BEAR SYMBOLISM AND MEANING: Must Check These Things If Seeing a Bear


Bear has been a powerful symbol of strength and courage all over the world, for many centuries. These majestic animals, by their nature and lifestyle, portray plenty of admirable features. 

When humans fall back on life and emotionally break down, are afraid of moving forward because of the hurdles, and weaknesses encountered, they turn to the spirit of a bear to give them courage and strength and the motivation to move forward and fight the battles.

Bear teaches us to stand strong and use the energy of the world in our favor during times of need and support us during our healing. 

So In this article, We’ll explain BEAR Symbolism and Meaning. We’ll cover every good and bad aspect of these wild creatures.

Bear Symbolism and Meaning Explained

In a general context, the bear symbolizes protection, courage, strength, playfulness, nobility, patience. In western culture, a bear is represented as a magical creature with great healing power. While in eastern culture a bear is a divine spiritual animal with great magical powers.

Bear is an animal of strength and might. The key bear symbolisms are as follows:

  • Strength and confidence
  • Ferocity
  • Standing against adversity
  • Leadership
  • Protection
  • Nobility
  • Patience

Bears are animals of the wild. They are built with great toughness and are extremely fierce which enables them to survive in the wilderness.

This characteristic of the bear is why it is symbolized as an enormous strength. A bear teaches humans to believe in themselves hold their ground and never be afraid of adversities.

They teach that it is only natural for difficult situations to come but those times call for us to be static and never hide away from them.

When humans are weak and feel they cannot be strong again, bear guides them and changes their perspective. 

Bears are predators and have a natural instinct of being fierce. Although this might be a frightful feature, it teaches us something very different.

This feature explains that we should not be afraid of anything. Instead, we should exercise our power and free will and achieve what we want to.

But again, we should not misuse our power, instead, we should use them only for good reasons and not exploit them. 

This animal always emphasizes being faithful to one’s individuality. People should not mold themselves or lose who they are in the quest of reaching their goal.

There will always be hardships and sorrow and disasters, but through it all, if we are able to keep our personality intact, that is the actual win in life. 

A bear is a leader. The animal does not back down from going forward and is not afraid of obstacles.

Therefore it leads. This immensely emphasizes the power they hold and, as a result, is an inspiration for us. 

Same way, it is also a protector. A true leader will protect their followers. So does a bear. This is highly related to its motherly instincts and how it protects its children.

Humans also should learn from them the art of being a shelter, an epitome of faith during times of need. 

Bear also symbolizes solitude. As it has been observed, a bear hardly moves in groups. It believes in patience and self-time.

Hence it is a symbol of seclusion. It teaches the importance of taking time in oneself and observing and rethinking what step to take next. 

Bear Meaning in Different Civilization 

Bear Symbolism In Native American Society

According to the Native Americans, bears are believed to have magical healing powers. Alongside, they also resemble strength and wisdom. 

Bears can continue to fight even after they are gravely wounded. Hence, the Natives believed that these animals can self-heal.

Many tribes used the claws of the bear in their medicines and many wore the claws around their neck for strength. 

They worshipped the animal and hurting them or talking bad about them could mean terrible luck. They considered bears to be protectors and leaders. But many folktales have also depicted that they could be tricked easily.

Bear Symbolism In Christianity

In Christianity, bears are viewed mostly in a negative light. They believe that a bear’s ferocity represents God’s wrath over sinners.

In many stories of the Bible, bears have been said to attack and harm people and kill children. 

But there is also a positive aspect to it. Bears are believed to be friendly, minus their element of fear. They coexist with other animals and are a resemblance of love between humans.

It emphasizes that when humans will not fight for power anymore, they will live happily and care for each other. 

Bear Symbolism In Celtic Civilization  

Artio, a Celtic deity, was known to be a bear goddess. Artio was the goddess of the wild. She was believed to keep the hunters safe.

Hence, along with being a symbol of strength and power, they are also divine creatures, with a close connection to god. 

According to various folklore, Celts believed that kings are descendants of bears. Hence the bear spirit seemingly helped the Celt warriors to interact with the kings.

They also helped the warriors to fight not just with strength but also with correct tactics. Bears have played a huge role in fields of war and fight. 

What Does Dreaming A Bear Means?

Bears are power animals. Their presence in any realm is signaling towards power and often about protection, basically indicating us to protect ourselves and our family.

Although, just like any other animal dream, a bear dream also has specifications. In what manner we are dreaming about bears plays a key role in interpreting what the dreams mean.

What we feel when we see a bear in our dream is very essential and needs to be carefully studied in order to understand the message we are receiving. 

  • A hibernating bear is asking us to take some time off for ourselves and spiritually reconnect with our soul. 
  • A dancing bear is usually a good luck omen and indicates influx of good news and positivity. 
  • If we witness a bear chasing us, it means we are trying to avoid a situation because we are unsure or afraid of it. The bear is telling us to shake off the fear and go for it. 
  • A polar bear represents a powerful enemy of us whom we find difficult to defeat. 
  • A black bear represents an enemy that wishes us nothing but ill fortune and disaster. 

Bear Totem and Omens Explained

Bear Totem

Bear totem stands for confidence, patience, and the right opportunity to enact. 

People with black bear totems are dominant and have prominent maternal instincts. It also means that we should be sure of who we are and what we want in life. 

A brown bear totem teaches people to understand life the role they play in the environment and how they should better themselves to have a better surrounding. In general, a bear is a guardian animal and its totem signifies balance and good health. 

Bear Omens

Different bears have different omens. 

  • A grizzly bear is a fierce animal and even more dangerous than black bears. If someone encounters this bear, it means inevitable danger. 
  • A black bear is a representation of protection and if we see a black bear it could be an indication of the presence of an individual who will protect us. 
  • Polar bear sends the omen that we should be more adaptive of our environment and blend in sometimes. 
  • A bear omen can be what we interpret out of a bear when we encounter it. But precisely, it portrays enormous power. 

Having Bear As a Spirit Animal

People with bears as their spirit animals are very solitary and reserved. They hold their ground and are very obvious and powerful in what they believe.

They cannot be easily defeated. They also like to heal their emotions and introspect. They are leaders and inspire people with their confidence. They are also deeply respected for their character. 


In conclusion, bears are dignified animals with grace and immense grounding forces. They help humanity to heal emotionally and physically and teach humans to respect themselves first.

People should have faith in themselves to be able to move forward in life. They also teach the importance of introspection and meditation to regain self-value and fight back.

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