Crane Symbolism And Meaning: Important Things You Must Know

Crane Symbolism And Meaning

Imagine spotting a crane when you are out for a holiday near a water body. This can be a great visual for anyone. Encountering with such a beautiful bird connects a person with nature closely.

Cranes are long-necked birds that belong to the Gruidae family. There are almost 15 species of cranes at present. They construct platform nests in shallow nests and they usually lay two eggs at one time. 

This beautiful creature of nature has a wide diversity in East Asia followed by Africa. However, there are many other beliefs related to the encounter of cranes.

It is believed that every animal, bird, or thing possesses symbolism. Symbolism helps a person to have decisions in life.

The symbolism of birds or animals is prevalent in various cultures. It stands true for cranes as well. 

In this article, I’ve explained crane symbolism and meaning in detail. It includes the beliefs that are true for various tribes or cultures and the meaning of seeing a crane in dreams. 

Understanding Crane Symbolism And Meaning

In a general context, a crane is a symbol of grace, beauty, harmony, and love. In western culture, a crane symbolizes immortality, wisdom, and leadership. While in eastern culture a crane is a symbol of music, dance, longevity, and dishonesty. 

The symbolism of the crane is true for various religions and cultures. These birds are known to mate for life.

In Egypt, there is a double-headed crane symbol that symbolizes prosperity for a person. This bird also symbolizes vigilance and Aristotle mentioned the same.

Aristotle mentioned that cranes used to hold a stone in their mouth so that if it feels asleep and the stone falls, the bird will wake. 

Apart from this, the beliefs related to cranes in Hindu mythology have some negative connotations. They consider this bird as a negative omen and it is believed that it symbolizes inauspicious timing.

Even in European culture, this bird is symbolized as a bad omen. It is believed that the crane symbolizes bad will and miserliness.

In some parts of the world, this bird symbolizes souls that have achieved enlightenment. 

Crane Symbolism In Different Civilizations

What Does Crane Symbolize In Native American Culture?

The beliefs related to cranes in Native American culture are strong and important. In this culture, these birds were renowned for the oratory of their trumpeting calls.

The Native American people also worship this bird and they tend to call them for wisdom, immortality, and longevity. These birds are the symbols of independence for this culture. 

The importance of these birds can be seen easily from the instance that the Native Americans drew alphabetic secrets from this bird. As per the beliefs of this culture, this bird represents people’s leadership and eloquence. 

What Does Crane Symbolize In Eastern Culture?

There are some beliefs related to the symbolism of cranes in the eastern parts of China and Japan. In China, this bird is considered the spirit of Huang-Kung-Wang.

They linked the crane symbolism with music and dance. The crane dance used to happen in the marketplaces in China.

This bird is sometimes linked with monkeys and it is believed that these two have complementary duality. 

In Japan, people used to gift crane symbols to their friends at their weddings. In Eastern symbolism, this bird is a symbol of long life. But as per the beliefs of Hinduism, this bird is considered the most deceitful of all birds. 

What Does Crane Symbolize In Christianity?

In the Christianity religion, there are various beliefs related to the symbolism of different birds and animals.

In Christian Art, this bird is the symbol of loyalty, good order, good life, and vigilance. In this culture, it is believed that cranes used to gather around their king in a circle. 

The qualities of a crane include that they used to watch all night while standing on one leg so that, if they fell asleep, their other leg would drop.

This bird is often embodied in the departed soul that has passed recently. As per their beliefs, the spiritual meaning of a bird is linked to death and birth. 

What Does Crane Symbolize In Celtic Culture? 

It is believed that the crane symbols were found on helmets, shields, coins, and weapons and it indicates that it had been a part of the Celtic Military symbol.

In this culture, it is believed that this bird is part of the Other World and they consider this bird as the messenger of the divine god. In the folklore of Celtic, this creature is represented as a miserly being. 

As per the beliefs of the Irish, they had a taboo about eating crane meat. They believed that this bird symbolizes ancestral divinity and totemic symbolism. 

Are You Dreaming About Cranes? Here’s The Meaning

Dreaming of cranes can be common for some people who used to encounter this bird easily. There can be different symbolism of every dream as the situations or instances of each dream can be different. The symbolism of this crane dreams includes: 

  • The grace of the flights of the cranes symbolizes the grace of the divine and the quest for knowledge. 
  • Dreaming cranes often signifies the condition of home or environment. It also represents a new direction or exploration of the self. 
  • If you dream of a crane that is flying in dreams, then it means the dreamer needs to have a relocate to a new place. 
  • If you dream of a crane that is falling from the sky, then it can be a negative sign. It means that an unexpected thing may come to the dreamer. 
  • If you dream of the feather of a crane, then it symbolizes courage. It means that the problems that the dreamer is facing in his life can be solved only if he faces them. 
  • Dreaming of a crane standing in water may symbolize that the patience of the dreamer will be tested in the coming months. 

Crane Totems & Omens Explained

When it comes to the totem animal of your life, the crane can also be one of those animals. Having a Crane totem animal can be a blessing for any person.

This animal may have chosen you after seeing your characteristics. The people with this totem animal are pure, beautiful, and graceful.

For these people, movement and dance are important and the graceful qualities come naturally to such people. 

This totem animal is always with their person and a person should feel secure in their presence.

Crane totem animal may guide a person to follow the chosen path and to be vigilant. This totem animal guides a person should not be afraid of the instances. 

When it comes to the encounters and omens related to cranes, then it is a good omen for the sailors who are going on a voyage.

Encountering this bird before the voyage may mean that there will be good weather throughout.

Seeing a flying crane is also a good omen as it may mean that this bird is inspiring the person to look to their divine guides. 

In Japan and China, encountering a crane is a good omen and it symbolizes prosperity and considers to be very auspicious. But in India, encountering a crane is a bad omen and it may symbolize deceit. 

Is Crane Your Spirit Animal?

Cranes as the spirit animal of people symbolize focus, vigilance, and discipline. People with crane spirit animals should visualize them in their natural habitat before going on a journey.

A person needs to just understand that crane wants to communicate a message that concludes that life is an eternal dance and one needs to just flow along with that. 

This spirit animal may ask the person to meditate and to ask their spirit to help him. The symbolism of crane spirit animal may vary from culture to culture.

In Orient, the symbolism of a crane includes longevity, happiness, and fortune. For Celts, this spirit animal is the messenger of God. Crane spirit animals are the harbingers of death as per the beliefs of European people. 


The symbolism of cranes is another hot topic that people used to know about. The knowledge of symbolism is important for a person because it helps a person to make better decisions.

The same is true for the cranes as well. However, encountering a crane is not very common. With this article, we have mentioned the symbolism of cranes that are believed by many cultures.

Therefore, whenever you encounter a crane in the future, analyze the situation and make a better decision as per the signs. 

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