Ant Symbolism And Meaning: Do They Really Pose Good Luck?

Ant Symbolism And Meaning

Most of us have listened to the jokes on ants & elephants. Even ants in the house are the common problem that everybody faces in day-to-day life.

Nobody wants to have ants in the home and we see it as a problem. It is so because ants are usually seen at unhygienic places.

But on the other hand, we also give examples of ants when it comes to the hard-working creature.

These are some of the beliefs that are associated with an ant. It varies from culture to culture and has different symbolism. 

The symbolism of ants is very much related to willpower and diligence. This little insect proves to be the best example of hard work and willpower. 

So In this article, I’ve explained ant symbolism and meaning in detail. I’ve covered all the positive and negative aspects of this small creature. 

Understanding Ant Symbolism And Meaning

In a general context, an ant is a symbol of strength, prosperity, good luck, wisdom, and teamwork. In western culture, an ant symbolizes bravery, power, patience, and perseverance. While in eastern culture ants are a symbol of selfishness, virtue, and good luck.

Ants can adapt to various habitats, defend themselves, and exploit resources. These qualities of this tiny creature make it a successful survival even in different environments.

The anthills are considered one of the most organized and impressive structures in nature. This quality of ants represents a symbolism of dynamism and industrial creativity. 

It is also believed that ants symbolize endurance, discipline, perseverance, and hard work. These qualities can be easily highlighted with the fact that ants can carry 20 times their weight and travel long distances to bring food to their anthills.

Ants also symbolize prosperity and good luck. However, sometimes this tiny insect also proves to be aggressive when disturbed. Even this nature of the insect also symbolizes a positive aspect. 

The aggressive nature of ants symbolizes that there should not be anything in the way of achieving the desired goals. Therefore, the symbolism of ants includes unity, teamwork, patience, strength, and determination. 

Ant Symbolism In Different Culture

What Does Ant Symbolize In Native American Culture?

The importance of this tiny insect in the folklore and mythology of Native Americans is highly visible.

As per the beliefs of the Hopi tribe, it is believed that ant people saved the Hopi from the fire that ended the first world.

But ant people saved the Hopi by taking them to their underground caves. There are other prevalent beliefs in this culture include:

  • The people of Northern California believes that ants could earthquake and it is forbidden to disturb the anthills. 
  • As per the beliefs of the South American people, it is believed that ants symbolize bravery and strength. Ants are also considered warriors due to the South American fire ants’ painful sting.
  • In the Cherokees tribe, there was a tribal tradition of Ant Dance.
  • Tribes such as Pima, Pueblo, and Hopi had some groupings. 
  • Overall, ant symbolizes hard work, courage, patience, perseverance, and unity. 

What Does Ant Symbolize In Eastern Culture?

The symbolism of ants prevalent in the Asian continent is good. But it is very rare to see this insect in the form of art.

As per the beliefs of Chinese people, ants are considered a symbol of selfishness, obedience, servitude, and virtue.

As per the beliefs of the Philippines people, it is believed that anthills represent entrances to the mystical kingdoms where the ancient pagan gods dwell. 

The Filipinos believe that having ants in the house is a symbol of good luck. However, when it comes to Japanese culture, this insect is not included in the symbolic animals, but there is a story present in their mythology.

It is mentioned that Yokai named Oari is the dead spirit of an ant who hits people with a big wooden hammer. 

What Does Ant Symbolize In Christianity?

In the Bible, the symbolism of ants is mentioned as devotion, assiduity, and collaboration. There are several references in the Bible that represents this insect as an emblem of community and teamwork.

It is believed that ants work together and it serves as the perfect example for a person. The symbolism of ant as per Christianity religion include:

  • As per the Bible, the spiritual meaning of ants is an allegory. 
  • Ants working together provides the symbolism of unity and represents that a person should work together. 
  • As per the teachings of the Bible, the symbolism of ants is interpreted as responsibility and carefulness. It is said that every person should plan their spiritual future and gather good deeds. 
  • Dreaming of ants is considered a positive sign as per the beliefs of Christianity. 

