Birds Nesting Near My House What Should I Do? Follow These Steps

Birds Nesting Near My House What Should I Do

Parent birds spent days picking up twigs, grass, dried-up leaves, and an assortment of other materials to make the perfect nesting space for their young ones. 

But with the amount of natural habitat lost due to environmental conditions and human interventions, it does not take too long before the tree in your backyard is the place they decide to set up base. 

So, of course, being the curious creatures we are, we want to know what we can do about it? 

If you are also a bird-lover, then you want to know how you can help. 

While we understand the good intentions behind it, the short answer to your question of ‘what to do about this nest’ is to leave it alone, plain and simple. 

Birds are incredibly intelligent creatures and one of nature’s most interesting groups to study precisely because of their seemingly endless capabilities despite their mostly small sizes. 

And they are completely self-sufficient when it comes to home-making, nesting, and raising their young ones and prefer not having any human helping hands. 

But if you insist on helping out, here are some ways you can ensure that they can make their nesting period as uninterrupted and peaceful as possible!

How Can You Help Birds Nesting Near Your House?

The primary thing to do if you’ve got a little animal buddy inside (especially cats) is to keep it inside or block off the tree where the birds reside from it. 

Baby birds are extremely vulnerable and coincidentally also happen to be one of the cats’ favorite meals!

Feeding them is not a necessity and is not crucial for their successful development. 

But if you do insist on feeding them though, make sure you feed them bird food high in protein like mealworms and peanuts. 

You can also help the female birds regain their calcium content after egg formation by leaving out crumbled dried-up eggshells in open and obvious places for them!

If the sun is especially insistent in those areas during the day, it’s always best to leave out some clean water for the bird to drink and bathe in.

Make sure to also keep it shallow, so that the birds can safely take a dip in it!

The best advice though, as we mentioned, is to stay away.

Make sure that you don’t impose upon them and if the spot is inconvenient, know that this period is quite short and will be over in no time so be hospitable to those little buddies!

What Does It Mean When A Bird Builds A Nest By Your House?

Bird nests are made on the basis of many things, and sometimes the reasoning can be as simple as your windowsill being a bit wider, or you have an especially fuller and more fruitful to rest on. 

But if you are of the auspicious kind though, a bird choosing your house in particular means many things.

As opposed to many auspicious omens, bird nests are considered good luck!

People who believe in their goodness do so because they believe that the nest is a representation of the commitment it takes to build a safe and cozy space for their family.

And we certainly cannot argue with that! People believe that it’s good luck to find bird nests burrowed into your Christmas tree.

Will Birds Come Back To A Disturbed Nest?

Parent birds do not mind if you have come near their nest just once, though even that is not a good idea. 

While it is certainly a myth that birds abandon their nests if the scent of humans is observed from it, approaching and touching the nest is just a bad idea all around. 

Not only are the young ones completely vulnerable at that point, but it could also be a hazard to you.

Bird dropping contains some pretty serious stuff that could make you ill. 

So while going purposefully to go meet the new baby birds is definitely a bad idea, if you accidentally touch the nest while cleaning or gardening, that is not reason enough for the birds to abandon their nests, so fret not!

If you are relocating the nest, that is a different case. Sometimes parent birds struggle to find the newly relocated nest and thus might abandon the entire brood. 

They might also think that the predators got to them and made their escape.

While it is definitely necessary sometimes to remove nests from inconvenient spaces, try and make sure you relocate them to obvious yet not open places.

Can I Remove A Bird’s Nest From My Roof?

The answer to that is no. If you can help it, it is best you do not remove active nests from your roof.

If there are no alternatives though, you could try making a nest box, and relocate the birds gradually and of their own accord before removing the remnants from your roof. 

To make a nest box, simply cut a hole through an old plastic container and roughen it up a bit for the bird to have some grip. 

Also, make some drainage holes as well as aeration holes in the box.

Gently and carefully place the nest with eggs into the box and keep it there for the parent bird to claim it and move in, and then you can move the box away.

In Conclusion

We hope we helped you figure out what to do about the nest by your house. Our best advice though? Keep away and watch one of nature’s most wonderful life cycles happen before your eyes!

Thank you for reading!

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