Beetle Symbolism And Meaning: Unbelievable Secrets You Must Know

Beetle Symbolism And Meaning

Beetle is an insect that is common in various countries and can be found near various habitats, be it land or water.

There are almost 350,000 described species and in the United States, there are almost 30,000 known beetles. The size and color of a beetle may vary as per the species.

This insect usually feeds on all parts of living or dead plants. However, they can be found easily inland, or in water. Encountering a beetle is not an unusual thing. 

But do you know that a sudden encounter with this insect can have a message for you? Yes, there are many beliefs related to the symbolism of a beetle.

The symbolism of the beetle has both positive and negative components. To simplify everything to you, we have mentioned the symbolism of beetle with this article.

It includes the beliefs that stand true as per different cultures and the meaning of dreaming beetle. 

Understanding Beetle Symbolism And Meaning

In a general context, a beetle is a symbol of the sun and represents regeneration and renewal. In western culture, beetles represent fertility, protection, and love. While in eastern culture beetles represent resurrection, immortality, and good fortune. 

The symbolism of beetle and significance is highly associated with Egyptian mythology. As per these beliefs, this insect represents the concept of nonexistence coming into existence.

It is believed that this insect spontaneously generates from dead and decaying matter. Because of such belief, the symbolism of a black beetle in the house is highly associated with the deaths and spirits in the house. Some of the common perceptions related to the beetle include:

  • It is believed that a Potato Beetle symbolizes self-nurturing, self-love, and a staple diet. 
  • Dung Beetle is a symbol of opportunities. It is believed that this insect reminds a person that everything has an opportunity. 
  • Jewel Beetle symbolizes a reminder where it is believed that life is serious of unexpected moments that include beauty and joy. 
  • The Scarab beetle symbolizes renewal, rebirth, and creation. 

Beetle Symbolism And Meaning In Different Civilizations

What Does Bettle Symbolizes In Native American Culture?

As per the beliefs of Native Americans, each animal, bird, or insect symbolizes various aspects for a human.

However, when it comes to insects and beetles, Native Americans were sacred of these woodland insects. It is so because it is believed that it causes diseases.

In this culture, they used to blow tobacco smoke in the ears to drive out the beetles. It was believed that they were supposed to dry out the brain and led to insanity. Some beliefs as per this culture include:

  • Killing a beetle or insect was considered an ill omen. 
  • Spotting a beetle in the house symbolizes fertility. 
  • It was also believed that these insects are a symbol of love and protection as well. 
  • However, some people also believed that seeing this insect in the house symbolizes lack of hygiene, un-cleanliness, and sickness. 

What Does Bettle Symbolizes In Eastern Culture?

In the Eastern parts of the world like Japan, the people used to keep beetles as their pets. However, the Chinese people used to believe that these insects get excited and impregnated by the wind.

These insects symbolize new life, resurrection, and creation as per the beliefs of the Chinese people. In China, beetles are abundant, particularly the colorful long-horned beetles. 

But the beliefs related to the Scarab beetle, this insect is considered as a symbol of Egyptian origin.

During ancient times, it was believed that the scarab beetle are the symbol of solar and they attracts good fortune. They believed that scarab symbolizes life beyond the grave. 

What Does Bettle Symbolizes In Christianity?

The importance of beetle symbolism had grown among the fathers of the Church. It was considered so significant that this insect was even linked to Christ as it turned vulgar into purity. The scarab beetles were used in medicines as well. 

What Does Bettle Symbolizes In Celtic Civilizations?

Beetles were considered as a picture of holy benevolence and grace as per some Celtic beliefs. In the Irish folk tale, the European rove beetle was described as the Devil incarnate.

In this folk tale, it was also mentioned that the only way to kill this insect is to use fire. Even in various European countries, the common dor beetles and dung beetles were associated with the Devil until the time of ancient Greeks.

However, the spiritual meaning of a scarab beetle as per Celtic rituals and witchcraft has deep symbolism. 

Are You Dreaming About Bettles? Here’s The Meaning

Dreaming of a beetle is common, but the symbolism of each dream can be different. A common belief related to the beetle dream tells that it can represent an irritating aspect of the life of the dreamer.

However, it is also believed that by dreaming of beetles the dreamer believes that he is drowning in filth.

The dreamer may be a fastidious person who is very obsessed with cleanliness. However, the other beliefs related to the beetle dreams include:

  • As per the beliefs of the Egyptian culture, dreaming of scarab beetle represents light, birth, or truth. 
  • It is also believed that dreaming of a dung beetle means that the dreamer needs to trust his creativity, inner peace, and wisdom. 
  • Dreaming of scarab beetle also symbolizes that the passed loved one of the dreamers is communicating with him.
  • Dreaming beetles may also represent precision and meticulous thinking. 
  • Dreaming of a jewel beetle symbolizes happiness and good fortune. 

The beetle totem animal symbolizes renewals, resurrection, self-preservation, and light. As per the beliefs in Central Australia, the clans are prohibited from eating their totem insect which also includes beetles.

The beetle medicine symbolizes that one should not take life so seriously, it still goes on, no matter what.

Therefore, in the meantime, one should stay in the moment and seize the opportunity when it comes to you. 

However, the scarab beetle totem animal reminds a person to adhere to the Natural Laws of Nature. Some cultures also associate this insect with the Sun God which symbolizes light. 

Now, when it comes to omens related to encountering beetles, there are different beliefs related to it. The symbolism of death to creation, every culture has different beliefs for the omens.

In the Japanese culture, it is believed that certain species of beetles like to gouge out human eyes. The beetle omens in different cultures include:

  • If a beetle flies in through the window, then it is considered a good omen.
  • As per the beliefs in Maryland, the meaning of black beetle flies into the room symbolizes sickness and death. 
  • In England, killing a beetle is considered a bad omen and it means that it is unlucky. 
  • It is believed that seeing a beetle represents an upcoming rainstorm. 
  • If a clock beetle ticks, it is considered a bad omen. 

Is Beetle Your Spirit Animal?

If a beetle shows up as a spirit animal of a person, then it symbolizes that the person is creative and can create worthy products from waste.

Such people are self-respecting individuals and they are usually loyal, steady, still, and calm. A person with a beetle spirit animal usually can act fast for new opportunities and chances. 

Such people are self-made people and they can go far in life. A beetle spirit animal also means that the person has some aspects that are holding them back.

Therefore, the spiritual meaning of the beetle represents a soul trying to connect with the person. 


Beetles are insects that are considered pets in Japan, while a negative omen in other cultures. Beetles are at last an insect which makes them a bad omen for some people.

However, there are many cultures, this insect is considered a good omen and symbolizes rebirth. With this article, we have mentioned all the beliefs that are prevalent for the beetles.

Overall, this insect is a symbol of rebirth, and resurrection for some, while bad luck for others. Therefore, when you encounter beetles in the future, analyze the situations and respond accordingly. 

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