What Does Ant Symbolize In Celtic Culture?

When it comes to the beliefs of Celtic culture, the symbolism of ant is not very familiar. However, for the old Celtic population, this small insect is a diligent and persevering creature.

Among the Cornwall folks, there is still a belief that ants are fairies that enjoys their last incarnation. As per the beliefs of Old English folks, this small insect is associated with death and the underworld.

This symbolism can be easily interpreted with the fact that ants build complicated structures under the Earth’s surface.  

Are You Dreaming About Ants? Here’s The Meaning

Dreaming of ants can also symbolize various aspects of life. But, many times people ignore such dreams and didn’t realize the messages conveyed to them through such ant dreams.

Yes, ant dreams indeed symbolize things and there are many beliefs related to such dreams. However, the meaning of dreams can vary as per the color and situation of the dream.

It is believed that dreaming of ants is related to work ethics. To make it more clear, here are the beliefs related to some ant dreams:

  • Dreaming of red ants means that the dreamer will experience some anger or difficulties in their work relationships. It is also believed that the red ant dream symbolizes the minor insecurities that make them feel uncomfortable. 
  • Dreaming of ants symbolizes the hidden issues that are prevailing in the dreamer’s life. It also means that this spirit animal is responding to the dreamer’s call. 
  • Dreaming of a black ant symbolizes the minor displeasure that the dreamer is ignoring or denying.
  • Dreaming of ants crawling over the body of the dreamer, then it represents that somebody is annoying him. 
  • Dreaming of ant bit means that the dreamer has to free himself from the daily routine.
  • Dreaming of fire ants represents the regrets that you must have related to past experiences. 

Ant Totems & Omens Explained

The ant totem animal teaches a person to do hard work for achieving their dreams. People with ant totem animals are usually responsible and diligent.

This totem animal inspires us to focus on our capabilities and to get the best. Ant totem provides a clear vision to a person who is unsure about their path.

This totem animal teaches us to have patience and overcome all obstacles. People with ant totems are usually responsible, diligent and they love to work as a team. 

When it comes to the omens related to the encounters with ants, there are many beliefs related to it. The encounters with ants can be any form, either in reality or in dreams.

It is believed that seeing an ant can offer various symbolism. However, when we see an ant dream, then it is believed that it is an important sign of a busy period following soon. Some of the beliefs related to ant encounters include:

  • It is believed that ants in the house symbolize the relationship or career that will start soon and a person needs to be focused. 
  • Seeing a black ant in the house is considered a good omen and it represents a promising sign. They also predict prosperity. 
  • While the red ants in the house are considered as a bad omen and it is considered as bad luck. It is believed that this ant indicates the loss of wealth.
  • Seeing ants moving from the East direction is a bad omen and it symbolizes upcoming bad news.
  • Seeing ants moving from the West direction is a good omen and it represents a sign that you will travel abroad. 
  • Seeing ants in the bedroom or on the bed is a bad omen and means that you are letting problems invade your place. 

Is Ant Your Spirit Animal?

When a spirit animal enters into your life, it is a sign that you should be patient and slow things down. It is believed that an ant spirit animal teaches a person that hard work is important to achieve goals.

This spirit animal can also guide a person in dreams. If you see big ants in your house, then it may mean that this spirit animal is guiding you to consolidate relationships with co-workers, superiors, and friends. 

People with ant spirit animals are usually responsible and hard-working. Such people are capable of making decisions and they never fail to judge the advantage and disadvantages correctly.

This spirit animal provides a fighting spirit to a person and dreaming of it is considered a good & positive sign. 


Encountering an ant is very common to everyone. This insect is usually categorized among the tiny insects but the lessons from this insect are way bigger than its size.

There are many beliefs related to the symbolism of an ant. With this article, we have mentioned the ant symbolism and the beliefs related to ant dreams.

Overall, this insect symbolizes hard work and patience. Therefore, whenever you encounter an ant after this, analyze the situation and make better decisions. 

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