Cat Symbolism And Meaning: Unbelievable Things You Never Knew

Cat Symbolism And Meaning

Pets are the most precious part of our lives. Be it cat, dog, bird, or hamsters, every animal has an important place in our life. However, not every human has a pet.

Generally, we encounter these animals on daily basis. It is especially true for dogs and cats. But there are many myths related to encountering such pets, especially with the cat.

There is a myth that if a cat crosses your path, then it means bad luck coming your way. This is how the symbolism of the cat is prevalent in various societies and religions. 

But, the symbolism of a cat varies as per the color as well. With this article, we have mentioned the beliefs that are prevalent among cultures, religions, and the meaning of seeing a cat in dreams. 

Understanding Cat Symbolism And Meaning

In a general context, a cat represents witchcraft, darkness, liberty, spiritual enlightenment, and hope. In western culture, cats are considered selfish, greedy, mysterious, and evil. While in eastern culture cats are a symbol of good luck, happiness, and prosperity. 

Seeing or encountering a cat in daily life is something very common to anyone. However, the symbolism of this animal varies from too negative to too positive aspects.

Cat is believed to symbolize aspects like witchcraft, demons, and darkness. While, some people believe that it symbolizes positive aspects like intuition, balance, hope, spirituality, liberty, and enlightenment.

However, it is also believed that this animal has magical powers that can even bring back the life of a deceased person. 

Many people also believe that the cats have the skills that came from witches or demons. But others believe that this animal has the ability for healing their own and to bring good vibes and luck in their lives.

However, the symbolism of this animal depends on the colors and situations in which they are either seen or dreamt. 

Cat Symbolism And Meaning In Different Civilizations

What Does Cat Symbolizes In Native American Culture?

The beliefs among Native Americans are highly associated with animals, birds, or insects. The symbolism of the cat is no different from it.

For these people, a cat represents the guardian of energy, independence, and mystery. But for the Oglala tribe, the symbolism of the cat is witchcraft and they believe that this animal can put a curse on them.

On the other hand, in the Hopi tribe, men are called, “Wildcats” when they behave disrespectfully with a woman. 

In the Zuni and Mohave tribe, it is believed that this animal has the power of healing and that can aid them during hunting.

In the Pawnee tribe, the Wildcat is linked to the stars and they usually dress their children in its fur for celestial blessings. The symbols of cats are also used in various tribes as clan animals. 

What Does Cat Symbolizes In Eastern Culture?

In the Eastern parts of the world, the people used to have a cat totem called Maneki-Neko. It is believed that this is a symbol of good luck for them.

In this culture, there are many beliefs as per the color of the cat and the foot it is using. The symbolism of the cat as per this includes:

  • It is believed that if a cat is using the left foot then it represents the happiness and luck that this spirit animal is bringing for you. 
  • If a cat is using the right foot, then it symbolizes money for the person. 
  • It is believed that a white cat symbolizes good fortune, but a black cat represents keeping evil away. 
  • The red Chinese cat is believed to be a symbol of good health while the yellow one suggests improved relationships. 

What Does Cat Symbolizes In Christianity?

In the Bible, the representation of the cat is done as a wild animal. The predatory nature of this animal is highly outlined in this religion.

It is believed that the black cats are satanic creatures and they are the demons that can even live in its body.

But there is also some positive symbolism of cats presented in the Bible. They are linked with lions and they represent kings that have wisdom upon others. 

Therefore, as per the beliefs of this religion, the symbolism of cats includes both good and bad aspects. It can include jealousy and anger but it can also illustrate majesty, strength, and power. 

What Does Cat Symbolizes In Celtic Civilization?

As per the beliefs of Celtic culture, the cat symbolizes the guardians of the otherworld. They tend to represent mystery, unpredictability, and emotional distance.

It is believed that a black cat represents evil. The Welsh believe in Cat goddess that represents a witch that had cat minions do her bindings on Earth.

It is believed that people with cat spirit animals can overcome any project efficiently and successfully. They are charming, social and can make a good impression everywhere. 

Are You Dreaming Of Cats? Here’s The Meaning

Dreaming of cats can be often as this animal is easily seen and we used to encounter with it on daily basis. But sometimes, the dreams of the cat can be a message for the dreamer that is sent by God.

Yes, it is true in many cultures. The symbolism of cat dreams has significant things. But not every dream is common and the symbolism is also different. The symbolism of the cat dream includes:

  • Dreaming of a white cat means an auto-induced illusion and a harmless personal fantasy.
  • While it is believed that the black cat is the uncontrolled version of this semblance. 
  • Dreaming of a grey cat symbolizes that a woman will seduce him. 
  • Dreaming of a cat also means that the dreamer will yield betrayal. 
  • If you dream of an orange cat, then it represents a future pregnancy for a woman. However, it can also mean betrayal.
  • Dreaming of a cat in the house signifies that the dreamer is making space for someone in their heart and home.
  • If you dream of a dead cat, then it symbolizes that the dreamer has to pay attention to his deepest feelings. 

The symbolism of a cat totem animal includes independence, curiosity, protection, and intelligence. People having cat totem feels the drive to enlightenment.

They have magnetism and good vibes that draw others towards them. But such people used to be loners because of their independent nature. 

People with cat totems make them stubborn and overconfident while making any decision. They can manipulate others to take everything in their favor. They usually sense adventure and loves to have night walks. 

When it comes to omens related to cats, many beliefs are related to the symbolism of a cat encounter. It is believed that encountering a cat represents the deep secret that someone is hiding from you.

However, the omens and symbolism of a cat depend on the color of the cat. The symbolism of the cat includes:

  • Encountering a Black cat is considered a bad omen. 
  • The appearance of a cat at the doorstep is a good omen and it means good fortune and luck.
  • The appearance of a cat shows up at the house, then it is a good omen if it is a new house. 
  • If a cat is licking its paw and washing its face, then it means that visitors show up at the house. 
  • It is also believed that encountering a cat means that the person should avoid private conversations. 

Is Cat Your Spirit Animal?

Cat as a spirit animal can guide a person to position himself in a proper timeline. This spiritual energy of this animal will show up in a person’s life when they are on edge.

Any spiritual connection with this animal can help the person to change the ways and get better results. The symbolism of a cat spirit animal includes:

  • The message from a cat spirit guide includes balance and listening to the instincts. 
  • The spiritual meaning of it includes that a person should be aware of this thing that when they should act and when should relax.
  • It symbolizes flexibility and agility to always fall on their feet. 
  • If a person needs independence in their relationship, then they should call for this spirit animal. 
  • Cat spirit animal boosts the confidence of the person and helps them to overcome their limitations.
  • The spiritual meaning of a cat is of mystery. 


Generally, a cat is a pet animal that provides a lot of happiness to the owner’s family. But not every cat gets a home, many are strays as well. Encountering such a cat is common for us.

But, there are many beliefs related to encountering a cat. With this article, we have mentioned the beliefs related to the cat symbolism that is prevalent among religions and cultures.

Overall, the symbolism of the cat has negative aspects. Therefore, whenever you encounter a cat after this, analyze the situation and understand the symbolism behind it. 

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