Andean Condor Size: Explained And How Does It Compare With Others?

Andean Condor Size

The Andean Condor (New World vulture) national symbol of Columbia is also the largest flying bird on Earth. 

But have you ever wondered how big are these new world vultures?

Are they smaller compared to us?

So In this article, I’ve explained all detail related to the size of the Andean Condor and also compared it with other beings.

 so without further ado, let’s get into it.

Andean condor Height: How Tall do Andean condor get? 

Andean Condor Size

Andean condors are the largest living bird capable of flying. It is covered in all black shiny feathers except the region around its neck which is layered in bands of white, just like a typical vulture. 

The height of an Andean condor varies between 100-133 cm (3.3ft to 4.3ft). Its adequate height-to-weight ratio enables it to fly long distances at extremely high altitudes. 

The property of sexual dimorphic is experienced by Andeans as well. The female Andean condor is shorter than its male counterpart, an exception to the prey birds.

BirdsHeight in feetHeight in meters
Male Andean condor4 ft 3 in1.3 m
Female Andean condor3 ft 3 in1 m

Andean Condor Weight: How much does an Andean condor weigh?

The Andean condor surpasses all the flying birds present on Earth in weight and is the heaviest flying bird known. 

Although there is a difference in the weight measurements varying on the sex of the bird, the average weight can be taken as 11.2 kg. 

Swans and Pelicans, which are highly popular in terms of heaviness, also weigh less than the Andean condor. 

Sexual dimorphism is seen in the weight of the Andean condor with the female weighing around 1 – 1.5 kg less than the male. 

Its large wings densely covered with feathers also contribute a good share of its overall weight. 

BirdsWeight in kgWeight in-lb
Male Andean condor12.5 kg (24lbs)28 lb
Female Andean condor10.11 kg (22lbs)22 lb

Andean Condor Wingspan

The world’s largest flying bird possesses the fourth position in having the longest wingspan after the wandering albatross and the two largest pelican species. 

Its long wings help it to articulate better with adverse climatic conditions and harsh winds. 

With the help of its long wingspan, the Andean condor can fly up to 1000 ft high altitudes. 

Since there is a major difference between the size of male and female Andean condors, the wingspan also contributes to this variation. 

Their maximum wingspan measured to date has been equal to 3.3 m which is 10 ft 10 in.

BirdsWingspan in feetWingspan in meters
Male Andean condor10 ft 5 in3.2 m
Female Andean condor8 ft 10 in2.7 m

Baby Andean Condor Size

While growing up,  the Andean condor changes remarkably and the babies look quite different from the adults. 

Characteristics like color, height, and weight to wingspan undergo many noticeable transformations. 

For example, the juvenile Andeans have pale brown plumage whereas the adults are mostly back with some parts having a pale white hue at the lower back. 

It takes around 6 to 8 years for a young Andean condor to fully mature.

Baby Andean condor20 – 33 cm3-4 kg (6-8lbs)2.5 – 3 ft
Adult Andean condor100-133 cm11.2 kg (24lbs)8 – 10 ft

Andean Condor Vs Harpy Eagle: Size Comparison

Harpy Eagle is one of the largest living eagles. They are considered to be the most powerful and aggressive raptors among all the species of eagles found in Native America. 

There are a lot of other differences between the two birds. Let us precisely look at the height, weight, and wingspan of the Andean condor and harpy eagle.

Andean Condor100-133 cm11.2 kg (24lbs)8 – 10 ft
Harpy Eagle90-105 cm5 – 9 kg (11-19lbs)5.8ft to 6.8ft

Andean Condor Size Compared To Human 

Can Andean condors be compared to humans? The two belong to completely different species. 

One is the world’s largest flying bird with an enormous size growing up to 4.5 ft, while the other is Homo sapien, a land species. 

But, we have got nothing to do with the flying capability of the two. 

We are here to compare their sizes. And size is one feature that allows a vast comparison. 

On average, humans are about 5.5-5.9ft tall while the Andeans can be 4.5 ft tall at max. 

But, the surprisingly large wingspan of the Andean condor makes it a highly dangerous species. In comparison to Andean Condor’s wingspan, even a giant human will look small.

Andean Condor Vs Albatross: Size Comparison

Now talking about the two most unique members of the bird family. On one side we have the world’s largest flying bird by weight while on the other side we have the world’s largest flying bird by wingspan. 

Now, comparing these two would be quite an interesting task. The wandering albatross has a wingspan of around 11 ft and weighs around 15 kgs becoming the 15th heaviest bird on the planet. 

Andean Condor100-133 cm11.2 kg (24lbs)8 – 10 ft
Albatross 1.1 – 1.4 m15 kg (33lbs)11 ft

Andean Condor Vs California Condor: Size Comparison

Often, people get confused between an Andean Condor and a California Condor. This is because of their similar-looking characteristics. 

But there are some major differences between the two species of condor like weight, size, wingspan, etc. 

When it comes to weight then the Andean condor is heavier than the California condor. 

However, the California condor is slightly taller than the Andean condor.  Let us precisely look at the height, weight, and wingspan of the two birds.

Andean Condor100-133 cm11.2 kg (24lbs)8 – 10 ft
California Condor110-140 cm14 kg (30lbs)8.5 – 9.5 ft


That was everything you need to know about Andean Condor Size. I hope this article was informative enough and you learned something new today.

Thank You For Reading!

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