Canada Goose Bird Size: Explained & Compared With Other

Canada Goose Bird Length

Canada Goose Bird Size

I bet that you might have heard about the famous water bird known as a goose, and if you live in North America you surely would have seen some of these flying above you. But how exactly could you tell them apart from other birds? 

A goose is any of several waterfowl species in the Anatidae family. The large, black-necked Canada Goose, with its distinctive white chinstrap mark, is a well-known and widespread North American bird.

Additionally, these ubiquitous Canadian geese are one of North America’s most well-known birds. 

The Canada Goose can be found in every contiguous United States and every Canadian province at some point during the year. 

The bird’s black head and neck plumage with a white “chinstrap” distinguish it from all other goose species. 

However, other factors such as size can be used to identify and distinguish them. Canada Geese get smaller as you move north, and their plumage gets darker as you move west. 

The average size in terms of the length of the Canada Goose is in the range of 29.9-43.3 in (76-110 cm) or 0.98-1.42 feet. 

LengthCentimeter Inches Feet
Canada Goose 76-110 cm29.9-43.3 in0.98-1.42 ft

Adult female Canada Goose is smaller than their male counterparts in terms of their length. 

Canada Goose Weight

In addition to the bird’s length, you can also distinguish them through their weight. Similar to their length, the female Canada Goose is lighter in terms of body mass than the male Canada Goose. 

The mass of these birds highly depends on their diet and their hunting. 

Depending on their vegetation and where they live, their weight or body mass varies. The largest subspecies of Canada goose is the giant Canada goose which weighs an average of 5 kg (11 pounds). However, their weight may range between 105.8-317.5 oz (3000-9000 g) or 3-9 kgs. 

WeightGrams KilogramsPounds
Canada Goose3000-9000 g3-9 kgs105.8-317.5 oz

Canada Goose Wingspan

The wingspan or just the wings of birds are of great help in identifying a particular bird during their flight. 

To begin, the Canada Goose is well known for its distinctive V-formation, loud “honk,” an unmistakable appearance. 

Furthermore, if they feel threatened, they will pursue the predator and use their wings as a weapon. 

If the weather permits, Canada geese can travel 1,500 miles in a single day. During migration, these birds can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.

Although we can distinguish the birds based on the appearance of their wings, it might be complicated from far. 

This is when you can easily tell them apart from their large wingspan. The wingspan of these birds ranges from 127–185 cm (50–73 in) or 4.2-6.0 ft. 

WingspanCentimeter Inches Feet
Canada Goose 127–185 cm50–73 in4.2-6.0 ft

The large wingspan of the Canada Goose help it to fly at great distances at high speed during its migration. 

Canada Goose Size Comparison To Human

Now we come to the most interesting part of the article, looking at the Canada Goose from a different perspective. 

As we now know their size and wingspan, how would we know where they stand when compared to other species and of their own types? 

Starting with our own species, the Canada Goose is quite smaller in terms of length and weight than an average adult human. 

For instance, the average length or height of our own species is about 5.5 to 5.9 feet, and weigh about 60 to 80 kg (132-176 lb). And, have an arm span of less than 2 meters. 

On the other hand, the Canada Goose has an overall length of 0.98-1.42 ft and weighs only 3-9 kg (105.8-317.5 oz). But with a wingspan of 4.2-6.0 ft, the bird does reach the average height of humans. 

So, a Canada Goose standing beside a human with its wings open would look as long as us!

Canada Goose Vs Cackling Goose Size Comparison

Moving on to yet another species of Goose is the Cackling Goose. The Cackling Goose is a small goose with a short neck, rounded crown, long wings, and short legs. These Geese, which are smaller than a Mallard, are also found in North America.

So, if we compare the size of these two Geese, then while the Canada Goose has a length of 0.98-1.42 ft and weighs 3-9 kgs, the Cackling Goose has a length of 2-2.1 ft and weighs half the size of the Canada Goose 1.3-2.3 kg. 

While the wingspan of the Canada Goose is about 127–185 cm (50–73 in) or 4.2-6.0 ft, the wingspan of the Cackling Goose is 42.5-43.7 in (108-111 cm) or 3.5-3.6 ft. The wingspan of the Canada Goose is double the wingspan of the Cackling Goose. 

Canada Goose29.9-43.3 in (76-110 cm) or 0.98-1.42 ft105.8-317.5 oz (3000-9000 g) or 3-9 kgs127–185 cm (50–73 in) or 4.2-6.0 ft
Cackling Goose 24.8-25.6 in (63-65 cm) or 0.98-1.42 ft49.3-84.0 oz (1398-2380 g) or 3-9 kgs42.5-43.7 in (108-111 cm) or 3.5-3.6 ft

Canada Goose Vs Bald Eagle Size Comparison

The bird of prey well known among all the bird species, the Bald Eagle is a seabird is also found majorly in North America. 

Bald Eagles primarily feed on fish, but when bodies of water used for hunting freeze, they turn to other smaller birds such as ducks and geese for food.

In comparison to the Canada Goose, the Bald Eagles are large. While the Bald Eagle has a length of 70–102 cm (28–40 in) or 2.5 to 3 feet and weighs 2 to 6.3 kg (5 to 14 lb), the Canada Goose is 0.98-1.42 ft in length and weighs 3-9 kgs. The Bald Eagle is larger but lighter than the Canada Goose. 

Canada Goose29.9-43.3 in (76-110 cm) or 0.98-1.42 ft105.8-317.5 oz (3000-9000 g) or 3-9 kgs127–185 cm (50–73 in) or 4.2-6.0 ft
Bald Eagle70–102 cm (28–40 in) or 2.5 to 3 feet2 to 6.3 kg (5 to 14 lb)1.8 and 2.3 m (5 ft 11 in and 7 ft 7 in)

Additionally, the wingspan of the Bald Eagle is much larger than the Canada Goose. The wingspan of the Bald Eagle is double the wingspan of the smallest Canada Goose. 

Canada Goose Vs Ostrich Size Comparison

How can we not compare with the largest bird on the planet, the ostrich? Ostriches are flightless birds.

The Ostrich is the world’s largest and heaviest bird alive today. Female ostriches can reach six feet in height and weigh more than 200 pounds, while male ostriches can reach nine feet in height and 280 pounds.

Ostriches typically weigh between 63 and 145 kilograms (139-320 pounds). Male and female ostriches have different heights due to gender dimorphism; males stand 2.1 – 2.8 m tall, while females stand 1.7 – 2 m tall.

In comparison to these, the Canada Goose is very small. 

Canada Goose29.9-43.3 in (76-110 cm) or 0.98-1.42 ft105.8-317.5 oz (3000-9000 g) or 3-9 kgs127–185 cm (50–73 in) or 4.2-6.0 ft
Ostrich2.1 to 2.8 m (6 ft 11 in to 9 ft 2 in)63 and 145 kgs (139-320 lbs)2 m (6.6 ft) 


And That was everything you need to know about the size of Canda Geese. I hope this article was informative enough and you got something useful from it.

Thank You For Reading!

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