Animal Symbolism and Meaning: Everything You Need To Know

Animal Symbolism and Meaning

Animals are the reason why the ecological balance of Mother Earth is still in check and technically why human species still survive in harmony with flora and fauna.

And just like Animals have their own significance ecologically, such significance is also found in the symbolism of humans.

Animals are always all around us trying to preach a message, and this article will help you take notes of what it is through a detailed study of Animal symbolism and meaning.

Understanding Animal Symbolism and Meaning 

In a general context, animals symbolize strength, wisdom, nature, loyalty, superiority, good and bad luck. 

  • Animals are in general symbolic of guides for the human species. Whether we are spiritually involved or not, animals at every stage of our life manage to leave a message for us that acts as a guiding force to interpret situations and realize what should be done in our favor to make our lives easier.
  • Animals over the years have established a deeper connection with nature and the Universe than humans probably are ever capable of and that brings them closer to mother Earth, symbolizing and rather belonging largely to the cycle of nature that helps them to recognize its cues and also help humans to find the cues for them.
  • Hence, we should be prepared to accept the fact that animals are at superiority over humans on Earth, no matter how revolutionized our species is. Hence, we must respect its supremacy and abide by it, to maintain the right balance in our lives as well as the Ecosystem.

Animals Symbolism In Different Civilizations 

What Do Animals Symbolize In Native American Culture?

Native Americans are indeed a group of people who have recognized the significance of animals to their utmost potential from ancient times.

They have managed to gather deep knowledge from the behavioral traits of animals. Their ancestors believed that human communication with animals is possible through unique languages.

To date, not only do Native American tribes largely rely upon animals for several basic resources of utmost importance to them, but also keep faith in animals and their pathfinding abilities to control their lives and decisions.

Several activities that these tribes tend to indulge in include utilization of animals, their functions, and also their body parts for their general and also symbolic specifications.

Animals are also consumed for a living in their culture but that doesn’t degrade the high regard they have for these wide varieties of living creatures.

Not only for sustenance, but Animals also influence their culture and festivities through their symbolisms in art, fables, prayers, rituals, dances, magic and even healing powers.

These came along with deep spiritual meaning and representations in their culture with an impact on the lives of the natives.

What Do Animals Symbolize In Eastern Culture?

Japanese culture and Animal symbolisms have been synonymous for ages. From artworks to fables, the Japanese tend to establish human-animal communication almost in all aspects, and animals themselves are mostly the theme of it.

For China, such Animal Symbolisms are of equal importance other than their culture going a bit ahead to include these animals in the list of zodiacs as Spirit Animal for people born under the zodiac that is rendered to a specific animal, exhibiting characteristics similar to the Animal of their Zodiac.

However, the Eastern culture has also witnessed several symbolisms being transformed from one meaning to another overtime after noticing contrasting traits in the animals that are of greater significance than the previous ones.

What Do Animals Symbolize In Christianity?

The symbolism of Animals in Christianity is rarely a random belief regarding mere behavioral traits but is associated with how and in what respect an animal is regarded in the verses of The Bible.

Symbolisms of each animal that is found in Christianity are animals that have been mentioned in the Bible in reference to a scenario, portraying how God perceives this creature and what he preaches among his children to learn from it.

What Do Animals Symbolize In Celtic Culture?

Celtic doesn’t only symbolize and associate different beliefs with Animals in their culture but has actually built the majority of their traditions and rituals based on Animal Symbolisms itself, which vividly reflects their devotion towards animals and their interpretations.

People of Celtic Culture regard highly and consider animals symbolic of only what they exhibit and not any assumption.

They firmly believe that each animal has supernatural and divine capabilities in itself and act as a messenger of God on Earth.

The ancient architecture and arts of Celts are exhaustively narrated with detailed animal symbolisms and discuss different characteristics of specific animals to preach a message and morale among the readers.

They also believe that great divine humans, Gods, and Goddesses have often shape-shifted into the body of animals to establish justice and judgment in the world and humanity. 

Are You Dreaming About Animals? Here’s The Meaning

  • Animal dreams are believed to be largely associated with your instincts. You tend to see animals in your dreams preaching certain messages that your instincts have been telling you for too long but you barely noticed. An animal dream is basically a louder prompt from the Universe to always follow your instincts.
  • When you dream of being attacked by any animal, it’s a symbol that some fear or thought or reality is threatening and frightening of losing something that is dear to you.
  • Such a fearful encounter with animals in your dream can also be a reflection of a side to you that is concealed under the version of you that you have manifested to become by your own virtue and will or by somebody else’s influence. Such a dream is a message for you to not forget your roots and where you belong. If you can’t be proud of it, be conscious of it.
  • Dreaming of the tail of an animal is a message to look at your tail too, i.e. look at the parts of you that are mostly hidden to yourself. This is a cue from self exploration and knowing yourself, your strengths, capabilities and weaknesses better. Because, there is no other way to success other than recognizing oneself.
  • Hence, the next time you dream of an animal indulged in any action in your dream, first consider the characteristics of the animal itself, then the practical reason behind their actions in your dream and lastly the emotions such dream made you feel, to recognize the purpose for which the Universe made you dream of an animal.

Animals Totems and Omens Explained

There are so many animals on Earth that have a wide variety of beliefs revolving around them with a particular message.

Every time you encounter a creature in any state, there is a hidden interpretation of such an encounter that you must know to take necessary action and beware.

Sometimes certain encounters are good omens while sometimes they can be negative omens too.

Hence, having the right knowledge is absolutely necessary for you to interpret what God wants to tell you through such animal encounters.

Animals as your Spirit Animal 

Spirit Animals are the guiding force to humans. As discussed earlier, animals have established a connection with the nature and Universe that humans are yet unable to establish and hence we must fetch the Universal signals from animals themselves, through their actions and trying to interpret what they mean.

Hence, when you will be able to find your Spirit Animal, it will rather be a discovery of your own inner self and its potential.

Be it to gain spirituality or simply lead a happy and peaceful life, your Spirit Animal can be your ultimate answer to guide you through it all and lead you to your desired goal.


Hence, Animal symbolisms have a deep root in all the cultures around the world as such symbolisms are foundational to rituals and traditions of several cultures and mythologies.

The number of animals found and symbolized so far is uncountable and so is their symbolism.

And among such uncountable symbolisms, the one thing that remains constant is the fact that animals help us come closer to not only the Spirits but also to our own selves and help us heal and grow through all adversities.

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