Barred Owl Size: Explained And Compared With Other Birds

Barred Owl Size

I always wondered how big owls are! I always thought they were quite small just by looking at the pictures. But when you look at them in person it’s a whole different story.

Recently I was fascinated by the size of the Barred owl. I researched everything about them and here I brought to you this article about their size.

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Barred Owl Height/Length: How Tall Are They?

Barred Owl Size

Knowing the length of any bird is very crucial, as it can be a great way to check the growth of a bird and if there are any differences in different varieties and genders of birds. 

So, just to make it clear height and length are the same terms. Height is used more casually but when it comes to scientific research it’s called the length of any subject.

Now talking about the Barred Owl’s height, the Barred Owls are large species, but not as big as the Snowy Owl or the Great Horned Owl. 

On average Adult Barred Owls have a height range between 40 to 63 cm (16 to 25 in), with an average length of 55 cm (22 in). 

While it may seem that they are only 1.3 feet long, it is still a decent length for owls. 

Height In CentimetersHeight In Inches
Barred Owl Height40 to 63 cm16 to 25 in

Barred Owl Weight

Barred Owl Size

Another important piece of information to know about birds is their weight. You might have learned in physics, that weight is a crucial factor when it comes to the situation of flight. 

Usually, heavy objects or organisms have a lesser range and lesser speed during their flight in comparison to light ones. 

Talking about the Barred Owl’s weight, they have an average weight range of  630 – 800 gm(1.5 to 1.7 lbs). 

While males weigh between 681 to 800 g (1.501 to 1.764 lb) and females weigh between 850 – 875 g (1.874 to 1.929 lb). 

Barred Owl WeightGrams (g)Pounds (lb)
Male 681 to 8001.501 to 1.764
Female850 – 8751.874 to 1.929

Quite interestingly, female weighs more than their male counterparts. It has also been seen that female Barred Owls weigh up to one-third heavier than male ones. 

Barred Owl Wingspan (How Big Is Their Wingspan?)

One of the most important parts of a bird’s body is its wings. The wings provide the birds the ability to fly above the ground, and the size of their wings is crucial to deciding how efficient their flight would be. 

One of the ways in which the efficiency could be measured is through the wingspan, the distance from the tip of one of their wings to the other.

On average, the wingspan of a Barred Owl is between 96 to 125 cm (3.1 to 4.1 ft). 

Even with a size of just 3.1 to 4.1 ft of wingspan, it is observed that the Barred Owl is very great at gliding gracefully and without any noise through an area. 

Wingspan in CMWingspan in FeetWingspan in Inches
Barred Owl96 to 125 cm3.1 to 4.1 ft96-125”

Barred Owl Claw/Talon Size

Other than having a great skill of flying, Owls are great predators. Almost all predator birds are highly dependent on their claw or talons for capturing and killing their prey. 

Not very unlike, the Barred Owls are also considered great predators, as they have large claw size. 

The Great Horned Owls have the biggest claw size, while the Barred Owl has a tarsal size of 54–80 mm (2.1–3.1 in) as other owls. 

Interestingly, the barred owl’s feet are positioned in a raptorial configuration, with three talons in front and one in behind, giving them an effective grasp to hang on to their prey. 

Overall all types of Owls are great at their grip, holding hard onto their prey. 

Barred Owl Egg Size and Clutch size?

Now that we have talked a lot about adult Barred Owls, let’s have a peek into the juveniles. 

Being great predators, the Barred Owls also have fascinating nesting and parenting. Typically, Barred Owls nest in a natural hollow 20-40 feet high in a huge tree. The juveniles of the Barred Owls are hatched through eggs. 

The eggs of the Barred Owl are white and spherical and have a clutch size of around 1 to 5 eggs. 

With the eggs being 1.7-2.2 in (4.3-5.6 cm) in length and 1.5-1.8 in (3.8-4.5 cm) in width. 

Moreover, the incubation period and nesting period for the Barred Owls is usually between 28-33 days and 28-35 days respectively. 

Egg Size In CMEgg Size In Inches
Barred Owls Egg Length4.3-5.6 cm1.7-2.2”
Barred Owls Egg Width3.8-4.5 cm1.5-1.8”

How Big Can Barred Owls Get?

If you are wondering about what is the maximum size of Barred Owls, then let’s view this from two perspectives, that is their length and weight. 

The range of length of Barred Owls that are known is 16 to 23 inches tall, with an additional length of 38 to 49 inches of their wingspan. The range of weight of the Barred Owls that is known is around 630 to 875 g. 

So, the maximum height of a Barred Owl could be 23+ inches, a wingspan of 49+ inches, and weight of 875+ g. 

Barred Owl Vs Great Horned Owl Size Comparison 

Now that we have a detailed understanding of the height, weight, and wingspan of the Barred Owl, we can now use our understanding to compare it with other types of owls such as the Great Horned Owl. 

Firstly, if we look at the difference in height or length between the Barred Owl and the Great Horned Owl then the average height of the Great Horned Owl is greater than the Barred Owl. 

Average height Cm Average height Feet 
Great Horned Owl60 cm2 feet
Barred Owl55 cm 1.8 feet  

Secondly, talking about the mass of the two types of birds, the average weight of a Barred Owl is 630 – 800 g and the weight of the Great Horned Owl is 1400 g. The Great Horned Owl here too has won with its greater mass. 

Great Horned Owl630 – 800gm (1.3-1.7lb)
Barred Owl1400gm (3lb)

Lastly, if we compare the size of the wingspan of both types of owls, then it is quite clear that the Great Horned Owl has a bigger wingspan than the Barred Owl. 

Wingspan in Cm Wingspan in Feet
Great Horned Owl140.2 to 153 cm4.5-5 feet
Barred Owl96 to 125 cm3.1-4.1ft

Barred Owl Size Comparison To Human

Here comes the most interesting part, while we believe that birds are quite small, there are some birds that are even larger than humans. 

Although it does not have the largest wingspan, the Barred Owl is one of the largest owls in Central and South America. 

The wingspan of the Barred Owl is 96 to 125 cm (3.1-4.1ft), where its maximum wingspan length is almost the same as an average human. Isn’t it insane how these birds can be as tall as a human? 

Imagine standing beside a bird the same height, how fascinating!

Barred Owl Size Compared To Bald Eagle 

Eagles are another bird to compare with in addition to humans. It is generally considered that owls are much stronger than eagles. 

If a Barred Owl and the Bald Eagle are to stand beside each other, the Barred Owl has greater advantages and so would dominate the other. 

Firstly, if we look at the difference in height or length, then the average height of the Barred Owl is 22 inches and the Bald Eagle is 23.5 inches. There is no great difference in both their height. 

Also if we compare the two based on their mass, the average weight of a Barred Owl is 630 – 800gm (1.3-1.7lb) and the weight of the Bald Eagle is between 3 – 6.3 kg (6.6-13.8 lb). In terms of weight comparison, the Bald Eagle is almost triple in size. 

Lastly, the Bald Eagle has a larger wingspan between 5.11-7.7ft, while the Barred Owl has a wingspan of 3.1-4.1ft. The Bald Eagle has a wingspan almost double the wingspan of the Great Horned Owl.


And that was everything you need to know about the Barred owl size. I hope this article was informative enough and you got something useful from it.

Thank You For Reading!

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