BUTTERFLY SYMBOLISM AND MEANING: Why Seeing A Butterfly Can Affect Your Life?


Butterflies are one of the most distinct and beautiful creatures on the planet. They are formed in cocoons and slowly grow into colorful, magnificent winged creatures or insects that fly into the sky.

The presence of a butterfly infiltrates people with joy, and they are in awe of their beauty and the serendipity that vibrates around them. When humans seek transformation and growth they usually turn to the spirit of a butterfly.

These creatures help guide them to immortalize the joy of humanity, the essence of nature, and the creations of God. 

So In this article, We’ll explain Butterfly Symbolism And Meaning in detail. We’ll cover all the good and bad aspects of these creatures.

Butterfly Symbolism and Meaning

In a general context, a butterfly represents life, joy, transformation, hope, and change. In western culture, a butterfly symbolizes resurrection and transformation while in some eastern cultures it resembles, positivity, change, and rebirth.

The key symbolisms of a butterfly are as follows:

  • They indicate personal transformation; metamorphosis
  • Transformation
  • Joy
  • Undergoing different life cycles 
  • Connecting spiritually with the world
  • Being playful and cheery, full of life 

Butterflies, generally, symbolize life. These creatures have a deep connection with the soul. These creatures undergo metamorphosis and hence, around the world, their meaning is greatly influenced by change and transformation.

They are related to finding joy in life and to finding happiness in oneself. When people undergo a spiritual transformation, they unfold different realms of life and realize the immortal beauty of nature.

Caterpillars, the previous form of butterflies, retreat into a pupa and undergoes a huge transformation. This transformation results in the formation of life.

Hence, butterflies also imply the course of life. During the course of life, human beings go through various changes which evolve them and nurture their growth. This only happens when they are capable of moving out of their comfort zone.

A cocoon symbolizes comfort. The butterflies are nourished in cocoons and when they fully transform they come out of these cocoons and fly into the world.

This adds to the meaning that to flourish, evolve and grow in life, we need to meditate, find our true selves, fly into the world and live our lives to the fullest. 

To truly understand ourselves we need to connect with the world around us. We need to accept the worldly spirits and let them channelize us to the beauty of the world. A butterfly is a symbol of this spiritual connectivity with the world. 

Butterflies are also joyful and wherever they go they tend to bring an influx of life and happiness. Hence these tiny, beautiful insects are also used to symbolize the life and inner joy in a person. People who are cheerful and lively are said to be guided by the butterfly spirit. 

Butterfly Meaning in Different Civilisation 

Butterfly Native American Symbolism 

Animals and birds have always played a key role in Native American beliefs. 

A Butterfly is said to symbolize resurrection and transformation according to Natives. They believe these creatures stand for joy, colors, and metamorphosis. 

According to the Blackfoot people, butterflies bring dreams to humans and these dreams were messages sent to the people from higher spirits. They decorated children’s blankets and beds with butterfly art and hoped that would help them sleep well and have good dreams. 

The yellow butterfly means hope, while the black could indicate illness. White butterfly meant good luck. 

In many Native stories and tales, butterflies were represented to be the star character and they mainly resembled hope and positivity. 

Butterfly Celtic Symbolism 

According to the Celts, the souls of the children who died were represented in a butterfly. They believed it to be bad to kill a butterfly. Celts considered butterflies to be an ephemeral beauty. They symbolized it with the soul and thought these creatures meant renewal. 

There is a myth related to Elaine (Celtic goddess), about the rebirth concept. It was believed that Elaine had a curse of twelve years, living in a storm. And then when she had a rebirth, it symbolized new life.

This myth has made the Celts believe that when life gives them second chances they should make better decisions and not misuse their chances. 

Therefore according to Celtic mythology, butterflies resemble, positivity, change, and rebirth. 

Butterfly Christianity Symbolism

In Christianity butterfly means resurrection. Butterfly’s transformation from a caterpillar depicts God’s miraculous creation of life and how he transforms it.

They believe that any creature, even if they have sinned or done wrong things in one life, once they encounter Jesus, he transforms them into better beings. 

They also relate it to the transfiguration of Jesus Christ. Just like the caterpillar in a cocoon that seems dead because it’s still and motionless, Jesus’ body also lay in the tomb after his death.

And he has risen from the dead as Lord himself just like the butterfly rises from its cocoon. Therefore means that Christ won over the dead.   

Why Are You Seeing Butterfly In Your Dream Its Meaning?

Seeing a butterfly in our dream could mean that we are soon to witness change. 

Butterflies also have to live independently and take charge of themselves. This has been interpreted by the great Dalai Lama as a child who has grown up alone.

This child has not been nurtured or taken care of by anybody when they were young and was brought up in a detached, unloving environment.

Therefore, according to this interpretation, when somebody has a dream of a butterfly it could also indicate that they have a lack of nurture in their life and are seeking affection. 

Apart from this, a butterfly dream could also indicate passion. When somebody sees a butterfly dream it could mean that they have been reserved for a long time and finally decide to go and explore the outer world. 

The most standard indication of a butterfly dream is that the dreamer is about to undergo an inevitable change in their life.

They may be facing some troubles in their present life and are afraid to let go of their fears. A butterfly indicates that we have to let go of the restrictions and open ourselves to what life puts forward for us. 

Butterfly Totem and Omen

Butterfly Totem

Butterfly totem is associated with the ability to move from one lifestyle to another. A butterfly totem indicates that a person who is facing various difficulties in life and desires to move past those needs to face the difficulties and accept change.

Transformation is an inevitable feature of butterflies. Hence, people with butterfly totems are bound to undergo transitions in their life and when they reach their second phase of life they accept the joy, love, and peace that life offers.

Butterfly Omen 

  • Encounter with a butterfly is an indication of personal growth. When somebody sees a butterfly they have to realize that they need to take an insight into their lives and bring about certain changes which will help them to evolve. 
  • The butterfly omen sends good luck. It brings joy and happiness into people’s lives and makes us see life light-heartedly with a joyful spirit. 
  • A black butterfly is a bad omen and people believe them to bring impure magic. Witnessing a black butterfly could be an indication that we are to expect negative news. 

Butterfly as a Spirit Animal

People with butterflies as spirit animals have a witty psyche. They are capable of bringing peace and stability to their surroundings. These people are capable of building a spiritual connection with the world around them.

They are even capable of swift metamorphosis and welcome joy and life. After the change, they are stronger, more vibrant cheerful, and spiritual more evolved. 


In conclusion, butterflies are beautiful, magical creations that influence people and life in so many ways. They symbolize transition and emphasize the importance of realizing the beauty of life. They explain why we should be accepting of the gradual changes in life and why being stagnant does not help in the course of growth.  

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