Cardinal Symbolism & Meaning: What To Do If Seeing This Bird?

Cardinal Symbolism & Meaning

Nature has a lot of things that are known and some are still unknown. Everything given by nature is inseparable and has its relevance.

The same stands true for the birds as well. Birds are those beautiful creatures of nature that can make our day. But, wait a minute. Is there something that birds possess? Or It’s just their beauty that attracts us? 

Well, the answer is that there is symbolism that is related to birds that makes us more attracted towards them.

For instance, if you see a crow, a negative feeling may persist in us. But, if we see a butterfly, a positive feeling comes to us. This is what symbolism is.

Sometimes we know the symbolism and meaning, but sometimes we don’t. 

With this article, we have brought the symbolism that is related to the “Cardinal bird species”. Cardinal is a bird species that can be found in the U.S., especially in the northern regions.

They are bright, and beautiful creatures that usually don’t migrate. These birds are usually 9-inch in size and 12-inch wingspan. Any person can differentiate between the male and female cardinal. 

Male cardinals are bright red with black faces. While female cardinals are fawn-colored with red accents. When it comes to symbolism, these birds have positive and lovely symbolism. Here are the details for the cardinal symbolism and meaning. 

Cardinal Symbolism And Meaning Explained

In a general context, a cardinal represents passionate romance, fierce leadership, devotion, and courtship. In western culture, a cardinal symbolizes monogamy, loving relationship, romance, and spirituality. While in eastern culture this bird is a harbinger of rain and good fortune.

Cardinal birds possess a positive symbolism. It is mainly related to their bright red color and sharp features.

The common perceptions related to Cardinal symbolism are as follows:

  • These birds symbolize a pivotal point in a person’s life. 
  • It also symbolizes passionate romance. During the challenging weather, this bird sings songs for its mate. Many people who witnessed this love said that this romance is very powerful and energetic. Due to this reason, these birds symbolize romance as well. 

But, if you feel that whether different color cardinals symbolize something or not? Then here is the answer for the same.

Yes, different colored cardinals symbolize different things. Even, the circumstances or places where you saw the cardinal can also matter in this situation. Here are the different symbolism for different colored cardinals. 

  • Red Colored Cardinal:  Loyalty, devotion, manifestation, unconditional love, domestic harmony, and setting boundaries
  • Black Cardinal: This cardinal can prove to be a sign for the person. It symbolizes finding the truth, uncovering deceit, intuition, inner wisdom, and can ask you to be honest with yourself. 
  • Brown Cardinal: Healing, physical health, Family ties, feminine energy, nurturing energy, heart-centered alignment, growth, and connection to the earth.
  • Yellow Cardinal: Divine creation, leadership, success, abundance, creativity, Self-expression, and personal power. Therefore, this cardinal has a very positive symbolism. 
  • Black and Red Cardinal: Strength, agreement, forgiveness, duality, peace after periods of conflict, and healing resentment.
  • Blue Cardinal: Divine messages, Clarity, the ability of telepathy, creativity, passion, intuitive development, communication, and soul expression. 
  • Multi-colored Cardinal: Conflict resolution, charismatic personality, empathic management political aptitude, Spiritual growth, self-awareness, and adaptability. 

However, this symbolism is a common perception. But, in some religions or tribes, these birds have a separate base of symbolism, which are discussed below.

Cardinal Symbolism In Different Civilization

We know that every religion or tribe has different beliefs. The same stands true in the case of the symbolism of cardinal birds as well. Some of the beliefs that persist in today’s time are as follows:

Cardinal Symbolism In Native American Culture

The symbolism of the Cardinal bird is very strong in the history of Native Americans. As per the belief of Native Americans, Cardinal birds act as the messenger of the spirits of their ancestors.

They believe that these birds provide a strong tie with their ancestors. Among the Native Americans, there are different beliefs among different tribes. Here are the details for the same:

  • In the Native American lore, cardinals represent devotion, courtship, monogamy, and loving relationships. 
  • In some tribes of Native America, it is believed that cardinals are the harbinger of the rain.
  • While other tribes symbolize cardinals as the good fortune for them. This is especially true for the southeastern tribes. 

Connection with Number 12: 

Many people believe that a certain number provides good fortune to them. This is quite similar for the Native Americans as well.

Native Americans highly believe that their lucky number is 12. But, the interesting fact is that they associate this number with cardinals as well.

It is so because cardinal birds have 12 eggs in their nest. In addition to it, these birds can be easily seen throughout the year, which means 12 months. 

This is how 12 number is associated with the Cardinal birds. Native Americans believe that if a cardinal bird crosses your path, the concerned person will get good news in the next 12 hours, or 12 days, or 12 a.m. or 12 p.m.

Cardinal Symbolism In Christianity

The symbolism of cardinal birds holds a good place in the Christianity Religion. The resemblance of Church Catholic robes with the cardinal birds is quite similar.

Many people from this religion believe that the cardinal is the symbol of the blood of Jesus Christ. However, other people from this religion believe that these birds are the sign that is sent by their loved ones who left them.

There are even most of the texts, literature, and website that focuses on this belief only. 

Celtic Cardinal Symbolism 

If you think that cardinals must have symbolism in the Celtic, then here is the disappointment. No beliefs or evidence can prove that cardinals have symbolism in Celtic. 

What Does Seeing A Cardinal In Dream Means?

If you read about symbolism, many things can affect the meaning of symbolism. One of those elements is Dreams. There are various things & situations that can come up in dreams.

Cardinals in a dream is another situation that many people experiences. If you dream about cardinal, there is symbolism & meaning. Many times people don’t know about its meaning. Here is the cardinal symbolism in dreams:

  • Cardinal birds represent a medium of communication. As we mentioned above that many people symbolize these birds as the connection with their loved ones who left them. It is believed that these birds act as a medium for communication.
  • Seeing a cardinal bird is believed to be a positive sign. This may prove to be a sign where it is urged to follow the passion and dream. 
  • In short, cardinal birds symbolize enlightenment, thoughts, spiritual enhancement, and higher ideals. 

Cardinal Totem and Omens Explained

Cardinal birds as totem animals can symbolize various things to the person. Any person who has cardinal birds as totems symbolizes a strong sense of honor, and reactivity for setbacks. It is believed that this kind of person inclines determination. 

Now when it comes to omens, here the situation in which you encounter will cardinal bird matters a lot.

For instance, if a cardinal bird hits the window, it is considered a bad omen. It is believed that this is a sign of death. The omens can come instantly and they guide a person by surprise. 

Cardinal As A Spirit Animal

When it comes to any animal or bird, there are many beliefs that they can be spirit animals. It stands true in the case of cardinal birds as well.

The whole symbolism here is related to “love”. Like roses symbolizes a flower of love, similarly, the bird of love is a cardinal bird.

This spirit animal symbolizes the way into your new relationship life or event that is filled with love. 

Some other beliefs that are related to this spirit animal are:

  • The Cardinal spirit animal represents the beginning of pregnancy and it acts as a guide for a new parent.
  • Others believe that this bird has a spiritual meaning of fighting against insecurities. 


Symbolism is a part of everyone’s life. Many people don’t have the full knowledge about the same. But it is important to know about symbolism because this can help a person to make a better decision.

Cardinal birds also come under this symbolism. With this article, we have discussed the symbolism and meaning of the cardinal bird. 

This beautiful and singing bird has a complete symbolism of love. However, many people symbolize it as the medium of connection with their loved ones who left them.

These beliefs show that a person just needs to understand the signs and you can take better decisions. Therefore, do remember these things which you will see a cardinal bird in the future.

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