5 Most Affordable Parrots To Keep As Pets (With Complete Cost Breakdown)

Affordable Parrots To Keep As Pets

If you are a bird lover, it is highly likely that you’re fond of the parrot family. Charming and intelligent, and often a treat for their eyes, they are well sought after as pets. 

If you are one of the people that wish to bring a parrot of your own, one deterrent might be the costs associated with them. 

Not only do they have high costs to acquire them, and also relatively one-time costs like cages, toys, playgrounds, etc but their monthly expenses must also be taken into consideration. 

But fret not, there are still some flying friends for you to take care of without breaking the bank. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide on all the best and most affordable parrots to keep as pets.

5 Most Affordable Parrots To Keep As Pets

Parrot NameCost (Adoption)Cost (Breeder)Monthly cost Of OwningYearly cost Of Owning
Budgies$25$15 – $100$25$200 – $300
Conures$80 – $120$100 – $500$25$200 – $300
Lovebird$30 – $90$50 – $200$25$200 – $300
Cockatiels$80 – $120$50 – $250$28$200 – $350
Parrotlets$90 – $150$150 – $300$25$250 – $300

Budgies or Parakeets

When talking about pets from the parrot family, and saving money, it feels unfair to not begin this list with the most popular yet money-saving option of them all – the budgies.

Even adopting and buying them never goes above the $100 price range and an average of about $200 – $300 every year is what is needed to keep your budgie healthy and happy.

They come in at a height of about 7 inches and weigh about 1.5 oz, and are incredibly intelligent and loveable, making them well-loved pets. 

They are fun-loving, playful creatures with a very inquisitive nature, and are a delight to have around. 

They pack a whole lot of love and light into their tiny bodies and are even great pets for first-time bird owners. 

They are quieter than many of their cousins in the family, though they do love to chatter when they feel like it! Gentle and friendly, yet also affordable – budgies are a great option.



Coming up next on our list is another tiny yet lively bird, conures! A conure is a small parrot that is brightly colored and goes up to about 20 inches, giving them the most adorable appearance. 

Acquiring a conure can be a bit costlier than a budgie depending on where you are but they generally still stay in a manageable range. The upkeep of conures takes up about $200 – $300 a year.

Conures are pretty hands-off pets with very low maintenance. They are pretty friendly and playful, though they are infamous for their noise levels. 

Their noise isn’t as unbearable as macaws, but if you live in a house with others, maybe conures aren’t the choice for you. 

Apart from that though, they are well-loved for their playful, fun-loving, charming personalities. They are also incredibly smart and can learn many tricks.


Yet another tiny one, lovebirds are one of the most popular social birds, and a quick myth bust for you – they do not actually need another bird to survive. 

Coming in at about 6 inches in height, they have an average maintenance cost of about $200 – $300 per year. 

The cost of acquiring the bird itself varies wildly with location, but they can generally be found in many shelters as they are so popular.

While they are famed for their loving personalities, it takes quite the will to get here as they are very temperamental birds. 

Training them to get their sweet personalities is hard but ultimately rewarding work because once you have bonded, it is a match made in heaven itself. 

They are incredibly smart and extremely loyal pets, who will love to perch on you and receive all the attention you can give.


Coming second to only budgies, cockatiels are the most popular birds to keep as pets not only for their personalities but for how affordable they are. 

Coming in at about 13 inches, they are still tiny for a parrot but have the most stunning look because of the crest on their head. Their yearly maintenance sits about in the same range, between $200 and $350.

Cockatiels are gentle yet curious little birds that are independent but still need some attention. 

They can play by themselves with toys for hours on end but also need to be handled and petted in between. 

Instead of being cuddled, they prefer perching on fingers or shoulders and can get nippy if you try to handle them too much. 

They are also incredibly smart and love to please their owners, so training them is a breeze and they are generally a great source of amusement.


Yet another bird that packs a big punch in a small body, parrotlets are the last ones on our list. 

Coming in at only about 5 inches, they are tiny birds that come in a variety of vibrant shades such as blue, green, yellow, orange, and even an albino variety. 

They can be a little costlier to acquire compared to others on this list, but the maintenance costs are pretty similar, ranging from $250 to $300.

If you are planning on these spritely little birds, be ready to spend a lot of time with them. 

They are curious and adventurous creatures and want to know all that is happening with you. 

They are loyal and affectionate creatures that engage a lot with their owners and require a hefty bit of handling. 

They are also highly territorial and can get defensive and aggressive if they feel attacked. But with proper attention and socialization, you will learn to read their moods better and be able to handle them a lot more.


I hope this guide helps you in deciding which direction to take with your bird-owning and gives you some idea of how bird-owning does not have to put a hole in your pockets.

Moreover, we hope you learned something new today about these inquisitive, playful creatures.

Thank you for reading!

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