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Crow Height

Crow Size

I’m guessing that almost all humans have at least heard and seen Crows once in a lifetime because they are quite everywhere! 

A crow is a black-colored bird belonging to the genus Corvus. Except for Southern South America, these birds can be found almost anywhere and in every corner of the globe.

Crows are well-recognized for their intelligence and ability to adapt quickly to changing environments. 

Despite the fact that they are easily identified by their body color and calling sound, it is beneficial to learn more about them. Have you ever considered their size? Crows, interestingly, have the highest brain-to-body ratio of any bird.

Crows’ average height ranges between 15.8 and 20.9 inches (40-53 cm). 

HeightCentimeterInches Feet
Crow40-53 cm15.8-20.9 in1.31-1.73

Crow Weight

In addition to the height of these birds, it’s interesting to know their weight. Did you know that most female birds, including Crows, are larger than male ones? 

While every bird has a different weight and body mass, it is interesting to see how there is great variation among the same birds as well. 

Different crows from different geographical locations have different sizes and weights. For example, while the American Crow has an average weight of 320-620 grams (11.2-21.8 oz), the Indian Crow has a weight of about 250-350 grams (8.8-12.3 oz). 

As you can see, the American Crow is much heavier than the Indian Crow. This difference could be due to several factors such as their diet and hunting.

However, if we look at the overall average weight of all the crows across the globe then the number ranges from 11.2-21.9 oz (316-620 g).

WeightGrams Kilograms Pounds 
Crow316-620 g0.3-0.6 kgs11.2-21.9 oz

Crow Wingspan

Crow Size

Another characteristic shared by all birds is the ability to fly, which is due to the presence of wings on their bodies. The wings enable the birds to fly by creating lift. 

The wings are fairly broad and rounded in flight, with the wingtip feathers spread like fingers. Crows have elliptical wings that allow them to fly at high speeds in short bursts.

Crows frequently fly alone across open terrain, but they do not fly in particularly straight lines. 

Their wings are covered in shiny black feathers, which gives them a glossy appearance. Crows have a wingspan that ranges from 33.5 to 39.4 in (85-100 cm).

WingspanCentimeterInches Feet
Crow85-100 cm33.5 to 39.4 in2.78 to 3.28 ft

Crow Egg Size

Now that we have discussed the adult crows, let’s talk about their young ones and their nesting. Crows usually build their nests on trees, starting from the month of March to April. 

A breeding pair’s members both contribute to the nest’s construction. Young birds from the previous year can also be useful. 

Crows nest for 20 to 40 days, while their incubation period lasts for about 16-18 days. These birds build large nests in trees, the higher the better for safety. 

Talking about the size of their clutch and eggs, these birds lay about 3 to 9 eggs per year. While the length of their eggs is about 1.4-1.9 in (3.6-4.7 cm) long, the width of the eggs is 1.0-1.2 in (2.6-3.1 cm) wide. 

Egg size LengthWidth
Crow1.4-1.9 in (3.6-4.7 cm)1.0-1.2 in (2.6-3.1 cm)

Crow Size Comparison To Raven

Crow Size comparison

Now that we have looked at Crow from its own perspective, let’s compare it with other birds and species to know more. 

First on our list is the Raven. A raven is one of the several larger-bodied bird species of the genus Corvus that have the same black-coloured body and feathers as a Crow.

As both the birds look somewhat alike, it is hard to tell them apart. However, their size can give you a clue.

Ravens have larger, curvier beaks than crows. Both species have bristles at the base of their beaks, but the raven’s bristles are noticeably longer. Furthermore, Common Ravens are significantly less common than American Crows.

This is because the average height of the Ravens is about 22.1-27.2 in (56-69 cm), weighs 24.3-57.3 oz (689-1625 g), and has a wingspan of about 45.7-46.5 in (116-118 cm). The numbers are quite larger than an average-sized Crow. 

Bird size LengthWeightWingspan
Crow15.8 and 20.9 inches (40-53 cm)11.2-21.9 oz (316-620 g)33.5 to 39.4 in (85-100 cm)
Raven22.1-27.2 in (56-69 cm)24.3-57.3 oz (689-1625 g)45.7-46.5 in (116-118 cm)

Crow Size Comparison To Human

Moving on to the most exciting part, here we are comparing a bird with another species, us. 

Humans are one of the most advanced predators in the food chain and have quite a lot of interaction with birds such as Crows. But, have you ever wondered what these species would look like beside each other?

There is obviously no doubt that Humans are very large and heavier than crows, but also there is no doubt that we do have different autonomy, as we surely do not have wings like Crows. 

However, if we do compare Crows with us, then we know that the average height of adult humans is about 5.5 to 5.9 feet and we weigh about 60 to 80 kg (132-176 lb) on average. 

Based on this, we can see that Crows are quite smaller and lighter than humans. 

Crow Size Vs Hawk Size

Hawk and crow interactions aren’t restricted to circumstances where a swarm of crows surrounds the hawk. 

A hawk will attack an adult crow if it is hungry or if it perceives the individual crow to be a threat. 

Crows are swift creatures that would be difficult to catch in flight. As a result, a hawk usually ignores or flees the crows.

Crows are roughly the same size as some of the smaller hawks, such as the Cooper’s, and only slightly smaller than the larger raptors. 

Therefore, based on the factor of strength, in a fight between a Hawk and a Crow, a Hawk would definitely win. 

This is because the average length of Hawks such as the most well-known Red-Tailed Hawk is about 45 to 60 cm (18 to 24 in), it weighs 24.3-45.9 oz (690-1300 g), and has a wingspan of 44.9-52.4 in (114-133 cm). The Hawk is much larger than an average Crow. 

Bird size LengthWeightWingspan
Crow15.8 and 20.9 inches (40-53 cm)11.2-21.9 oz (316-620 g)33.5 to 39.4 in (85-100 cm)
Red-Tailed Hawk 45 to 60 cm (18 to 24 in)24.3-45.9 oz (690-1300 g)44.9-52.4 in (114-133 cm)

Crow Size Vs Rook Size

A Rook is a Eurasian crow, which looks almost similar to a normal crow, with the same black body and feathers. 

Rooks are distinguished from crows by their pale, straighter bill with a bare grey bill base. 

In comparison to crows, they have quite a lot of feathers on their legs and oily, loose plumage. Young rooks, on the other hand, have completely feathered faces and can be mistaken for crows.

This is when it becomes useful to be able to tell the two species apart by their size. 

The average length of a Rook is about 44 to 46 cm (17 to 18 in), weighs 280 to 340 g (9.9 to 12.0 oz), and has a wingspan of about 81 to 99 cm (32 to 39 in). A rook is almost double the size of a Crow. 

Bird size LengthWeightWingspan
Crow15.8 and 20.9 inches (40-53 cm)11.2-21.9 oz (316-620 g)33.5 to 39.4 in (85-100 cm)
Rook44 to 46 cm (17 to 18 in)280 to 340 g (9.9 to 12.0 oz)81 to 99 cm (32 to 39 in)


And that was everything you need to know about the size of Crow. I hope this article was informative enough and you got something useful from it.

Thank You For Reading!

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