Black Vulture Size: Explained & Compared With Other Birds

Black Vulture Height

Black Vulture Size

Vultures are a bird of prey that scavenges on carrions and dead animals. Several movies and tales depict vulture species as deadly and capable of causing harm to humans, however, these birds of prey are harmless because they mostly consume dead animals.

The Black Vulture, like the Turkey Vulture, is one of the most common vultures in the New World. 

Black Vultures spend the entire year in wooded and open regions of the eastern and southern United States, as well as in South America.

Black Vultures have small bodies, large wings, short tails, and forceful wingbeats. The black vulture has a considerable body length (measured from the tip of its head to the tip of its tail or feet). 

On average the black vulture’s height ranges between 56-74 cm (22-29 in).

HeightCentimeter Inches Feet
Black Vulture56-74 cm22-29 in1.8 – 2.4 ft

Vultures are huge and powerful bird species, and seem very scary and dangerous, but do remember that they do not harm living beings. They only feed on dead creatures. 

Black Vulture Weight

Black Vulture Size

Vultures, unlike many other raptors, are very sociable and are frequently found in huge groups. The gregarious black vulture roosts eat and fly in flocks, frequently alongside turkey vultures. 

Furthermore, black vultures are among the most numerous vultures in the New World, and they have the most diversified diet of any member of the Cathartidae family. Overall, vultures are large and very powerful birds. 

Interestingly, it has also been observed that the weight of the Balck Vultures varies depending on their habitat and geographical location. 

For instance, the weight of black vultures from North America and the Andes ranges from 1.6 to 3 kg (3.5 to 6.6 lb), while it is 1.18-1.94 kg (2.6–4.3 lb) for the tropical lowlands vultures. 

However, a few groups of Black vultures in Texas were found to average 2.15 kg (4.7 lb), whereas 119 birds in Venezuela were found to average 1.64 kg (3.6 lb).

The overall average weight of Black Vultures is considered to be 1.2 – 1.9 kg (2.64 -4.18 lbs). 

Weight Kilograms Pounds 
Black Vulture 1.2 – 1.9 kg2.64 – 4.18 lbs

Black Vulture Wingspan

Black Vulture Size

Black Vultures are big raptors that fly with their broad, rounded wings flattened and inclined slightly forward. In flight, a black vulture looks like a bat. The vulture’s large wings and short tail provide a rounded trailing side appearance. 

As a result, distinguishing between a black vulture and other sorts of birds, such as bats, may become difficult. 

However, with the help of the wingspan measurements of the vulture, you can easily tell these apart. 

The Black Vulture has an overall wingspan of about 1.33–1.67 m (52–66 in) or 4.2 to 5.4 feet. 

Wingspan Meters Inches Feet
Black Vulture 1.33–1.67 m52–66 in4.22 to 5.4 feet

Black Vulture Size Comparison To Human

Black Vulture Size

Usually, humans are very scared of vultures due to their large size and scary attitude, however, where would the Black Vultures stand in comparison to humans? 

Now that we know that the height of Black Vultures is 56-74 cm (22-29 in) or 1.8 – 2.4 ft. On the other hand, the average size of an adult human is between 5.5 to 5.9 feet long.

Humans are more than double the size of Black vultures in terms of height, which is measured from the tip of the head to the tip of the foot. 

In terms of body mass, the Black Vulture weighs 1.2 – 1.9 kg (2.64 -4.18 lbs), whereas the average human weighs between 60 to 80 kg (136-176 lb). 

In both the cases of humans and Black Vultures, their weight may vary depending on their geographic location. Humans are insanely heavier than black vultures, there is no competition. 

While we cannot compare the two on the basis of wingspan, as humans don’t have one, we can instead compare the wingspan of the bird with the arm span of humans. 

While the wingspan of black vultures is 4.2 to 5.4 feet, the arm span of humans is around 5.5-5.9 ft. This indicates that with its wings wide open the black vultures can come close to the overall length of humans. 

Black Vulture Vs Turkey Vulture Size

Black Vulture Size

Black Vultures, unlike Turkey Vultures, are small birds with broad wings, short tails, and forceful wingbeats. 

Both Black vultures and Turkey vultures have similar sizes and are large creatures. 

On the basis of overall size from head to toe, the black vulture measures up to 56-74 cm (22-29 in), whereas the Turkey vulture has a height of 25.2-31.9 in (64-81 cm). 

In comparison to the Black Vultures, the Turkey vultures have greater length, more than the maximum size of Black vultures. 

While poised, both the Black Vulture and the Turkey Vulture regularly stretch their wings and tail. If we compare the two birds on the basis of their wingspan, the wingspan of the Black vulture is 1.3–1.67 m (52–66 in) and the wingspan of the Turkey Vulture is 62-70.1 in (160-180 cm). The turkey vulture has a much larger wingspan than the black vulture. 

The Black vulture and the Turkey vulture are somewhat similar in body weight. While the Black Vulture weighs about 1.2 – 1.9 kg (2.64 -4.18 lbs), the Turkey vulture weighs about 0.8 to 2.41 kg (1.8 to 5.3 lb). 

Overall, the Turkey Vulture is much bigger in length as well as a wingspan in comparison to the Black vulture. 

BirdBlack VultureTurkey Vulture
Height56–74 cm (22–29 in) 25.2-31.9 in (64-81 cm)
Weight1.2 – 1.9 kg (2.64 -4.18 lbs)0.8 to 2.41 kg (1.8 to 5.3 lb)
Wingspan1.3–1.67 m (4.3-5.4ft)160-180 cm (5.2-5.9 ft)

Black Vulture Vs Buzzard Size Comparison

Although buzzards and Black Vultures appear to be common, familiar birds, they may be quite perplexing and are sometimes mistaken for totally other species. 

There are certain crucial distinctions that might help you identify a buzzard from a vulture. The height, wingspan, and weight of the two species of birds are important distinguishing markers.

The Black Vultures are comparatively larger birds than the Buzzards who look like hawks and are of small or medium size.

The Black Vultures are large scavenger birds who have a height of approximately 56–74 cm (22–29 in) in length, while the buzzards have a height of 40-58cm (16 and 23 in). The Black Vulture is larger in size than the common Buzzard. 

The Black Vulture with a wingspan of 1.3–1.67 m (52–66 in) is larger than the Common Buzzard with a wingspan of around 109–140 cm (43–55 in). Additionally, the Black Vulture with a weight of 1.2 – 1.9 kg (2.64 -4.18 lbs) is heavier than the Common Buzzard with a weight of 0.43 – 1.4 kg (0.9-3 lb). 

BirdBlack VultureBuzzard
Height56–74 cm (22–29 in) 40-58cm (16 and 23 in)
Weight1.2 – 1.9 kg (2.64 -4.18 lbs)0.43 – 1.4 kg (0.9-3 lb)
Wingspan1.3–1.67 m (4.3-5.4ft)109–140 cm (3.5–4.5 ft)


And that was everything you need to know about the Black vulture’s size. I hope this article was informative enough and you got something useful from it. 

Thank You For Reading! 

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