Centipede Symbolism and Meaning: Seeing Them Means Good Luck?

Centipede Symbolism and Meaning

Centipedes, also called arthropods are some animals who indeed do hang in between positive and negative symbolism.

They can be a good omen to some while others can be absolutely frightened of them and see them as a bad, despicable omen.

But whatever that is, the symbolism of these creatures is quite deep-rooted and will definitely be something that might intrigue you.

So In this article, I’ll explain centipede symbolism and meaning in detail. I’ll cover every possible aspect (good and bad) of these creatures.

Understanding Centipede Symbolism and Meaning 

In a general context, a centipede represents good luck, wisdom, courage, and prosperity. In western culture, a centipede is a symbol of death, bad luck, and filth. While in eastern culture, a centipede represents destruction, good luck, and healing.

  • These creatures are multilegged and hence they are symbolic of having multiple powers or means to accomplish what they desire. It is symbolic of the abundance of resources that can be utilized right to bear the best fruits.
  • Adaptability is a trait that centipedes are almost synonymous with. These predators manage to find and build their habitats on diverse terrestrial habitats going beyond the chilling pole areas as well.
  • These creatures symbolize earth and nature as these creatures tend to belong to and dwell in the soil, under the rocks, and inside wooden logs.
  • As these creatures are also quite often found living in dirt, these creatures are associated with death and decay.
  • Speed and action are definitely a thing people tend to associate Centipedes with for obvious reasons, backed by its multi-legged feature.
  • They are also considered a symbol of courage, wisdom, warriors, and leaders for their quick yet calculative warrior-like movements, also associated with good fortune.

Centipedes Symbolism And Meaning In Different Civilizations 

What Does Centipedes Symbolizes In Native American Culture?

Native Americans have high regard for insects in their culture, especially in Navajo and Zuni tribes.

They have several folktales revolving around them wherein a big centipede is involved where it vividly signifies the Underworld and darker side of the story, an important Shamanistic element in their rock art.

These symbolisms are also entitled to signify a death in certain parts of their native land.

What Does Centipedes Symbolizes In Eastern Culture?

Asian culture relates some really deep meaning with centipedes. Used in ancient Chinese medicine, this insect is believed to have medicinal capabilities of healing, also becoming a part of some religious exotic dishes. Killing centipedes is always a bad omen in their culture. 

These creatures are also one of the five most venomous creatures on Earth according to Chinese folktales, martial arts, and Feng Shui, with the superpower of being scared of huge dreadful creatures like dragons.

Japanese however consider these creatures the God of warfare and often tend to associate it with the symbolism of the God itself, Bishamonten.

Samurai community manages to coincide their beliefs with that of other cultures, i.e. of death and destruction. And even among all these, Centipedes continue to be a sign of good fortune for you.

What Does Centipedes Symbolizes In Christianity?

These creatures have not appeared quite often in the Bible, but whenever they have been mentioned, the meaning associated is evil or death.

Possessing 40 legs of speed and a venomous sting, their reasonableness is definitely quite reasonable and also used in witchcraft, because of how they crawl on the dead.

Scary situations in disguise is also a symbolism that is widely rendered to Centipedes. They also are compared with the evil depiction of Monsters, fetching the reputation of bad omen for itself.

What Does Centipedes Symbolizes In Celtic Culture?

Celtic doesn’t talk quite frequently about Centipedes. But from the least they do, it is figured that these creatures have been associated with death in their culture for many preceding ages, accompanying death harbingers and people of evil intuitions.

An old 1000 legs Centipede Symbolism has inspired their medicine and is believed to heal phthisis. Their habit to shield themselves by crawling up when attacked is also a consciousness symbolism.

What Does Centipedes Symbolizes In African Culture? 

Centipedes hold some major importance for Africans, also known as Shongololo in their culture, often associated with the idea of immortality. Egyptians worshiped Centipede God Sepa, the “centipede of Hours.”

Due to its nature of crawling on the dead, these animals are also associated with the idea of protector of the deceased, and symbolism of fertility.

Are You Seeing Centipedes In Your Dreams? Here’s The Meaning

  • Centipedes appearing in your dreams can be a major directing force towards your internal unwillingness to confront an unfavorable situation in your life.
  • A centipede crawling in your dream might mean that you are cooking a vicious plan in your head that is going to fetch you some momentary profits but will actually destroy you in the long run. It’s also a signal for you to recollect yourself at the earliest.
  • A quickly moving centipede is a good omen, hence symbolic of progress and willingness to achieve.
  • Killing a centipede in your dreams is an indication that you have some vicious and dangerous enemies around you, buckled up to harm you.
  • Also, it might also symbolize your lacking of capabilities at present to defeat the ones who are in competition with you, however, it’s just about the approach.

Totems and Omens Realted To Centipede

  • Koreans believe that encountering a centipede is an indication of a good omen and brings good fortune and wealth.
  • When you find a centipede in your own house, it means that a good amount of your wealth is invited into your course through a course of unexpected events.
  • Killing a centipede is considered a negative omen as in an invitation for the destruction of your own possessed wealth as well as eradicating opportunities of potential inflow of wealth. 
  • However, Martinique culture believes that killing a centipede might actually bring them wealth and prosperity.
  • When you dream of a centipede biting you, it’s simply a good omen. Even though these creatures don’t bite, a centipede bite in your dream will bring you love and affection.

Is Centipede Your Spirit Animal? 

If you have Centipedes as your Spirit Animal, you are entitled to live a balanced life, wherein you practice concentration and coordination with all the elements present and existing around you to extract utmost productivity out of the situation.

You are also supposed to be your own wealth that has arrived at you by your own virtue but through some unexpected events.

You should be someone who isn’t scared of obstacles and practice self-belief because you do have the innate capability to confront all the challenges you are faced with efficiently and undoubtedly.

You are someone who has the master skill of fighting the demons inside you.


Hence, centipedes, even though some apparently creepy, scary, and dangerous creatures, have some deep and meaningful symbolism in several cultures around the world.

It’s impressive how different cultures have chosen different aspects of Centipede Symbolism that actually when put together creates a vivid representation of this creature.

Its features are supposed to have some strong impacts on the lives of humans if we decide to take them seriously and consider their significance to our own utmost advantage.

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