Coyote Symbolism and Meaning: Things You Must Know About These Tricksters

Coyote Symbolism and Meaning

Coyotes are synonymous with wisdom as well as playfulness. However, their symbolisms are never easy to interpret as they always leave deeper messages disguised in their character traits.

However, even if they are quite hard to interpret, the lessons they preach are extremely valuable and stay with you for life. They preach and refer to some of the most ideal traits in humans at all times.

So In this article, I’ll explain coyote symbolism and meaning in detail. I’ll cover every positive and negative aspect of these creatures. 

Understanding Coyote Symbolism and Meaning 

In a general context, a coyote is a symbol of adaptability, cunningness, trickster, and wisdom. In western culture, a coyote symbolizes intelligence, stealthy and reckless nature. While in eastern culture coyotes are a symbol of loyalty, bravery, and a divine being.


Coyotes are clever and wise and handle their own lives with intelligence and precision that sometimes even amuses human intelligence. Hence these animals are a great symbol of cleverness that benefits our own interests and of people we love.

Gut feelings and intuitions 

Believe in what your gut says, that is what Coyotes preach. They preach that you should believe your own sensations and intuitions rather than what the world convinces you into for a better life that truly goes by your plan.


Coyotes adapt to every situation they are made to fall in, which genuinely makes them walk out victorious in all situations.

Hence, this is the message they preach to humans too, to adapt to any adversity that life gets us through.


These animals are playful. They deal with trickery and are quite experts in it, stirring laughter and fun around them. They hence establish the significance of such lightness and joy in our lives to make the best out of it.

Teamwork and affection 

They work in groups and in harmony. They believe that a team is always stronger and wiser than an individual is.

They always travel in groups, practice love and affection among themselves to strengthen bonds, and hunt and eat together, celebrating life and living. This is indeed the spirit we humans too should practice for a fulfilling life.

Coyote Symbolism In Different Civilizations 

What Does Coyote Symbolize In Native American Culture?

It has a special place in the Native American culture and beliefs, as it is the region where Coyote got its name.

They look up to Coyotes as stealthy, crafty, and intelligent creatures. It also plays the role of a hero for them who preaches humanity to someone who is arrogant and reckless. 

Coyote medicines are significant for the Pueblo tribes and the Arikara mythologies also refer to these creatures as God, by the name of Chirich.

This God however is symbolic of a problematic personality whose lustful approach to life invites problems and distress to life.

Coyotes are also referred to as tricksters who are good at humor and lighting up a gloomy environment with their capabilities to stir laughter. However, in the process, it turns out to be dangerous and randomly kills and resurrects.

However, the west of Native America has a more respectful approach towards the Coyotes, as a savior of humanity, bringing the fire and being the source of the inception of humanity altogether. They even referred to the creature as God Himself at times.

The Blackfoot tribe looks at Coyote as a demigod who had the responsibility to create their world and the one who blessed them with wisdom, as their own rulers.

What Does Coyote Symbolize In Eastern Culture?

The Jindo dog in Korean Culture resembles a Coyote, which is a hybrid of Coyote and Wolves, symbolizing loyalty and bravery.

China and Japan see white coyotes as complementary symbolism, while the black ones symbolize devilish energy. They tend to associate these animals with magic and shapeshifting skills.

Their folktales draw a bright yet shady image of Coyotes through their words. It is believed to stir conflict between his animal friends to ignite distraction while feeding on their prey.

Coyotes in Hinduism are owned by deities, like Goddess Chamunda, who is the epitome of afterlife energy with a positive impact. 

What Does Coyote Symbolize In Christianity?

Coyote in Christianity makes up for a good name for a boy, which would actually however mean a trickster or smuggler.

Isaiah’s paragraph in the Bible deals with Coyote. He praises Coyote for being kind and grateful to him in comparison to people he wished good for.

Spiritually, the coyote depicts a soul that is a poor creature that is not much deserving of notice until it stands out better than his people, a clearly insignificant depiction.

However, the Bible also says that Coyotes are knowledgeable who escape the vicious intentions of people trying to catch hold of them and manage to steal what others hunt, smart working effortlessly.

What Does Coyote Symbolize In Celtic Culture?

Celts have not witnessed Coyote on their lands indigenously and hence beliefs regarding the animal are resembling dogs and wolves.

The bits and pieces of Coyote in their culture are found in their folktales with a high reverence for their profound wisdom.

They are treated as guides for the ones who are lost and help us stay grounded and stick to the roots. The symbolism is believed to be of both death and longevity.

Are You Dreaming About Coyotes? Here’s The Meaning 

  • When you simply see a Coyote in your dream, it might mean that somebody’s immense misery will bear sweet fruits for you.
  • When you dream of a Coyote barking or howling, it depicts dissatisfaction of the people around you with who you are or becoming.
  • When you see a dead coyote, it makes you a clever person when handling life and it will bring you definite results.
  • Red coyotes signify freedom wherein you learn how to discover the true sides to yourself and get better at handling relationships.
  • White Coyotes signify God trying to reach out to you.
  • It can also mean that some conspiracy is awaiting you and you must beware, however it might not symbolize the same always but precaution, as we know, is always better than cure.
  • It also tries to preach that you need to establish a true balance in your life of the wisdom that is needed.
  • If a Coyote is playing with you in your dreams, check up on your romantic partner as it may mean that you are being cheated on by your partner, your boss, or your leader.
  • When a Coyote comes across you, it means that you should let all your worries slide for a while and take interest in new things and new beginnings for yourself.
  • When you encounter a Coyote in the daytime, which perhaps is quite rare, you are being told to take life more lightly and sportingly and let go of this seriousness for a while.
  • Never cross a path that a Coyote walked past because it is an indication that danger awaits you if you go further.
  • Lastly, this animal asks you to introspect yourself and see what works for you the best.

Is Coyote Your Spirit Animal? 

If a Coyote is your spirit animal, you can finally feel protected and looked after. This animal ensures that you do not face any danger that threatens your existence to a greater extent.

It also brings you the message that it’s time to cheer up and live life a bit. You are however expected to be a joyful human who goes through difficulties with a smile plastered on your face.

You are adaptable to whatever you are challenged with, making you a better human to be with.


Hence, Coyotes are iconic animals that preach different messages into society through different unique means.

All that we humans are supposed to do is learn the lessons and notice the cues this animal leaves us with every encounter and dream appearance and look into our own selves to seek for improvement in the rooms found.

If you belong to religions that do not see Coyotes quite highly, look into yourself and wonder what you think of it and make sure you believe what you feel but not what you are told. People who have Coyotes as Spirit Animals are however some really lucky people.

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