Are Ravens Intelligent? Explained In Detail

Are Ravens Intelligent?

The common raven or Corvus corax, as known scientifically, is an all-black large passerine species found around the world. 

The different species of this particular genus are found extensively throughout, thriving in various climates of the Arctic, North America, Eurasia, North Africa, and islands of the Pacific Ocean. 

In this article, we’re going to find out about the intelligence of a raven, and how they are so intelligent.

We’ll also discuss other questions like Are ravens smarter than a crow or a monkey?

What is the IQ of a raven and can they remember faces? What is the intelligence level of a raven when compared to human beings? 

So without further ado, let’s dive into the article.

Are Ravens Intelligent? 

Science and various research show that all the member species of the corvid family which includes ravens, crows, etc are highly intelligent. 

Ravens can handle highly problematic situations and a science journal published in 2017 stated that they even pre-plan tasks, which is a unique behavior of humans. 

Experiments have been done to check the intelligence level of a raven, where a tool related to food was shown to the bird and after 24 hours she chose the same piece of tool to get her food. 

These tasks are not even solved by monkeys but ravens completed them effortlessly. There are various videos available online where you can definitely find out how ravens outsmart other animals. 

Which Is Smarter: Raven or Crow?

While it was stated previously that all the members of the corvid family are intelligent when we come to measure the level of intelligence the ravens are more intelligent than crows. 

Ravens like to interact with people and remember their faces and attitudes towards them but they are quite human-friendly. Ravens even do tasks to help their human friends to save some time. 

Whereas crows can also be intelligent in solving tasks like ravens but they have got a very distinctive memory. 

These birds tend to remember human faces precisely and also remember who is a threat to them. 

During the breeding period, they particularly think that all human beings are a threat to them and attack everyone who knowingly or unknowingly nears their nest. 

Why Are Ravens So Intelligent?

There is specific research that shows that ravens are intelligent. We’ve found those reasons and here it goes: 

  • Funerals are held for the dead: When a raven dies, others surround the particular place and start communicating loudly. They try to find out the danger or the reason behind the death of their team member. 
  • Paranoid state: Ravens get paranoid when they understand that they have a mental state within them and that others have them too. A specific incident states that they like to do is stack their food for the future. When they notice or feel that there are other ravens around, they handle the situation more cautiously. 
  • Punishment for selfish peers: We humans often ignore persons who act like an idiot and unfriend them for an uncertain time. The same thing happens with ravens because they are extremely social creatures and do not take any shit even from their fellow teammates by ostracising them. 
  • Planning for future and bartering items for need: Ravens can figure out what their future plans would be. Whether they breed, hunt, or stack food, they start planning for their activities early and store the tools required to complete the purpose. If they fall short of something, they barter with their fellow mates by providing them something of their use or food items. 
  • Remembering faces: The ravens tend to remember distinctly the faces of humans who have been nice to them or who can cause actual threats. They act accordingly when or if they come in contact with those human beings. 
  • Communication gestures: Ravens use certain gestures to communicate with their own species and with human beings. They generally use their beaks or limbs to point at certain things that they need or want. 

Is A Raven Smarter Than A Monkey?

Research states that 4-month-old ravens can be smarter than grown-up chimpanzees, orangutans, and monkeys when put through different physical and social tasks. 

The scientists hand raised 8 ravens since they were born to note their memory, basic maths skills, communication skills, and to find objects when they’re hidden. 

When the tasks were given, the 4-month-olds passed with flying colors like the chimpanzees and orangutans but the monkeys lacked in some places. Hence it can be said that ravens are smarter than monkeys. 

Do Ravens Remember Faces?

As stated earlier, ravens can remember human faces distinctively. They note each person’s behavior and recognize their faces from the first time they see them. 

Then the ravens make their friends and enemies based on that judgment and when they face those human beings again, they start to act accordingly. 

They can be very friendly with human beings but if they mark anyone as their enemy, they tend to attack them every time singularly and in groups. 

Is a Raven Smarter Than An Average Human Baby?

A Swedish study says that ravens are smarter than average human babies. 4-year-old babies sometimes do not have the mental growth to tackle situations and maintain calmness in times of need. 

But the ravens can start working on their future and plan accordingly at an early age.

They start tricking human beings for something they want, collection of tools, and bartering with others. They can do all kinds of crazy stuff to fulfill their needs. 

It was also noted that ravens can understand water wastage, where they help humans when they leave a tap open by closing it. 

Is a Raven more Intelligent than an Adult Human being?

Ravens by four months old can develop full-blown cognitive skills and before reaching full maturity they can rival adult grown apes. 

Another fact states that ravens can solve problems similar to the capacity of a seven-year-old child. The facts that they are as smart as a fully grown adult human are: 

  • They plan for the future and act accordingly. 
  • They have great memories and do hold grudges against evil ones. 
  • They’re great problem solvers. 
  • They use tools to stack food, nesting, and other activities. 
  • They maintain good relations with other ravens. 
  • They take care of their babies by protecting and providing food.


Ravens are a fantastic and intelligent species of bird. They are absolute entertainers in their activities but are also great problem solvers. 

They maintain their calm better than most living human beings in critical situations. 

I hope you got something useful from this article.

Thanks for reading! 

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