetaceans, namely some of the most intelligent forms of life to ever exist after humans.

Hence, this bird truly is the epitome of representation of the significance of brains to ensure a smooth survival.

This bird asks you to solve your own problems wisely 

We, humans, are often found boasting an innate superior capability of solving problems and finding the most effective solutions, and perhaps, crows can become an inspiration for us in this realm of life, majorly for how fine and advanced the process of solution calculation is in the brain of these birds.

These birds teach humankind to analyze problems carefully rather than panicking over them to curate the most efficient solution to solve the same at the earliest, to our utmost convenience.

What good is survival without the capacity to adapt, says the crow 

We see crows everywhere and decide to believe that they are just some normal birds with nothing as significant to take some time and observe what they do.

But it’s time that you should shrug these thoughts off your head because one of the principal reasons as to why we see these crows everywhere is their superior skills to adapt to every situation that they are made to confront and consume every edible that their metabolism supports.

Hence, the adaptation masters, the crows hereby preach among humanity the importance of the capability to adapt and be flexible to any given situation to make the best out of life at any given stage.

Crows tell us, rigidity is the key

Existing widely in almost the entire world, it is absolutely certain that the species of crows have been subjected to change.

Not once, not twice, but several times so as to spread their family around the globe and reside peacefully for ages as an abundant species.

Yet, it resides! And how do you think this was possible? Because of its rigidity and stability that allowed the crows to endure all the extremities and survive, “survival of the fittest.”

Thus the crows preach the message to be the fittest, be the resist, endure, and mold to the changes whenever required to keep existing undefeated on your designated path.

Teamwork keeps the crows going, so does the humankind 

Crows dwell and move in harmony. They not only are often found in perfectly shaped flocks of several birds in the dusky sky during the time of retreat.

But also known to use over 250 means of communication to plot fruitful plans and found forming a team to drive away birds that violate their space and prey. Hence, teamwork is the key to a prolonged and meaningful survival that is unrivaled and undefeated.

Survival is difficult when it’s devoid of loyalty, and crows have been proving that for ages

Crows value relationships. They move in groups and mate for life. And that has cost them nothing but harmony and expansion of species. Hence, even for humankind, loyalty is what binds people and ensures success and fortune to arrive at their doorsteps.

Meaning of Crows in Mythology and Cultures

What Does Crow Symbolizes in Native American Culture

American cultures show huge respect for animals and birds in all aspects, which is vividly reflected in its mythologies and beliefs. In this culture, crows depict power and are considered birds that are of huge reverence.

Tlingit and Haida Civilizations 

These people of Pacific Northwest Origin firmly believe that it is the crow that helped the Almighty to design planet Earth for humankind and that this bird alone can decide the major Universal features of life on earth and has the supreme power to decide and influence the movements of the Sun itself, or could steal the Sun for the people on Earth.

The clan system around families in Native American Culture, with the maternal influence, have their own crow ideology wherein they form their individual clans of crows and crow nations.

Crows are curated by the Americans dwelling by the Yellowstone River Valley, known as Absaroka, i.e. children of the large beaked bird.

Crows are also treated as medicine in their cultures, wherein they are associated with healing and recovery. It caters to miracles that yield from honest faith on the one and only.

What Does Crow Symbolizes in Australian Mythology?

In Australian or Aboriginal Mythology, crows are believed to possess the power to regulate and rule the fire element of the environment. Not only that, but the same culture also refers to crows as tricksters to achieve what’s desired by all means.

What Does Crow Symbolizes in Greek Mythology?

Greek mythologies have stories justifying the color of crows like “Apollo and crows” that are quite prevalent and have been talked about for ages.

It also has stories like “Here and Crows”, which is a representation of crows as the Goddess of wars and marriage, or “Athena” which uses the same reference again and again.

What Does Crow Symbolizes in Christianity?

Unlike other cultures and mythologies, the Bible decided not to treat crows as well as everyone else does. They are represented in the story of “Noah” as selfish creatures and have also been referred to as unclean for eating carrion in the Bible itself.

All such superstitions are the reason why the crows have been associated with evils and death eventually.

What Does Crow Symbolizes in Celtic Culture?

Crows in Celtic Mythology are purely sacred, portrayed as the lord Lugh, a protector, craftsman, and of course a warrior deity. They were also made relevant to Goddess Morrigan of war and death, who has been recorded once in history as someone who shapeshifted into a crow.

Asian Cultures and Mythology for the crows

Crows in the Asian Culture are marked mostly on the pessimistic radar, mostly negatively associated with the fire and the sun.

Japanese culture marks crows as symbols for the transformation of humankind and life and rebirth.

Crows are perceived quite positively in the Hindu Cultures wherein they are believed to form a bridge between ancestors carrying the old memories to the new generations for storytelling.

It is also believed that crows mostly are carriers of the souls of the recently dead ones and are in charge of carrying them to God. Other than that, crows are associated with Saturn God of the culture.

Buddhism about crows

Crows in Buddhism are careers of good messages and pathfinders for humankind to establish spiritual and emotional stability as soon as possible so that it forms a routine of their overall stability in life.

What Does Crow Symbolizes If Apperead In Your Dreams?

Dreams associated with crows, rather than having specific representations, highly and entirely depended on the feelings you felt while dreaming of a crow. It also is largely about how you personally perceive the bird and if you like it enough to start dreaming of it.

Totems and Omens of Crows

Some Totems and Omens of crows are as follows

  • Crows are associated with the transformation of life. But this ideology has been largely mistaken as representing death which has somehow made this ideology scary, which is an absolute misinterpretation. The transformation here is from life to death and must be perceived from a positive approach.
  • It represents the cycle of life and struggles associated with the entire process. From birth, transformation to death, and after birth, crows are believed to handle it all.
  • Crows in certain mythologies and literature are believed as Psychic Animals who possess the capabilities to look ahead in life and interpret how things are going to be in the near future.

Crow As Your Spirit Animal

As discussed above, crows are believed to possess supernatural psychic abilities. Hence if a crow is your spirit animal, you are most likely to possess some of those supernatural powers too.

This bird will serve as your guide bringing the message of the spirit to you regarding your future endeavors and decisions you take.

Knowing about your Spirit animal and discovering its significance is mostly about finding that connection to establish the required interconnectedness between the two related spirits.


Hence, crows are depicted in different ways in different cultures and it’s quite rare to find the exact conclusion of the explanation of the nature and significance of a crow in human lives.

But among all of it, what stays prevalent is the supreme characteristics that these birds possess that can be of huge educational purposes to all of us.

At every stage of its life, it preaches a message of the ideology of the “survival of the fittest” and how to make our journey on Planet earth worth all of it at any point in time, with a bag full of achievements and no regrets.

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