17 Birds With Beautiful Crests: You Must Know About

 Birds With Beautiful Crests

Birds With Beautiful Crests

  1. Indian Peafowl
  2. Northern Lapwing
  3. Rock Hopper Penguin
  4. Victoria Crowned Pigeon
  5. Eurasian Hoopoe
  6. Silver Pheasant
  7. Blue Jay
  8. Stellar’s Jay
  9. Grey Crowned Crane
  10. Northern Cardinal
  11. Palm Cockatoo
  12. Crested Duck
  13. Red-crested Turaco
  14. Bare-faced Go-Away Bird
  15. Pileated Woodpecker
  16. Polish Chicken
  17. Cockatiel

Indian Peafowl

Peacocks dwell in the wild in woodland and forest, although they can adapt to a variety of settings including captivity. They are found in India, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, and the Congo Basin in the wild.

These colorful birds spend most of their time scratching about on the ground, yet it is incredible to witness them effortlessly soar.

The peacock’s crest is said to be capable of picking up vibrations during mating tail displays.

Northern Lapwing

Waders that reside in Europe and Siberia are known as northern lapwings. They move from North Africa and southern Asia to northern Europe and Siberia across long distances.

The crests of male Northern Lapwings are longer than those of females and juvenile birds. Because they make a pee-wit call, they are also known as peewits.

Rockhopper Penguin

Rockhopper Penguins are little penguins that reside in frigid places such as the southern Atlantic, South America, the southern Indian Ocean, and the area near New Zealand.

Although they have the most striking crest of any penguin, infant Rockhopper Penguins do not have crests at birth; they develop them as they get older.

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Blue-gray body feathers with maroon underparts and vivid crimson eyes complete this lovely pigeon.

Male and female pigeons have essentially identical appearances. The only visible difference is the male’s size, which is rather huge.

During the breeding season, male crowned pigeons exhibit their beauty by bending their heads and tails.

The Victoria crowned pigeon is the world’s biggest living species of pigeon. They reside in New Guinea’s and Indonesia’s lowland woods.

This pigeon’s greatest distinguishing characteristic is its magnificent lace-like crest of feathers with white tips.

Eurasian Hoopoe

Eurasian Hoopoes have a magnificent crown of feathers on their heads, which they may lift in a spectacular show. The big head show is enhanced by the black tips on the head feathers.

There are nine subspecies of Eurasian Hoopoes that reside in Europe, Asia, and North Africa.

A Hoopoe’s beak is long, robust, and sharp, and it has unusually strong muscles that allow it to open its bill when it is on the earth.

Silver Pheasant

The male Silver Pheasant’s white feathers that extend down the back and into the long tail resemble long hair running down their backs.

They have a black crest and red exposed skin on their faces that form a wattle. They reside in the jungles of Southeast Asia and China’s highlands.

Blue Jay

blue jay

Blue Jays are huge songbirds with a blue crest, blue and black backs, and white undersides. They are a popular backyard bird in several areas across the United States.

They are loud birds that move in family groupings and consume acorns when they are available.

Mostly local, but can move in huge flocks along the Great Lakes and Atlantic coast from the far northwest of the United States.

Stellar’s Jay

Steller’s Jays are huge songbirds with triangular black crests that protrude from their heads. The remainder of their heads, chests, and backs are black, while the rest of their bodies are blue.

They can be found in evergreen woods in the highlands, as well as along picnic tables.

Stellar’s Jays consume almost everything they can get their hands on, including insects, seeds, nuts, berries, eggs, and nestlings. They build their nests out of the mud.

Gray Crowned Crane

The grey-crowned crane is a huge bird that inhabits Eastern and Southern Africa’s marshes and grasslands.

It is Uganda’s National Bird. This bird is mostly grey in appearance and has a magnificent crown, as its name suggests.

Their wings have a black and white pattern. The cap or crest, which has magnificent golden-colored feathers, is probably the most gorgeous portion. They also have a neck pouch that is brilliant crimson in hue.

Their wings have a black and white pattern. The cap or crest, which has lovely golden-colored feathers, is probably the most gorgeous portion. They also have a neck pouch that is brilliant crimson in hue.

Northern Cardinal

northern cardinal

The brilliant red male Northern Cardinal with black around his face is a stunning sight, especially against a snowy winter background.

With their brown coloration, pointed brown crest, red accents, and red beaks, the females are likewise a bit spectacular. In North America, they are a common backyard bird.

During mating season, Northern Cardinals will occasionally fight their own reflection in order to protect their territories.

Palm Cockatoo

A huge black mohawk and red cheek patches distinguish the Palm Cockatoo. It is Australia’s and maybe the world’s biggest cockatoo. They have the largest beaks of all the parrots.

They utilize their big beak to break off thick sticks for a drumming performance, which may be up to 1 inch thick.

Crested Duck

These birds with hair on top of their heads appear to be coiffured as if they just left a hair salon.

Because of its peculiar head feathers, this duck was brought back to Europe from the East Indies. The crest is a genetic mutation that is not usually passed down, not all Crested Duck chicks will have it.

Red-crested Turaco

These African birds have crimson feathers on their heads. They have a monkey-like voice and are extremely huge.

The crimson head feathers are 2 inches tall and contrast well with the green body. The trees are adorned with flocks of up to 30 of these red-haired birds.

Bare-faced Go-Away Bird

This type of turaco has a big mohawk that contrasts with its naked black cheeks. They are loud birds with long tails that dwell in Africa.

Their name is derived from the loud ‘get out of here’ call they make. In comparison to other turacos, the Bare-faced Go-Away Bird is relatively plain.

Pileated Woodpecker


Pileated Woodpeckers are the largest woodpeckers, about the size of a crow. The majority of it is black, with a red mohawk and white stripes.

The white underside of the wings may be seen when flying. Males have a second red stripe on their cheek.

Pileated woodpeckers are generally found in the eastern United States, although they may also be found in Canada and along the west coast of California.

Polish Chicken

Polish Chickens are ones that are ‘funky’ looking and their hair is so long that it interferes with their vision.

There are three kinds: bearded, non-bearded, and frizzled. They are frequently employed as display birds, but they are also excellent egg layers.


A little type of cockatoo from Australia with a yellow mohawk. A common pet bird that utilizes its crest to indicate whether it is joyful or terrified.

They are grey, but captive birds have over 22 color variations. They may survive in captivity for up to 25 years, however one was documented as surviving for 36 years.

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