Blue Jay Symbolism & Meaning: Unbelievable Things You Never Knew

Blue Jay Symbolism & Meaning

Blue Jay is a bird that is small, beautiful, and stunning. This bird is one of the most beautiful birds you can ever see. Blue Jay is found in eastern North American regions.

If we specify the look of this bird, then this bird is blue above while pale grey is at the bottom. They have a fluffy crest with a black neckline.

When these birds open their wings, you will see black and white markings on their wings and tail. This is how these birds look. 

But do you know this beautiful not only pleasures eyes? It also has a positive symbolism for any person. Symbolism basically means a representation.

Many things in the world possess symbolism. In this list, one of the most common can be rose.

When we say rose, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? It should be “love”. This is what symbolism means. Rose symbolizes love. 

However, the knowledge of symbolism is not known to everyone. With this article, we are here to add some knowledge. We’ll explain Blue Jay Symbolism & Meaning in detail.

What Is Blue Jay Symbolism And Meaning?

In a general context, the bluejay bird represents trust, communication, loyalty, deceit inner wisdom, and power. In western culture, the bluejay symbolizes good luck, mimicry, loudness, shrillness. While in eastern cultures it is represented as a messenger and trickster.

The symbolism of this bird highly depends on the beauty and nature of this bird. As we mentioned above this bird is blue above and pale grey at the bottom.

This bird begins its life as a blackbird but it turns blue with the growth. Another interesting fact about these birds includes the shrill cries. 

Blue Jay bird makes noises to annoy other birds. But, on the other hand, these birds make other birds beware of the predator or hunter by making such noises.

When it comes to the nature of these birds, they become bullies at bird-feeders. They make other birds scatter so that they can keep the food for themselves. 

Due to such nature, the symbolism of this bird includes shrillness, changeability, noise, loudness, mimicry, and mischief.

The common beliefs or perceptions for the symbolism of the blue jay bird are as follows:

  • Symbol of confidence, intellect, clarity, and vibrancy. 
  • Sense of creativity as these birds used to sing when they are free. 
  • If a blue jay bird crosses the path of a person, it is believed that it is a sign of free expression. 

However, other beliefs persist in some religions & tribes. This bird holds a good significance in some religions mentioned below. 

Blue Jay Symbolism And Meaning In Different Cultures

The symbolism of the blue jay bird is different in various tribes and religions. This bird has quite good relevance in some religions and tribes. Some of the beliefs are listed here:

Blue Jay Native Americans Symbolism

In Native Americans’ belief, the blue jay bird holds a good significance. This is especially true for the Sioux, Coast Salish, and Chinook tribes.

As far as the Coast Salish tribes are concerned, these people are Salish-speaking Native Indians. The symbolism of Blue Jay and its meaning in the Native American tribe are:

  • In the Coast Salish tribe, it is believed that Blue Jays are closely related to Raven. They have a belief that this bird is a trickster figure who replaced Raven. 
  • Even in the past, the maternal uncle of Haida boys asked their nephews to eat the tongue of a blue jay. They believed that this will improve their climbing abilities. 
  • However, Native Americans believe that this bird has bad power. The symbolism here is noisy, arrogant, selfish, and prideful. 

Blue Jay Christianity Symbolism

The beliefs of a blue jay in the Christianity religion are very different from the Native Americans’ beliefs. But there is no proper evidence that is related to the symbolism of blue jay. 

However, devout Christians have a strong belief that seeing a blue jay bird is a good sign. The symbolism of the blue jay bird in Christianity includes:

  • The blue jay bird is believed to be a sign that shows that the person should fight the situation no matter how hard it seems. 
  • It symbolizes that one person should not give up. 
  • It is believed that the blue jay bird symbolizes fearlessness & protection, and plans for the future. 

Blue Jay Celtic Symbolism

In Celtic symbolism, it is believed that the blue jay bird carries messages between dimensions. It is believed that this creature is a trickster as it belongs to the raven or crow family.

It also symbolizes planning for the future. This is derived from the secretive nature of this bird. Blue jay bird is very secretive in terms of their nest and they usually fly unseen. 

But the symbolism of this bird in Europe is very different. They linked these birds to Green Oak trees. It is believed that this bird is the soul of Celtic Druids planting their sacred seeds. 

Why Are You Seeing Blue Jay In Dreams? Meaning

Seeing birds, animals, person, or other imaginary things in dreams are very common. Many people even dream of blue jaybirds. However, do you know that these birds can symbolize something when they appear in a dream? Many beliefs are related to the blue jay dreams. 

  • Seeing Blue Jaybird in dreams can be related to communication because this bird is highly talkative. 
  • If a person is seeing this bird repetitively in dreams, then this can symbolize a situation that the dreamer should speak in reality. If the dreamer analyses the real-life situations, then they will find a situation where he/she needs to speak. 
  • Dreaming blue jay bird can also symbolize the connection with the inner wisdom or higher consciousness. 

Blue Jay Totem And Omens Meaning

The beliefs related to the Blue Jay totem animal are very similar to the symbolism mentioned above. It is assumed to be a powerful ally when a person fights against someone who is hurting you. 

  • The symbolism of the blue jay as a totem animal means aggression and power. 
  • It is especially true in the case of guarding a territory. 
  • It is believed that if a person is encountering this bird again and again, then it is a good indication. 
  • It also represents encouragement for the person. 

Now when it comes to blue jay omens, the beliefs are pretty much the same.

If you are thinking that why you are encountering this bird again and again, then there are possibilities that jay must be asking you to trust the family members.

Blue Jaybirds have a strong connection with their family. Therefore, there are chances that this bird may be asking you to trust close members rather than non-family members. 

It is also believed that the blue color of this bird symbolizes communication and association with spirituality.

If you are getting blue jay omens then there are chances that jay must be asking you to follow higher ideals. 

Blue Jay As A Spirit Animal

There is a spiritual meaning of blue jay bird as well. If your spirit animal is Blue Jay, then it may symbolize some things to you. There are some beliefs related to this spirit animal. The symbolism of this spirit animal has these beliefs:

  • Encourages the person to speak up
  • The person with blue jay spirit animal can be a bit sassy and they don’t take verbal abuse or disrespect from anyone. 
  • This spirit animal may also sign the person not to be destructive. 


Symbolism is not a new thing. These kinds of beliefs are persisting in the world. Many people believe it to be true while some may not believe it.

However, symbolism can be very true for the people who believe in it. With this article, we have talked about the Blue Jay symbolism and its meaning. Blue Jay is a bird that is known for its power and singing nature. 

This bluebird has a common symbolism of communication, power, and taking a stand for yourself. A person just needs to observe these signs and react as per them.

Therefore, if you encounter a blue jay bird in the future, then maybe nature is sending you some kind of message. Hence, observe it and react as per the situation. 

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