Bee Symbolism & Meaning: Unbelievable Things You Never Knew

Bee Symbolism & Meaning

If you see a bee flying around you or your head, then what is the first reaction that is initiated by your body? One of the common reactions is to protect ourselves from that bee.

This reaction comes out because we all fear the bee sting. But, do you know that if you are seeing a bee more often, then it may have a message for you?

Every animal, bird, or insect symbolizes some message for you. There are many beliefs for such symbolism. 

Symbolism basically means what a thing is representing. For instance, encountering a peacock can make you happy and you may feel like a good thing will happen to you.

This is what the symbolism of animals or insects actually means. Bee is not different from other symbolism. There are many beliefs related to bees in various tribes and cultures. 

With this article, we have mentioned the bee symbolism and meaning that is believed by various tribes, cultures, and religions. We have also covered that if you dream of a bee, then what does it symbolize? 

Bee Symbolism And Meaning Explained

In a general context, bees represent hard work, discipline, faithfulness, and teamwork. In western culture, bees symbolize strength, sweetness, wisdom, and fertility. While in eastern culture, bees are a symbol of social work, wisdom, and positivity.

Bee is an insect that not only produces honey but also helps in pollination. The symbolism of the bee is very much related to these works of this insect.

Spotting a bee can symbolize that a person has to be productive in their daily lives and one should try to give back to the world in the best possible way.

The symbolism of the bee include:

  • The pollination by bees symbolizes fertility and sexuality.
  • The color of the bee symbolizes the sun and energy. 
  • The honeycomb of the bee symbolizes life’s sweetness and Heart Chakra. 

Bee Symbolism In Different Cultures

Bee Symbolism In Native Americans

As per the beliefs of Native Americans, many animals has major symbolism. Bee is no different from these animals.

Native Americans have a strong bee symbolism and they consider the bee as a symbol of honesty. There are many instances in the life of Native Americans that are associated with bees. 

Native Americans, have a culture of dancing and it forms a crucial part. They used to paint their masks in black and gold color and they tries to resemble bees through these colors.

Many dancers also put on bee masks on their faces and dance for entertainment. 

Dancers with bee masks dance around and touch other dancers with the help of a stinger attached to their dress. The person who gets stung by the bee would receive small gifts.

This shows that the symbolism of the bee among Native Americans is happiness. They used to use bee masks, gold, and black bracelets when they are happy. This shows us that they have a strong bee symbolism. 

Bee Symbolism In Christianity

The beliefs of bees in the Christianity religion can be seen through the references mentioned in the Bible. There are many references in Bible that talk about bees and honey.

Bees symbolize the attributes of Jesus Christ. Many monks and nuns still associate honey bees with Christianity. The symbolism of the bee as per Christianity include:

  • Honey here represents the gentle and sweet character of Jesus Christ. 
  • Sting symbolizes justice and the cross of Christ. 
  • The wisdom, strength, and industriousness of a bee symbolizes Jesus Christ  
  • The bee symbolizes activity, good order, diligence, and work. 
  • In Christianity, the image of bees symbolizes Christian vigilance. 
  • Beehive symbolizes a unified community.

This shows that the symbolism of the bee in Christianity is positive. As per this religion, an individual is represented as a bee who has to work and improve its hive. 

Celtic Bee Symbolism

The symbolism of bees in Celtic Mythology and religion has great importance. As per this religion, bees teach the wisdom of ancient Celtic Leaders.

The importance of bees in this culture is still prevalent and has great importance. The beliefs related to bee symbolism include:

  • The symbolism of the bee is related to wisdom in this culture. 
  • It is believed that bees can travel the otherworld and can bring messages from god. 
  • In Celtic culture, people here believe that bees are their family members. They used to tell all the happiness of their family. 
  • It is believed that any harsh words to bees can affect their honey production. 
  • It is also believed that the soul of a person in a state of unconsciousness or sleeping left the body in the form of bees. 

Why Are You Seeing Bees In Dreams? Meaning

Dreaming about bees is another common thing that we all used to have. But, most of the time we don’t understand the actual meaning of that dream.

The bee dreams can be a message to the person regarding the future or decision-making. Generally, dreaming about bees is a good thing and symbolizes happiness and luck. The symbolism of the bee include:

  • Dreaming bees represents life improvement. 
  • Dreaming of a cluster of bees signifies that the person needs to organize life. It also means that the person needs to focus on some areas in his life. 
  • If you dream of a beehive, then it is a sign of a prosperous future and abundance. 
  • Dreaming of a beehive with honey symbolizes wealth. 
  • A beehive full of bees represents joy and happiness in family life. 
  • If you dream of a situation where the bees are chasing, then it indicates that you are thinking of unresolved past issues.
  • If a bee stung you in dreams, then it means that you are suspecting someone or something. 

Bee Totems And Omens Meaning

Bee totem animal is common and many people believe that the power of this totem animal is magnificent. People who believed to have bees as their totem animal may have the following qualities:

  • People with bee totem animals can achieve impossible things as well. 
  • These people are hardworking and devoted to their work. 
  • They are positive and know how to use their energy. 
  • They are focused and self-sufficient. 
  • People with bee totem animals have a clear goal and path in their life. 

With all these points, it is clear that the bee totem symbolizes achieving the impossible things and working hard. Now when it comes to omens related to bee encounters, then there are no such things for these encounters. 

Encountering bees are very common as if you are standing on a balcony or roaming around a park, there are high chances that you can encounter bees.

Even getting stung by a bee is also a normal encounter. But as per the old and wise people, it is believed that if you encounter a bee, it means that you need to get focused or improve in a certain area. 

It is believed that this symbolism is true, but encounters with bees can be a coincidence as well.

Therefore, in case you encounter any bee after this, then rethink about the instances of life and the areas where you may require improvement. 

Having Bees As A Spirit Animal

Many people have bees as their spirit animal. People with such spirit animals can represent various things. Bee spirit animal symbolizes the dedication and hard work and they have a strong work ethic.

Bee spirit animal also represents that a person needs to enjoy life as well. This spirit animal also guides a person to have an eye over the balance between work life and well-being.

It also reminds a person to enjoy nature and to appreciate little things.


Bee is an insect that seems to be dangerous because of its sting. We all fear its sting. However, this insect will not sting you if you will not disturb them. Apart from this, bee symbolism is another important thing that is associated with this insect. 

With this article, we have talked about bee symbolism and what are the beliefs that are linked to this insect.

Overall, this insect has symbolism of hard work, improvement, and enjoying life. There are many things that one needs to learn from this insect.

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