Bird Symbolism And Meaning: What Does It Mean When You See A Bird?

Bird Symbolism And Meaning

Over various religions, cultures, and traditions birds have been an eminent symbolism.

Some symbolize it for their ability to fly and some consider it to be a connection between the heavenly spirits and the people of the earth.

There are various different species of birds laid out in various different parts of the earth. Different species and kinds of birds mean different things.

But in general, they somewhat convey a sense of freedom, as they have wings that help them fly into the sky, unlike humans.  Somewhere humans also tend to envy birds for their ability to fly.

So In this article, I’ll explain bird symbolism and meaning in detail. I’ll cover all the aspects related to the birds symbolism.

Understanding Bird Symbolism and Meaning 

In a general context, the birds are a symbol of immortality, the messenger of the higher spirits, peace, fertility, wisdom, strength, death, bad omen, and bad luck. 

In various historical myths and folklores, birds have been described as messengers, protectors, and harbingers of good luck and fortune.

But alongside all the positive indications, there are also some dark theories. Some birds are also related to death, bad omen, and bad luck. The sounds of those birds are said to cause death or misfortune. 

Birds NameBirds Symbolism
AlbatrossGood fortune
BitternDesolation, impending calamity
BlackbirdPoet, lover, song; solitariness; death; sensual passion
BuzzardLaziness, clumsiness, idiocy, lasciviousness
ChickenLight, healing, resurrection; vigilance, overbearing insolence; pluckiness
CootIntelligence, prudence; baldness
CraneSun, dance; longevity, happiness, enlightenment, vigilance, foresight
CrowContention, discord, strife; evil; longevity
Cuckooavarice, jealousy; foolishness
DoveFertility, soul; faithfulness; peace, love, innocence, harmlessness, sorrow 
DuckHappiness, faithful married love; deceit
EagleDivinity, majesty, inspiration 
Falcon/HawkNobility, victory; rapacity
GoldfinchSoul, salvation, light; fertility, sexual pleasure
GooseSoul, sun; vigilance; sexual union; conceit, folly, old age
GullSoul; gullibility
HeronCowardice; wisdom
IbisHeart; morning
JaySenseless chatter
KingfisherDawn, calm seas, respite; magnanimity
KiteRuthlessness, rapacity, thievery
NightingaleLove, sexual emotions; heartbreak, grief; contentiousness
OstrichEndurance; negligence, stupidity
OwlWisdom, death, doom, evil
Parrot Mocking verbosity; love; poetry
PeacockPride, vainglory; immortality
PigeonCowardice, stupidity
RavenProphecy, ill-luck; longevity; slaughter, death
RobinConfiding trust, charity, Christmas
SparrowLasciviousness; mankind
SwanMusic, grace, serenity, innocence
VultureRapine, filth, voraciousness, death; maternity, purity; 

Bird Meaning And Symbolsim In Different Civilizations

Native American Bird Symbolism

The special ability of birds to fly indicates that they are sent by the creators with certain purposes which they need to fulfill.

And to be able to communicate with the higher spirits in heaven they have wings that take them there. Native Americans also believe that these winged creatures are connections between the two worlds. 

The Natives feature different birds as their clan animals. These various clans have had different stories and tales passed on over centuries about different species of birds.

Almost all of these stories seem to have a common moral which is inputting the value of life to the youth. 

Christianity Bird Symbolism

According to Christianity, birds are much more than just a living physical entity on the face of the earth. They believe that birds are strong examples of hope and strength.

In the Bible as well, birds have an emphatic significance. They have also played a key role in the formation of history, according to the bible.

These creatures represent hope, mercy, and divine involvement. They have been saviors to the hungry in their time of need by bringing food, they have given hope to the helpless people and calmed those who were feeling anxious.

According to the prophets, if we pay close attention and observe and listen to the birds, we will be able to receive the message God is sending our way.

In fact, birds are said to be the best solution for spiritual rejuvenation and the healing of a broken heart.

Celtic Bird Symbolism

Celts believed in worshiping animals/birds because they regarded their power to be the souls of the dead.

They considered birds to be the souls of the highest form of humans who have departed. In Celtic culture, birds symbolize freedom and predominance.

They also believed that birds symbolized liberation. They associate birds to be protectors sent by the spirits of their beloved who are dead. 

Are You Seeing Birds In Your Dream? Here’s The Meaning

Different species of birds can have different dream interpretations. In general, seeing a bird in our dream could symbolise our goals, hopes, and aspirations.

Some birds could mean peace, love, balance, and joy while others could portray our struggles, difficulties and could come as a warning sign. 

  • If someone sees a bird hitting the window in their dream it could be a warning sign. The higher spirits might be asking them to take action about something in their lives. 
  • A flock of birds resembles a very positive sign. It means we will witness progress and prosperity in our lives. It could mean that we might be finding a familiar group, family, or workplace in the future. 
  • Seeing bird eggs could mean an influx of money while watching a bird hatch could mean a delay in success. 

Apart from these, it is important to note other minute details like the colour of the bird and their actions in the dream to interpret further. 

Bird Totem

Bird totems have a lot of symbolic meaning which mainly date back to the Native Americans who formed bird totem poles. These were reminders to themselves to learn insight and self-awareness.

All bird totems are usually strong connections to the past. It also helps the totem bearer to have an insightful peek into their future. 

Bird Omen 

Most of the time birds bear positive omens. Encounter with a bird could have a lot of significant meanings which we usually do not notice or take for granted often.

Although the way in which we encounter the bird could change the omen from a positive to a negative one.

A bird flying in front of a car could seem as a form of distraction but spiritually it means awareness. It is a message that tells us to be aware of our surroundings. 

Spotting a dead bird means a negative omen. It means we will witness disappointment or loss.

The disappointment could be internal like we could be constantly worried about the problems in our head. Or external disappointment which could mean that we are saddened by someone’s actions towards or regarding us.

A dead bird could also mean transition or change. Sometimes the process of transition could seem difficult but we need to realize change is very important for growth.  

Bird As A Spirit Animal

Having a bird spirit animal looking after us is a sense of honor. This is because birds are believed to be the creatures closest to heaven.

Birds help humans connect to the spirits of heaven. People who have birds as their spirit animal perceive life in the way birds tend to do.

They have a sense of understanding danger and of keeping themselves protected just like birds protect their nests.

They also tend to keep the people they love safe and protected always. During times of struggle, these people always tend to find a solution and never let any obstacles stop them. 

People with birds as their spirit animals are fearless and courageous and also loving and caring. They value their freedom yet also hold close to their family and loved ones. 


Birds are beautiful, colorful, unique creations. They have a special ability to fly which adds to their uniqueness. They are harbingers of hope, peace, strength, love, and purity.

They are God’s messenger and serve as a connection between the Creator and its Creations. They guide humans in their path of life and help them see life clearly.

Whichever species of bird it might be, they serve one common purpose and that is to guide human beings.

Some help to see the difficulties while some come as warning signs and others bring only good positive omens.

In conclusion, birds are like our fairy godmothers who help us travel through the journey of life without us even realizing it. And if we observe closely and listen to the birds, they will open us to all the secrets of the world and to the secret of our own soul and spirit.  

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