Cricket Symbolism And Meaning: Unbelievable Things You Never Knew

Cricket Symbolism And Meaning

Encountering a cricket suddenly can be scary for some people. It is so because it is an insect and doesn’t provide some good vibes.

Cricket is an Orthopteran insect that has a cylindrical body, round head, and long antennae.

This insect is nocturnal, and it is commonly known for its loud and persistent chirping sound. A male cricket used to do a loud chirping song to attract females. 

But do you know that encountering a cricket can symbolize various things? Yes, cricket indeed symbolizes various aspects of life. With this article, we have explained cricket symbolism and meaning in detail.

Understanding Cricket Symbolism And Meaning

In a general context, cricket is a symbol of prosperity, happiness, and good luck. In western culture, cricket symbolizes courage, wit, good and bad luck. While in eastern culture cricket is a symbol of a fighting spirit, good fortune, and changing weather.

Encountering with cricket is common, and usually, these are sudden encounters. The symbolism of this insect includes prosperity, good luck, a positive sign, and wealth.

This symbolism of cricket shows that a small insect can provide a lot of happiness and joy to a person, and one should not hurt such insects.

However, there is more symbolism associated with this insect which includes:

  • The long antennas of this insect are the symbolism of sensitivity, connection with the spirit world, and intuition. 
  • It is believed that this animal also represents grounded and spirituality as it lives on grass. This insect can help a person to have a balance between these two realms. 
  • It also represents the protector from evil. 
  • If a person encounters a cricket, it is believed that it is a signal that the person needs to pay more attention to their relationship. 

Cricket Symbolism In Different Cultures

What Does Cricket Represent In Native American Culture?

As per the beliefs of Native Americans, cricket is an excellent sign of fortune. However, for the West tribes, this insect represents the exact opposite of bad luck.

The Cheyenne tribe used this insect to predict the herd’s movement of buffalo. While the Cherokee tribe sees it as a symbol of courage and wit who can manage to succeed in any situation. But Mexicans only use this insect as a food item. 

There is a story among Native Americans that ignites the jealousy in the rabbit’s heart against the possum.

Because of this jealousy, he plots along with the Cricket to shave the possum’s tail without him knowing.

A dance was organized in the animal kingdom, and the possum unveils his tail from the ribbons. After which, cricket embellished his tail and became the laughing stock of the evening. 

What Does Cricket Represent In Eastern Culture? 

The symbolism of cricket in the eastern parts of the world holds a good symbolism. It has great significance in Chinese culture.

It is believed that the chirping of this insect is good luck and is often viewed as music. During the Tang Dynasty, these insects were often caught by the people, and they cage them to hear them sing.

The symbolism of cricket in the Chinese tradition includes:

  • The symbolism of crickets used to be very important for the Chinese royal families. It is so because it is believed that this insect was caged behind the throne by the young emperor Pu Yi till the end of his life. 
  • The farmers of this country believe that this insect tells them about when to plant crops and when to harvest. It can be concluded with their appearance and disappearance. 
  • It is considered good luck as they lay a large number of eggs. 
  • Chinese people associate this insect with a fighting spirit, summer, and courage. 

What Does Cricket Represent In Christianity?

As per the beliefs of Christianity, it is believed that this insect symbolizes a talented person who can leave his body.

It is also believed that the chirping of cricket represents traveling long distances. The symbolism of cricket as per these religious beliefs include:

  • Small green cricket represents a fresh beginning and a new person on the spiritual path.
  • In Bible, it is mentioned that caging a cricket symbolizes the trapping of one’s talent within.
  • Black cricket represents a plague that destroys people’s crops.

What Does Cricket Represent In Celtic Culture?

As per the beliefs of the Celtic culture, the appearance of cricket is considered a positive sign. It is believed that the hearth cricket keeps the fairies away.

The symbolism of this insect as per this culture includes wisdom, and they believe that small insects have a lot of things to tell a person if they can understand them. 

As per Irish, it is believed that the presence of Cricket in the house is a symbolism of excellent luck, and they can predict the weather. This insect also symbolizes summer. 

Are You Dreaming Crickets? Here’s The Meaning

Dreaming of cricket can symbolize various things and the meaning and it highly depends on the color of the cricket and the situation in which it was seen.

But many times, a person fails to understand the meaning and symbolism of seeing a cricket dream. The symbolism of the cricket dream includes:

  • Seeing a big black cricket represents that the dreamer is acting too cranky for the situation. As per the dream, it is communicated to the dreamer that he has to concentrate on the positive things in life. 
  • If you dream of cricket sounds, then it symbolizes that the dreamer will receive the good news that he was expecting. 
  • If a cricket lands on you in a dream, then it is a sign of anxiety. 
  • Seeing a cricket in a house in a dream and if you step on them, then it means that it is a sign of unfortunate news that a dreamer will face in the future.
  • Dreaming of a dead cricket symbolizes the wrong decision that the dreamer must have made. It also represents the complications that may arise in the future. 
  • If a cricket jumps on you in a dream, then it represents someone that annoys the dreamer in daily life. 

Cricket Totems & Omens Explained

People having cricket as totem animals are usually calm and patient. They treat others with gentleness and care. Such people desire to have a peaceful relationship with everyone.

This totem animal symbolizes that the person has gained the qualities through tough times and hard work. Generally, these people have courage and a bold way of thinking. 

However, this totem animal also has negative traits that show that the person gets too excited with their plans and never thinks before acting.

People with this totem animal should try to act on impulse and analyze the pros and cons before acting in anything. 

When it comes to the omens related to encountering cricket, then it is usually considered a good omen. Cricket is considered as good luck and if a person banishes them out, then it may mean that the luck may leave the person.

Seeing a cricket in a house is a good omen, and it is considered as a good fortune. Some of the omens and their meaning include:

  • A black cricket is considered a bad omen, and it is considered a sign of illness.
  • A grey cricket symbolizes money while the green cricket symbolizes hope. 
  • In Germany, cricket is considered a bad omen, and it is considered as an indication of a loved one’s death. 
  • A loud chirping of cricket is considered a sign of bad weather. 
  • Killing a cricket is considered a bad omen, and it represents bad luck. 

Is Cricket Your Spirit Animal?

Many people have cricket as their spirit animal. Any person having cricket as their spirit animal should pay close attention to its messages.

This spirit animal tells a person that they will succeed in all the plans or things they want to accomplish. This spirit animal tells us that a person should work hard and find the best way to move on with the plans. 

Cricket spirit animal uses the intuition of the person to help a person to show how they need to go or act. It symbolizes wealth, prosperity.

A person should call this spirit animal if they need financial help. Therefore, a person should pay close attention to their thoughts when this spirit animal enters into their life.


The knowledge of symbolism is important for a person. It is so because it helps a person to make better decisions. The symbolism of animals, birds, and insects is common in various cultures, tribes, and religions.

Every tribe or religion have their own beliefs related to everything or living being. The same stands true for cricket as well. With this article, we have mentioned the symbolism of cricket and the beliefs related to it. 

Overall, the symbolism of a green cricket is good luck while a black cricket represents bad luck. Therefore, you encounter this insect in the future, then do analyze the situations and make decisions.

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