Bluebird Symbolism And Meaning: Do They Really Bring Goodluck?

Bluebird Symbolism And Meaning

The bluebird is a medium-sized bird that is known for its beauty. This bird is generally insectivorous or omnivorous.

It is found in native America and some other eastern parts of the world. The one thing that makes this bird worth watching is its color. As the name suggests, this bird is blue.

But, sometimes they have a blue & rose beige plumage. A person can make a difference between a male & a female bluebird by looking at its color.

Although both birds have the same color pattern, the female bluebird is less bright than males. 

Even spotting this is easy. But do you know that if a bluebird suddenly appears near you, then it may symbolize various things?

Yes, every animal possesses some symbolism, or, some beliefs are related to the birds or animal. With this article, we have mentioned the symbolism of the bluebird and its meaning.

Here, we have included the beliefs related to this bird and the meaning of bluebird dreams. 

Understanding Bluebird Symbolism And Meaning

In a general context, a bluebird represents love, renewal, hope, prosperity, and good luck. In western culture, a bluebird is a symbol of fertility, transformation, wisdom, and good luck. While in eastern culture a bluebird represents confidence, enlightenment, and hope. 

The symbolism of a bluebird in many cultures is associated with happiness and joy. It is so because the beliefs related to the blue color symbolize happiness.

The symbolism of this bird is completely associated with its blue color. Often we used a blue color in our offices to offset the negative influence.

This color helps a person to connect to their Higher Self and get the awareness of their Divine. Because of such reasons, the bluebird is often associated with joy and happiness. 

There are many tales in Russian and French culture that were related to the bluebird and it highly symbolizes the aspects of happiness and joy.

Therefore, the common perceptions related to the symbolism of the bluebird include the aspects of joy & happiness.  

Bluebird Symbolism And Meaning In Different Cultures

What Does BlueBird Symbolizes In Native American Culture?

The significance of the bluebird in the Native American culture has great importance.

In most of the tribes of Native Americans, encountering a bluebird is a good omen and the relevance of this bird is these tribes are important. The beliefs related to the bluebird in this culture include:

  • Navajo & Iroquois Tribe: As per the beliefs of this tribe, it is believed that the bluebird is a symbol of fertility and prosperity. They believe that if you encounter a bluebird, then it is a good omen. A person can expect wonderful and new things if they encounter this bird. As per the beliefs of the Iroquois tribe, it is believed that the bluebird is a symbol of spirits that drive off God. They used to sing the bluebird’s song just before the sunrise at the end of the winter ceremony. 
  • Pima People: As per the beliefs of the Pima people, it is believed that the bluebird symbolizes growth, a harbinger of the season of renewal, and transformation. In this culture, it is believed that there was an ugly bird who bathed in the mystical water of a magical lake. After which the bird transformed into a beautiful bluebird. Due to this reason, it is believed that this bird is a symbol of new tomorrow. 
  • Cochiti Tribe: In this tribe, it is believed that the bluebird was the name of Sun’s firstborn, and their beliefs resemble the Navajo tribe. 

What Does BlueBird Symbolizes In Christianity?

In Christianity, there are many instances and beliefs related to the symbolism of various animals and birds. Bluebird is no different from it. The reference of bluebird in the Bible is many-layered.

It is believed that the spiritual importance of a bluebird is powerful and undeniable. This bird is considered as the messenger sent from the spiritual realm.

Whenever a person encounters a bluebird one should open their hearts and heed the spiritual wisdom. 

In Christianity, there are some stories in the song of bluebirds. It is believed that these stories are messages from the divine being and your guardian angel is protecting the person.

It is also believed that these birds symbolize the presence of angels with that person. Therefore, one should pay extra attention to the surroundings and rethink the situations if you spot a bluebird near you. 

What Does BlueBird Symbolizes In Celtic Culture?

The symbolism of the bluebird in the Celtic culture is not presented. It is so because people from Celtic did not encounter this more often.

There are no such beliefs or tales related to bluebirds. Due to these reasons, there is no symbolism of bluebird in their culture. 

Are You Seeing BlueBird In Your Dream? Here’s The Meaning

It is very common to see any bird or animal in dreams. But, we often fail to understand the signs or meaning of that dream.

Yes, it is true that every dream has a different meaning and offers symbolism. Seeing a bluebird dream is not different from this.

If you are seeing a bluebird’s dreams more often, then there can be a symbolism associated with it. There are many beliefs related to the bluebird dreams.

However, interpreting & generalizing the symbolism of bluebird dreams is not possible. Here are some of the beliefs of seeing bluebird dreams as per situations:

  • If you are seeing a bluebird, then it may symbolize that all your struggles will end soon. Soon, the issues will be resolved and you will find a great sense of relief.
  • It is also believed that a bluebird means that a loved one is sending you spiritual guidance from the other side. It also means that your deceased loved one is guiding you to the right decision. 
  • However, it is also believed that the bluebird symbolizes that you need to be more and it can be a warning sign. 
  • If you dream of a bluebird feather, then it may symbolize that the person should not take the good fortune that they have for granted. 
  • Overall, the bluebird symbolizes confidence, luck, guidance, and transition. 

Many people believe that the bluebird is their totem. The symbolism of a bluebird totem is that the person always enjoys the company of others.

It is believed that the people with this totem animal strive to have solid importance.

They just need a cornerstone to implement all the schemes and plans. It is believed that this animal totem will find ways to translate hope into reality. 

The other symbolism related to the bluebird totem is that a person with this totem is monogamous and romantic.

It is believed that such people aspire to start a family soon when they find their life partner. This totem animal is the carrier of divine service of the great spirits. 

When it comes to the omens related to the bluebird encounters, it is believed that encountering a bluebird is a good omen.

All tribes and cultures believe it to be true. Encountering this bird may symbolize transformation and growth. 

Is Bluebird Your Spirit Animal?

Many people believe to have bluebirds as their spirit animal. It is believed that the symbolism of a bluebird spirit animal includes sincerity, confidence, intelligence, heaven, trust, loyalty, and faith.

The symbolism of the bluebird spirit animal include:

  • It is believed that the blue color symbolizes peace and it keeps the negative energy away. 
  • The spiritual meaning of bluebirds is happiness and joy. 
  • This spirit animal reminds a person not to let go of the joy and aspires to achieve the goal. 
  • The bluebird spirit animal helps a person to stay prepared for the things that are lying ahead. 
  • It symbolizes love, transition, and admiration. 
  • This spirit animal is a sign that the person has qualities that radiates positive feelings and one should celebrate that. 


The understanding and knowledge of symbolism are important for a person. It is so because, it helps a person to understand the signs that are either sent by your deceased loved ones, or by God.

However, these are all the beliefs that are prevalent in many cultures and tribes. 

In this article, we have mentioned the symbolism of the bluebird which is native to America. The symbolism of this bird includes transformation, growth, and happiness.

Therefore, if you encounter a bluebird in the future, analyze the situations and signs given by the appearance of a bluebird. 

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